Author - Laura O'Day

TEAM Eats: Recipe for Menudo

TEAM Eats: Recipe for Menudo

Recipe for Menudo
Everyone in the Philippines has their own menudo recipe. Find out TEAM missionary Laura O'Day's favorite way to make it!

This is my husband’s favorite Filipino dish and a crowd-pleaser with our whole family. Filipinos often eat rice and ulam (which simply means “vegetables and maybe meat, in sauce, that goes on rice”) most for dinner. This is one of our regular ulam meals! Everybody here has their own menudo recipe, with their own blend of meat, vegetables, tomato sauce, bay leaves and spices. This particular recipe came from my friend, Leng. She’s a sweet person and an amazing chef! As a TEAM missionary in the Philippines, I wanted to learn some local recipes, so she graciously let me hover…

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