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How to Pray for Urban Ministries

How to Pray for Urban Ministries

City train. Urban ministries have to compete with the busy lives of city-dwellers.
It’s been a tough season for cities, but missionaries are working hard to bring hope to people in need. Here’s how we can pray.

The last year has ravaged the world’s cities. COVID-19 regulations shut down businesses — many to never recover. Low-income workers struggled to find work, and many went without food for days at a time. Meanwhile, wealthier professionals abandoned cities after realizing they could work from anywhere. And various protests have disrupted what little peace was left. “Unrest is more predominate as people are questioning the authorities of government, religion and the Thai Kingdom,” says TEAM missionary Kennedy Paizs. Yet, despite cities’ failings, missionaries like Kennedy see them as a key part to fulfilling the Great Commission. A year before COVID-19,…

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