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Far From Home: Praying for Displaced People Groups

Far From Home: Praying for Displaced People Groups

Family receiving clothes.
Displaced populations show remarkable resilience and strength despite many challenges. Will you join us in praying for diaspora people groups and those who come alongside them?

In this month’s Ministry Update, we focused on TEAM’s value of Creative Vision, and specifically the need to be flexible when serving in cross-cultural work. We heard from TEAM global worker, Samantha* how she has had to learn to hold her plans loosely in ministering to and serving alongside displaced Ukranian populations since the war began.   Samantha is not alone. According to the International Organization for Migration’s 2022 World Migration Report, approximately 281 million people, or 3.6% of the world’s population, live in a country other than their country of birth. Of these, many live as expatriates due to war,…

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