4 Creative Ways to Use the TEAM Wish List

TEAM’s Wish List meets the real needs of others by supporting ministries and projects in areas all around the world. Photo by Robert Johnson/TEAM

It’s almost Christmas, and that means family gatherings, good food and gift-giving. This year, consider incorporating the Wish List into your holiday festivities. Every year, TEAM missionaries submit projects and ministries that need support, and these requests are compiled into both a print and online gift catalog. Your gifts and donations to our Wish List will bring joy to people all around the world!

Here are four fun and unique ways to make the Wish List a new favorite Christmas memory for you and your family:

1)      Involve the kids
Let your children and grandchildren pick out items from the catalog. It is never too early to teach them how to give! Use this as an opportunity to show the young children in your life what generosity and kindness look like.

Last year, Marv and Peggy gave $25 and a Wish List catalog to their four oldest grandchildren (ages five-ten). They asked the kids to choose items that appealed to the particular interests of their hearts, and explained that the $25 would go to those selected projects. Peggy then took images from the Wish List catalog and made a framed collage for each grandchild (based on their gift selections) to keep as a Christmas present – and a reminder of the gift they had given to others in Jesus’ name.

Marv and Peggy’s four oldest grandchildren selected their own projects from the 2013 Wish List gift catalog.

Marv and Peggy’s four oldest grandchildren selected their own projects from the 2013 Wish List gift catalog.


2)      12 Days of Christmas
Remember that catchy tune about the 12 days of Christmas? The one about the five golden rings and some turtle doves? Coincidently, our Wish List projects are divided up into 12 categories (for each way we serve – teaching and education, church ministries, creative arts, social justice, etc.). In the days leading up the Christmas, take some time to pray for the ministries and missionaries represented by these projects. Over the 12 days of Christmas, pray for a different category of ministry each day.

3)      Gift Swap
A few years ago, my husband and I decided to forgo giving each other gifts and donate to a charity together instead. Now, the money that we would have spent on each other is put towards a good cause, and the time we would have spent shopping is spent browsing through a gift catalog together as we pick the ministries and charities we want to support. Instead of getting caught up in the “what to buy that hard-to-shop-for person” conundrum, think outside the box and consider a Wish List gift swap instead!

4)      Give in honor or memory
Make a donation to celebrate the life of someone special, or give a gift in honor of a loved one. You can download a free, personalized gift card to send to a friend or family member and share about a gift given in their name.

There are many ways to incorporate giving into your holiday celebrations this year. Do you have a creative idea or a special way you use the Wish List? If so, please share with us in the comments!

As always, we are truly thankful for your partnership with TEAM through your prayers and generous giving. Going to the nations and being the body of Christ is not something we do on our own – it is a journey that you are on as well. We are blessed to have you walking alongside us.


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Carrie Mills
Carrie Mills

Carrie is the former Marketing Manager at TEAM, where she wrote, created and dabbled in social media. With a background in communications, during her time here she considered it an honor to share stories every day about how God is moving among the nations. When she’s not at work, Carrie’s favorite place to be is with her husband and two daughters.

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