Eight Ways to Pray Today: Updates from Nepal

Nepalis are now taking a long-term view toward to the work of rebuilding. Photo by a TEAM worker.

The days have turned into weeks and months since Nepal endured two major earthquakes that left over 8,000 people dead, with families mourning and entire communities homeless. While an outpouring of global relief efforts have addressed emergent needs like food, water and shelter, Nepalis are now taking a long-term view toward the work of rebuilding. TEAM workers in Nepal remain on the ground and ask us to continually remember them in prayer. Specific ways we can intercede are outlined below. If you would like to leave a word of encouragement for TEAM workers in Nepal, you can do so in the comments section.


Pray for rest. The urgency of the last months have stressed the bodies and minds of workers. Pray that workers would experience physical health and mental relief as they process their traumatic experiences.

Pray for hope. One TEAM worker reports how God has encouraged her heart recently, saying, “Despite all the stress and sadness of these post-quake days, the word “privilege” keeps coming back to me. We are so privileged to get a glimpse of God working to spread his church in this country.” Pray that this uncommon outlook would be common among Christians in Nepal.

Pray for development work. TEAM workers are partnering with the Nepalese in long-term development efforts. Ask God to open doors for partnerships and to grant workers divine wisdom on how to maximize their time and resources.

Pray for the damaged hospital. In the second major earthquake, a hospital where TEAM medical workers serve suffered structural damage. As a result, over half of the patients are being treated outdoors in medical tents. Pray that the patients would continue to receive excellent medical care, and that God would bring healing to their bodies. Pray also that workers would have access to necessary materials and skilled workers to rebuild.

Pray for simple joys. Crisis situations put pause to the simple pleasures in life that make communities strong and hearts full. As a new normalcy is established, pray that workers would be able to resume the activities that make life rich, like playing games with their children or sharing dinner with friends.


Pray for the growing church. The church in Nepal has experienced rapid growth in recent decades. Pray that this crisis would deepen the faith of the many first generation believers. Pray that their hope in Christ would be a testimony to their unbelieving friends and many more would come to trust in him.

Pray for mild weather. The monsoon season has approached, and this complicates development work and brings the threat of landslides. Ask God for relief from natural disasters and to bring rain that is restorative.

Pray against fear. A Nepali believer reports on the fear that has grown commonplace among nationals, causing many to sleep outside for fear of collapsing buildings: “People are still afraid. Everything seemed better after the first earthquake. Now, after this second earthquake, they are even more afraid. They would rather sleep outside in the rain than stay inside at all, even if their houses aren’t damaged.” Pray against this anxiety and ask God to give his peace to those who call on him.

Thank you for joining us in praying for Nepal! Download a free printable PDF of “8 Ways to Pray for Nepal” by clicking below.

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