December Prayer Focus: Pray for TEAM, Behind the Scenes!

Group of TEAM staff at a retreat.
Missions organizations like TEAM include many folks who work behind the scenes to make cross-cultural work possible around the world.

Each month we invite you, our faithful TEAM friends, to pray for a specific aspect of cross-cultural missionary work. We are so grateful to you for covering TEAM’s 500+ global workers and their ministries in prayer each month. 

Now as we approach a new year full of exciting challenges and opportunities ahead, we turn our attention to the other side of the missionary-sending coin…the folks that keep things running smoothly for our global workers serving around the world. 

For the month of December, we invite you to lift up our “home office” staff as they prepare, equip and support our global workers. We reached out to each of TEAM’s main staff departments and asked them to share a little bit about what they do and how we can pray. Here’s what they said: 


TEAM Marketing & Communications  

The Marketing and Communications department at TEAM is responsible for all internal (staff, global workers, etc.) and external communications for TEAM. Our favorite thing is to share what God is doing around the world through stories, photos, videos, and prayer requests from the field! 

Please pray for our department as we look ahead to 2023, that God will give us discernment on which stories to feature (there is so much amazing work happening!). Please pray also that we will be diligent in supporting our global workers effectively as we resource them with things like prayer cards, help with newsletters, fundraising tools, etc. 


TEAM Member Care  

The Member Care department seeks to provide care, support, encouragement, and guidance to TEAM’s global workers through the various joys and trials they experience. We aim to facilitate strong emotional and spiritual health among our workers toward the goal of increased resilience, more dynamic relationships with the Lord, and out of that to see God’s Kingdom expanded. 

We appreciate prayer for wisdom and compassion for our Member Care team as we interact in many challenging and sometimes sensitive situations. We also appreciate prayer for our efforts to develop proactive care options for people. Finally, we have a few Member Care positions to fill and we welcome prayer that God will connect us to the right people whom He has selected to fill those roles. 


TEAM Mobilization  

TEAM’s Mobilization Department connects with individuals, families, schools, and churches, inviting them to move toward deeper involvement in global missions. We provide resources to engage in missions, assess readiness to serve cross-culturally, and mentor global workers until they depart for their assignments (anywhere from 2 weeks to 3+ years and beyond!). 

Please pray for more laborers to be led to the harvest, for wisdom as we assess applicants’ readiness to serve, and discernment as we seek to innovate and refine our engagement, assessment, and mentoring strategies. Please also pray for guidance and grace as we seek to mobilize workers from everywhere to everywhere through our growing global mobilization efforts, especially in Latin America and Asia. 


TEAM Learning & Development  

One of TEAM’s defining values is “Lifelong Learning.” The Learning & Development team strives to help individuals and teams live this out across the organization. Our current focus areas are global worker preparation and onboarding, leadership enrichment, and staff development.   

Pray that we can bring alignment, inspiration, and high-quality resources to this effort across TEAM.  We know people in ministry are busy and we want to bring them the most strategic and meaningful learning opportunities.  Pray that we’ll be empowered by the Holy Spirit as we equip new workers so that they will have what they need to begin well. Pray that TEAM’s global workers, staff, and leaders will grow in effective intercultural disciple-making and church planting in partnership with the global Church.


Mobilization department of TEAM at the staff retreat.

TEAM’s home office staff shares a passion for the global Church and the amazing opportunity to play a part in God’s Kingdom work through TEAM. Thank you for your prayers!


TEAM Donor Relations  

The Donor Relations department at TEAM is responsible for contribution processing, maintaining fundraising pages, communicating with donors, and receipting and financial statements. 

Please pray for our department as we look ahead to 2023, that God will help us continue to be specialists in all types of donations, with 100% accuracy in contribution processing and donor contact information, to convert many recurring gifts to ACH transactions, and for our new and improved receipting and statement system to work seamlessly. 


TEAM Finance  

The Finance department at TEAM is a one stop shop for budget development, payroll processing, expense report processing, organizational related filing submissions and the recording of all financial related items. Annually, we work with external auditors to ensure our financials are reported accurately, without material error. We play a key role in managing the assets and liabilities of TEAM and ensuring our commitments are met.  

We greatly appreciate your prayers as we serve with integrity. We desire to provide high quality one-on-one attention with accuracy and grace. Please pray for us as we continue to fine tune our systems, reporting, and procedures.  


TEAM Personnel  

The Personnel Group actively supports TEAM’s mission by providing services and assistance to global workers, staff, and global workers who have retired from TEAM. The key areas of service include human resource functions, benefits provisions, learning & development, retirement coordination, and global worker home assignment, transitional and administrative support. 

Please pray for the Personnel Group as we assist in implementing a new Human Resource Information System and continue to respond to a wide variety of service requests from our global workers. 


TEAM Advancement 

The Advancement department works to grow partnerships that provide resources to fuel five of TEAM’s key ministry areas: mobilizing the global Church, extending our Member Care Network, equipping church planters, safeguarding global workers, and providing continuous training for personnel. We have the privilege of connecting people and building relationships to provide opportunities for them to further God’s kingdom impact together with TEAM.  

Please pray that God would make known to us His will as we consider what areas of resource and fundraising development to expand our focus on in 2023. Please pray for His blessings over our human efforts – for open doors, open ears, receptive hearts, and for God’s divine multiplication over the provision of gifts for His work. In all things please pray that our work will bring others to know Him and His redemptive truth.  


Thanks so much for praying for TEAM! 

(To learn more about missionary organizations, missiology, and more, check out Missions Vocab 101.) 

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