6 Gifts That Will Change a Child’s Life This Christmas

gifts that will change a child's life
The best gifts can't be wrapped.

Hope is a gift that can’t be manufactured or purchased or wrapped. But it can be given.

This Christmas, as we celebrate the hope we have in Christ, consider sharing this gift with children around the world.

1. Books and Classroom Supplies 

In Pakistan, Christians have historically faced persecution as the minority population in a Muslim context. But at a Christian school for girls, teachers are empowering young women with an education and the confidence to be bold in their faith.

Tuition rates are kept intentionally low, but this means teachers work on tight budgets and are held back by a lack of books and school supplies.

You can help students like the ones in Pakistan by buying necessities like chalk, maps, textbooks and more, letting their teachers serve them with excellence and mold them into the image of Christ.

2. Warm Coats for Cold Kids

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Children in one mountainous region are now able to go to school, but their lack of winter clothing means shivering through the bitter cold as they leave the house and spend the day in unheated school rooms. The temptation to stay home, near a warm fire, is strong.

For just $8, you can increase a child’s chances of staying in school with a warm winter coat.

3. Training and Necessities for Orphans and Their Caregivers

In East Asia, a community of 54 orphans with disabilities is thriving thanks to the love and attention of foster parents.

While the bond between child and parent is irreplaceable, you can let these children experience deep love from people on earth and their Father in heaven.

Your gift will help provide things like foster parent training, daily care necessities and even wheelchairs and other aids for handicapped orphans. And as they see their needs filled, they will see the love of the Father who will never be taken away.

4. Sports Equipment for Gospel Outreach

Few things bring people together like sports — which is why missionaries around the world use it as an outreach.

In Guatemala, a soccer ministry in partnership with a TEAM church plant runs a year-round soccer academy that teaches young athletes to persevere in their faith and on the field.

The players’ dedication and discipline take a toll on their cleats, which many families can’t afford to replace.

To help, you can provide equipment like cleats to sports programs around the world and the deserving athletes who play in them.

5. Children’s Bible Camp Scholarships

For an at-risk child from a rural community, Bible camp can be life-changing. It can also cost much more than such a child can afford. For just $10, you can send a Zimbabwean child to their local Bible camp and let them hear the incredible news that Jesus loves them — and that you do, too.

6. Equip a Community Center for Outreach


No matter where they live, youth around the world encounter the competing desires to fit in and make good choices. Community centers help bridge this gap by creating a setting where youth can form strong friendships in the context of positive activities.

Los Transformados, a new center in Mexico, was created to do just that. From basketball clubs to ESL classes to breakdancing lessons, every activity is designed to foster Christian community and character.

As the programming has grown in popularity, some youth are even taking on leadership roles and developing the skills to influence their community outside of Los Transformados.

Unfortunately, the need for furniture, computers and even building supplies can easily put this progress on hold. To help, you can provide the tools many centers like Los Transformados need to move forward.

This year, you can share the hope of Christ in over 50 unique ways through TEAM’s Wish List! Browse all projects here to make Christ known in word and deed.

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