May Prayer Focus: Seasons of Missional Life

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From MK’s and new appointees to seasoned workers and retirees, global workers in all seasons of life need our prayers.

The mission of Matthew 28 is carried out daily by our global workers around the world. Some enter the mission field as a single person, some as a family, and some even venture out after retirement. Some embark from western nations like the US or Canada, while others are called from South America, Asia, and other parts of the globe to bring the Gospel to the least reached. Regardless of their background or stage of life, they are lifelong learners in need of our daily prayers. The journey of cross-cultural missions is great, but it can also be greatly heavy. Our prayers for encouragement and support in all seasons of missional life are essential.

If you don’t already, get to know a global worker or two and sign up to receive their newsletters. Ask them how you can pray. We may not all be able to go but we can all go to the throne and make it a good practice to pray for these who do go.

Here are 6 ways to pray for our global workers in various stages of their missional journey:

1. PRAY for the children (MKs, TCKs, etc.). Pray for adaptability and joyful relationships. Pray that they each have a relationship with Christ, independent of their parents. Pray for appreciation for their parents’ obedience and calling. Pray for friends and family members of these kids to display grace and sensitivity when needed for the upcoming challenges of transition. Pray for acceptable education opportunities.

2. Pray for the ones preparing to go. This can sometimes feel like the longest season. Pray for them as they wait for the timing and provision from the Lord. Pray for them to remain confident and that their calling to go only deepens (Hebrews 11:8). Pray for open hearts – for the people where they are going but also for the ones to whom they are saying goodbye.  

3. Pray for the ones arriving in country. Pray they find a community of fellow believers (Acts 2:42). Their witness is stronger when joined together and we know very well that our Lord intends for community. Pray that they feel the Lord’s presence amongst the unknown. Pray for them as they start operating in a new language. Pray for the people with whom they will be building relationships.


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Every stage of cross-cultural ministry has its own challenges and adventures. Thank you for praying for global workers far and wide!


4. Pray for the ones on stateside assignments. Many must start planning their stateside trip up to a year in advance. Pray for their sending churches and/or families preparing to welcome them back. Pray for good use of time. They may need to see doctors, dentists, and financial advisors, as well as speaking at multiple churches and conferences. Pray for a good support system and for listening hearts and ears as these families coming in may have various needs. Pray for them to encourage the ones considering missions or preparing to go.

5. Pray for the seasoned workers. They may be on their second term or 11th, but it is a guarantee that in a life of cross-cultural missions, there are seasons of fruitfulness and fruitlessness. Pray for these workers as emotional challenges come from isolation and discouragement. Pray for them to remain in the Word, regularly immersing themselves in it (Psalm 1119:15-16). Pray for encouragement and for them not to get caught up in distractions.  

6. Pray for the ones retiring and leaving the field. Timing is important. Ecclesiastes 3 reminds us of these different seasons, and for a global worker, one of those seasons is returning from the field. They must tie up ministry and other responsibilities or pass them on to others. Pray they set a time that allows them to do this well. Pray for healthy goodbyes. Pray for them packing up their second homes. Pray for restoration and assurance from the Lord as many return “home” feeling spiritually and physically exhausted. This next chapter is just as important to the Lord. Pray for them to continue to be “Lifelong Learners” in their walk with the Lord. Pray for the adjustment to new realities and guidance for new routines with new friends in new locations.

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