Author - Joseph Swanson

4 Lessons from My First 5 Years on the Field

4 Lessons from My First 5 Years on the Field

People pray together in a church in a different culture
Every missionary has to learn new cultures. But what if those cultural differences go deeper than you imagined? Learn about this and three other missionary lessons!

Recently, I celebrated the five-year anniversary of becoming a TEAM missionary in Taiwan. Each year has been quite different, with its own share of surprises, disappointments and small victories. Today, I’m sharing four missionary lessons I’ve learned along the way. 1. Metacultural differences in thinking can go deeper than we expect. Through years of cross-cultural learning and teamwork in Taiwan, I’ve realized I didn’t simply cross from one culture to another but moved into a whole different neighborhood of national and local cultures. It’s a different metacultural context. We generally understand cultural differences by taking the way we would think…

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