Make a World of Difference on Giving Tuesday

Your gift on Giving Tuesday can make a world of difference in someone's life. Photo by TEAM

There’s a special thrill to picking out the perfect gift for someone. That’s what this weekend will be about for many of us: studying ads, fighting traffic, facing the cold and pushing through crowds, all to hear a loved one say, “It’s just what I wanted!”

This Tuesday, we have the chance to make people all around the world say those very words.

Giving Tuesday is an international day to set aside our desires as consumers and give to those truly in need. Each year, God uses this day to raise millions of dollars for non-profits around the world, and on December 1, we hope to raise $15,000 for the projects in TEAM’s Wish List.

Whether it’s coats for refugees, puppets for a church ministry or medical checkups for impoverished children, each Wish List gift is guaranteed to be a perfect fit because it was specifically requested by missionaries on the field.

Many of these gifts will be used to continue proven ministries, such as Bible distribution packets for families in Greece or chickens for families that have lost parents to AIDS. Others have long been dreams for missionaries who saw needs and realized how God could open doors for the gospel.

When you give on Tuesday, you will help make these dreams come true and be a part of tangibly expressing Christ’s love around the world. Check out the catalog now to see how God might be leading you — and when you’re done, invite your friends to join us!

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TEAM - The Evangelical Alliance Mission
TEAM - The Evangelical Alliance Mission

TEAM partners with the Global Church in sending disciples who make disciples and establish missional reproducing churches to the glory of God.

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