Author - Dave Davis

My Conversion to Holistic Missions

My Conversion to Holistic Missions

In closed-access countries and increasingly in many other parts of the world, the only way to minister in a community is to "do something" that meets felt needs. Photo by Robert Johnson / TEAM

We asked Dave Davis, one of TEAM’s experts on the Muslim world, to share his thoughts on the importance of community development in missions, especially in Muslim contexts. This column appears in the summer 2014 issue of Horizons magazine, which hits mailboxes starting next week.  We talk a lot about holistic outreach and cooperating agencies. But is it just different, or is it better? The answer is yes! That South Asian mountain village will never be the same. They now have an eight-foot-wide road to their village, which should help them rebuild their earthquake-destroyed homes. How do I know? I measured…

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