Author - Janice Brauer

What is Member Care?

What is Member Care?

Missionaries are ordinary believers living obediently to the call God has placed on their lives. They aren’t exempt from the struggles and trials that come to everyone. The question may be raised, who cares for those who are constantly caring for others? At TEAM, our answer for this vital need is member care.

Picture this: A young woman embarks on a cross-cultural mission with a burden to bring the light of Christ to unreached people. She must invest years learning an extremely difficult language in order to serve in her new country. She experiences civil unrest and natural disasters as she is adjusting to life in a new part of the world. As a single woman in a male-dominated culture, she is limited in where she can go and what she can do. While God provides a team of caring coworkers to surround this young woman, the team changes frequently as different members…

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