Longing for Love (TEAM’s Wish List)

TEAM’s Wish List meets the real needs of others by supporting ministries and projects in areas all around the world. Photo by Robert Johnson/TEAM

Amy Carmichael, missionary to India for over 55 years, said, “You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.”

As Christians, we are able to love because Christ first loved us (1 John 4:19). Not only are we able to love, but we are called and even commanded to love (Mark 12:31, Ephesians 4:2, 1 Peter 4:8).

One of the greatest and most meaningful ways to show love to others is by giving your time, money, resources, energy and prayers to those who need it. All around the world, people are desperate for love. Desperate to know someone cares. Desperate to know they are not alone.

You have the power to give to those hearts longing for love.

TEAM’s Wish List features projects and ministries that are meeting real needs of others all around the world. This catalog is full of ways you can be involved in what TEAM missionaries are doing to share the love of Christ with the whole world. Whether it’s providing clothing for orphans or training for a pastor in a remote village, your gift will allow TEAM ministries and missionaries to continue making a difference in the lives of others.

Will you join us in making a difference in someone’s life this year? Please take a moment to browse through the online catalog at wishlist.team.org and prayerfully consider giving. Your generosity is a direct reflection of Christ’s love to those who need it most, and a gift of any size will make a difference.

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Carrie Mills
Carrie Mills

Carrie is the former Marketing Manager at TEAM, where she wrote, created and dabbled in social media. With a background in communications, during her time here she considered it an honor to share stories every day about how God is moving among the nations. When she’s not at work, Carrie’s favorite place to be is with her husband and two daughters.

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