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How to Pray for Unreached People Groups

How to Pray for Unreached People Groups

A missionary talks with a woman from an unreached people group in Chad.
Unreached people groups are found in rural villages, high-tech cities and everywhere in between — but all have the same need for the Gospel.

What pops into your mind when you read the words “unreached people groups”? Simple, tribal living or high-tech, city life? Intense religiosity or no religion at all? Commitment to community or extreme individualism? Hard-to-reach or just a plane ride away? Actually, any of those answers could be correct. Ask TEAM missionary Eric Kroner about the unreached people group (UPG) he serves in Chad, and he’ll share about farmers who live without electricity or running water. “They are very much aware that their livelihood is dependent upon rains, at the whim of disease, and with the very rhythms of day and…

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