Generosity Makes a Difference: Wish List Update

Children in the SOAR program made thank you cards for the gifts they received through TEAM’s Wish List.

If you have ever supported a missionary or a project through giving, prayer or encouragement, you have made a difference in someone’s life. Often, we don’t get to see the direct results of our gifts – we must trust that the Lord uses our generosity to plant seeds and cultivate growth – so it’s exciting to have a day like this one, when we get to hear from one of the beneficiaries of TEAM’s Wish List. Sometimes, we get the blessing of hearing firsthand how our gifts directly affect the lives of those to whom they are given.

TEAM’s Wish List is full of ministry projects that need your support. One of them is a ministry in East Asia that cares for special needs, abandoned and orphaned children, giving them a place to live, grow and thrive in a loving environment.

One of the directors of the program shared:

The heart of the program is the loving care provided by the children’s foster mothers, as they meet each child’s needs according to their personalized care plan.  Because 24/7 care is very costly, we rarely have extra funds for new toys or clothes, and many children need expensive nutritional supplements. We were thrilled by the generosity of the TEAM family who chose us for their Christmas giving!  

The children have been delighted to have new educational and therapeutic toys that help them have fun while they learn, soft new clothes to replace worn out ones and plenty of extra vitamins and nutrients for those who need the extra boost.  One little boy with cerebral palsy has trouble using his arms and hands, but is quite adept with his legs and feet. What fun to give him new play dough and molds and watch him use his feet to play while his foster mom taught him colors and shapes! Thank you for making this possible and blessing these children’s lives!

Thank you to each and every person who donated to a Wish List project this year. Your generosity has made a difference in the lives of many people around the world, and we are honored to partner with you in supporting these fantastic ministries.

The Wish List is available all year long, and tax-deductible donations can be made at any time. Follow the link below to visit our Wish List website, where you can read more about the ministries involved and choose your gift.

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Carrie Mills
Carrie Mills

Carrie is the former Marketing Manager at TEAM, where she wrote, created and dabbled in social media. With a background in communications, during her time here she considered it an honor to share stories every day about how God is moving among the nations. When she’s not at work, Carrie’s favorite place to be is with her husband and two daughters.

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