Author - Albert Reyes

Helping Global Orphans: A Common-Sense Approach

Helping Global Orphans: A Common-Sense Approach

In Peru, the government recently passed a law guaranteeing the right of all Peruvian children to family care, rather than care in an institution. Photo by Andy Olsen / TEAM

We asked Dr. Albert Reyes, president and CEO of Buckner International, to share about how community development intersects with ministering to at-risk children and global orphans. This opinion column appeared in the summer 2014 issue of Horizons magazine. The Problem With Institutional Orphan Care If I earned a dollar every time I heard a well-intentioned Christian say, “I want to go to the mission field and start an orphanage,” I would have enough money to really make a difference for the more than 200 million orphans in the world today. While an orphanage is a better place than life on the…

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