Author - Jocelyn Stigler

Insights from the Field

Insights from the Field

Cheryl Jereb, Jocelyn’s mother, takes a moment to prepare her anatomy and physiology class for an exam, while the students nervously review their notes. Photo by Robert Johnson/TEAM

David and Cheryl Jereb are TEAM missionaries at Karanda Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe. Their daughter, Jocelyn, recently spent some time with them in the field, and we have asked her to share with us about her time at Karanda. Hello all! This is Dave and Cheryl’s daughter, Jocelyn. As some of you may know I was blessed with an opportunity to spend the month of August with my parents seeing their life at Karanda Mission Hospital firsthand. I wanted to take some time to share what this is like from my perspective. First let me say that the country is absolutely beautiful…

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