Author - Julie Heinsman

TEAM Eats: Sz Ji Dou (Funny Beans)

TEAM Eats: Sz Ji Dou (Funny Beans)

This month we made an asian green bean dish from Taiwan.
Check out this delicious recipe for sz ji dou, which one of our missionaries in Taiwan affectionately calls "funny beans."

My husband and I both grew up as missionary kids in Taiwan. This meant growing up eating Chinese food. My mother would often bring home unusual-looking beans from the market. They were dark green and very long. We grew up calling these beans “funny beans”.  As adults, we have come to love eating what we now know to be called sz ji dou ( 四季豆 ) at local restaurants. This dish is those same familiar funny beans fried up with a delicious sauce.  Although this recipe does not quite match the texture of the restaurant dish, the flavors are terrific….

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