Author - Melissa Lundquist

May TEAM Eats: Recipe for Apple Torte

May TEAM Eats: Recipe for Apple Torte

People in Austria enjoy many different desserts and one of them is the pictured apple torte, which resembles an American cheese cake.
A common dessert in Austria is this delicious apple torte. Check out the recipe below and try it out for yourself!

Today’s TEAM Eats comes from Melissa Lundquist, a TEAM worker in Austria. I recently met a colleague at an Austrian café. We usually meet in the afternoons, during the traditional kaffee und kuchen (afternoon coffee and cake) time. There are so many coffeehouses in Vienna to choose from! We’ve been to traditional ones and we’ve been to modern ones, both of which have pros and cons — but the idea of afternoon coffee and cake is the same regardless. When you walk into a coffeehouse in Austria, you’re greeted by a glass display case of cakes and desserts. After you…

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