A GIFt For Everyone on Your List

Something for the outdoor enthusiast, athlete and your mom. We have a GIFt for everyone this year.

This Christmas season, we have a gift for everyone on your list. When you honor a loved one through a gift on TEAM’s Wish List, you invest in the innovative ways TEAM missionaries are sharing the gospel in word and deed all around the world. Plus, you don’t have to wrap anything. Keep scrolling to see 10 items in our GIFt catalog.

1.  The Teacher

Robot kits for a Christian school in Germany will allow a teacher to expand the middle school robotics class, increasing students’ proficiency in math, problem-solving and, potentially, dancing.


2.  The Athlete

Missionaries around the world use sports ministry to connect with youth and children. A gift of a soccer ball helps children learn and practice spiritual disciplines like perseverance.


3.  The Chef

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? In this case, it’s definitely the chicken. You can help staff at the Oasis Counseling Center in Brazil serve up hearty omelets to guests with the gift of laying chickens.


4.  The Outdoor Adventurer

In Zimbabwe and Mozambique, natural resources have been jeopardized by years of clear-cutting forests. The gift of a seedling will help put the “great” back in the outdoors.


5.  The Student

For eager learners in one southeast Asian country, expensive school fees make a high school diploma difficult to obtain. You can honor the teacher’s pet in your life with the gift of a semester’s tuition for a deserving high school student.


6.  The Entrepreneur

Goats eat almost anything, live almost anywhere and can be a real cash cow for their owners. When you provide two milking goats and a business starter kit to orphans and widows in Zimbabwe, you make a sound investment that will literally multiply year over year. (Goats are like that.)


7.  The Techie

A community center in Papua has built a computer lab to reach out to professionals and students in the community, but they are missing the critical component of computers. A gift toward a desktop computer will allow workers to teach word processing and design courses while also taking opportunities to share the gospel.

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8.  The Green Thumb

Aquaponics ponds are creating waves in farming. Now fish and produce can be harvested in one enclosed system, turning the tide for families who lack secure sources of nutrition. A $2 gift provides one fish to a farm.


9.  Your Mom

Honor your mother and the 1,000,000 times she asked you, “Did you wash your hands?!” with the gift of a hand-washing station for communities in South Asia. And if you lied to her and said your hands were clean when they were dirty, you should buy two.


10.  The DIY Enthusiast

In East Asia, an elder care program is pulling out the sequins and the hot glue. Honor your creative friend by providing a week of crafts and interactive activities for the elderly.


Didn’t find what you were looking for? Click on over to wishlist.team.org to view over 80 ways to invest in gospel projects around the world.

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