Author - Jeffrey Fussner

Why the Missionary Must Consider Envy

Why the Missionary Must Consider Envy

envy in missions
In cultures where the group is more highly valued than the individual, envy can occur when the status quo is threatened. Missionaries from an individualistic culture need to be mindful of these differences and how they affect their ministry. Photo by TEAM

Have you ever thought about how envy plays out in culture? In Western capitalistic societies we do not usually think about envy, though it is a universal human emotion. Many people in the Majority World take steps to avoid becoming the target of envy. Being envied (or perceived as envious) carries significant social, and sometimes material cost. Envy is a feeling of disappointment or ill-will at the advancement of another person in happiness, success, reputation or the possession of anything desirable. It can be characterized by “I wish I had what you have,” or more intensely by “I wish you did not have what…

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