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‘Now It’s Our Turn’: A Papuan’s Call to Reach Papuans

‘Now It’s Our Turn’: A Papuan’s Call to Reach Papuans

Papuan pastor Nimbrot preaches at a baptismal service
Nimbrot (left) knows the Gospel because of Western missionaries. Now he's calling his people to continue Christ's mission.

Nimbrot was a kid when white, Western missionaries came to his part of Papua, Indonesia. “Now,” Nimbrot says, “it’s our turn.” It’s a rare attitude in Nimbrot’s tribe, the Auyu. Since the first missionaries came to and left South Papua, the Church there has struggled with discipleship and growth. Nimbrot decided to become a pastor in his 20s and was quickly sucked into a leadership vacuum. Without any Bible training, he became a regional leader for his denomination. But Nimbrot was already thinking beyond his region. He knew there were many tribes, deep inside Papua’s jungles, who hadn’t heard the…

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