Farmhouse Turned Sanctuary for Ukrainian Refugees [Photo Journal]

Volunteers in front of the farmhouse.
Matthew and Sara Titus led a diverse team in this amazing project.

Since Day One of the Ukraine war, TEAM’s Matthew and Sara Titus have worked tirelessly to provide shelter and support to refugees. Their initial efforts included visits to Poland as well as renovating a series of apartments and other buildings in Prague, Czech Republic. 

Now about an hour outside of Prague, the Tituses’ latest project is renovating a 120-year-old farmhouse to provide housing for displaced families as they struggle to find a new normal.


Matthew and Sara Titus

For Matthew and Sara, refugee ministry is a labor of love.



Farmhouse in Czech Republic.

The farmhouse is owned by an amazing Czech couple who already invited two families into their home and helped them find jobs and schooling for their children. The couple has a heart for caring for more people, so they offered the farmhouse for renovation.



Farmhouse in Czech Republic.

“The needs for housing for refugees continue to overload the current capacity in Czech Republic,” Sara explains. “So we feel like this is a good place to invest time and effort to care for the basic needs of hurting, displaced people.”



Farmhouse attic.

First order of business at the start of the project: the upper level of the farmhouse needed a whole new roof.



Taking down the old roof on the farmhouse.

The new roof is underway! The farmhouse renovations are truly a group effort, says Sara. “People are coming together from different backgrounds and countries to pull this off, and I can’t wait to see the end result!”



Working on the farmhouse roof.

Can he build it? YES HE CAN! Matthew is in his element on this project!



Taking down old tile.

The upper level of the farmhouse is being converted into two bedrooms, a children’s playroom, and a bathroom. The lower level will have a kitchen, living/dining room area, bathroom, and another bedroom.



Kids carrying materials.

For the Titus family, this project means all hands on deck.



Girl carrying wood.

Service with a smile!



Guys working on the kitchen.

The farmhouse project is a beautiful example of people working together for a common cause to help others in need.



Man adding insulation to the attic.

Progress! The new roof is up and insulation is being installed.



Guys outside the farmhouse.

Everything is coming along! Now to finish up the interior…



Progress to the farmhouse interior.

Each day’s progress brings the farmhouse a little closer to completion.



Woman painting a bedroom.

It’s really beginning to look like a home! Many volunteers from multiple countries and two continents worked tirelessly all the way up through the finishing touches.



Welcome mat at the front door.

At long last, the farmhouse is ready to receive families! Would you like to take the tour? (Fair warning…you’re going to want to live here!)



Living room and dining room.

Living/Dining Room Area







Three finished bedrooms.

“We are humbled and honored to help provide a safe, comfortable place to call home to people who are fleeing horrific situations and facing a scary, unknown future. May they find rest here.” – Sara Titus, TEAM Czech




Children’s Playroom



Outside playground.

What a beautiful place God has provided for children to play and families to heal from the trauma they’ve experienced.



Group of volunteers.

“To all of you who have given financially, come out to give your time and energy, worked tirelessly staying up late nights, contributed your unique personalities and giftings (to the physical project, as well as to the forming of beautiful community), approved expenses, and cheered us on. You know who you are, and you are amazing. This could not have happened without you.” – Sara Titus, TEAM Czech


TEAM Czech workers continue to look for more opportunities to care for refugees. (The next project is to renovate another building adjacent to the farmhouse that will house additional families.) Prayerfully support these efforts by giving to the Ukrainian Refugee Relief in Czech Republic.

Support Ukrainian refugee relief in Czech Republic.




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  • What a beautiful way to express God’s love, his everlasting mercy, and his attention to detail through this body of believers who are his hands, his feet, his eyes and ears. May God be glorified through this and the next project of God’s love in action. Praise God for these willing and available workers. I cheer you on as I continue to pray for Ukraine and its people now all over the world.

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