Archive - March 16, 2021

How a Hospital Runs on 4 Hours of Water a Day

How a Hospital Runs on 4 Hours of Water a Day

Two Karanda Mission Hospital doctors look at a patient's chart.
Karanda Mission Hospital is the only option most Zimbabweans have for surgery. But without dependable water, treatment becomes tricky.

Imagine if the State of Pennsylvania had one surgical hospital to serve the general public. Wealthy people would have their pick of facilities. But the middle and working class would come from all corners of the state  to get proper care. Now imagine that one hospital only had water for four hours a day. Thankfully, that isn’t reality for Pennsylvania. But it was for Zimbabwe, a country with 2 million more people than the state. And if Zimbabwe’s droughts continue, it could be the case again. Zimbabwe’s healthcare system consists of private and public hospitals and clinics, with public facilities…

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