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1 Hospital for 14 Million People [August Prayer Focus]

1 Hospital for 14 Million People [August Prayer Focus]

TEAM missionary doctor at Karanda Mission Hopsital asks to see inside a child's mouth
Karanda Mission Hospital provides vital, Christ-centered care to people throughout Zimbabwe. But medical ministries like Karanda need our prayers now and in every season.

Zimbabwe is a country of 14.44 million people — but often only one operational, surgical hospital for the general public. That hospital is called Karanda Mission Hospital. To put this into perspective, that would be like everyone in the whole state of Pennsylvania having to go to the same surgical hospital. But Karanda isn’t just meeting physical needs. While the staff care for medical needs, they’re also sharing the Good News of Jesus. Chaplains meet with patients, preach the Gospel and offer Christ-centered counseling. Christian staff are encouraged to pray with and for the patients. A Christian radio program plays…

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