7 Last-Minute GIFts to Finish Your List

gifts that make a difference
Give them gifts that make a difference. Browse our last-minute GIFt catalog to find the perfect last-minute gifts for everyone on your list.

You only have six more days to find the perfect gifts for friends and family. But don’t panic, because we’ve got you covered!

When you give a thoughtful gift through TEAM’s Wish List, you not only put a smile on your loved one’s face, but also on the face of someone truly in need this Christmas. Check out this guide to gifts that make a difference, and find unique ways to honor the special people in your life.

1.  A Gift for Musicians

Strike a chord with a musician you love by giving a gospel choir in Northeast Asia the support they need to sing of God’s goodness. Your gift can provide critically needed choral handbooks, meals for the choir or transportation to their performances.


2.  A Gift for Students 

Celebrate a student’s hard work in the classroom by giving a needy student the chance to learn, too. Your sacrificial gift of a school scholarship will help set someone on the life-changing path of education.


3. A Gift for Crafters

Celebrate your artistic friend’s love of creativity with a gift of craft supplies for kids. Your gift will let kids proudly display and remember the lessons they learned about God’s love at VBS and other children’s programs.

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4.  A Gift for Doctors and Nurses

Show appreciation for the medical responders that serve your family by giving the gift of care in their honor. Your special gift can send nurses to school in Guatemala, provide hospital care in Zimbabwe or give oxygen for premature babies in Pakistan.

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5.  A Gift for Athletes 

Score your sporty loved one the opportunity to send a needy kid to sports camp in Mexico. As the children sharpen their athletic skills, they’ll also get to sharpen their minds with the Word of God.

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6.  A Gift for Teachers

Say “thank you” to a teacher you admire by helping another teacher educate with excellence, too. Your gift of books and classroom supplies equips global teachers to give their students a quality education and the knowledge that God loves them.

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7.  A Gift for Chefs 

Delight amateur and professional chefs alike with the gift of a nourishing meal for someone in need. Your generous gift of rice will help feed a family for a week.

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When you give in honor of a loved one, we will send a free, personalized card to let them know! Check out TEAM’s Wish List and find the perfect gift today. Merry Christmas!

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