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3 Ways to Pray for Translation Ministries

3 Ways to Pray for Translation Ministries

7 Ways to Pray for Translation and Linguistics Ministries [July Prayer Focus]
Millions of people around the world can't read the Gospel in their own language. Let's pray for translation ministries around the world. Photo by TEAM

It’s a Monday night, and 15 Kwong men eagerly fill a small classroom, waiting for the opportunity of a lifetime. Tonight, they’re going to study the Bible — in their own language. The Kwong tribe first received the Gospel in the 1950s, but getting a Kwong Bible translation has taken much longer. Local pastors struggle to teach from Bible translations in other languages they barely understand. And for most Kwong believers, those sermons are the only biblical teaching they get. But for nearly 30 years, a team of local believers and TEAM missionaries has been painstakingly translating God’s word into…

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