Monthly Prayer Journal: April 2013

Thank you for joining us in prayer for TEAM’s work around the world.

Click here to download a .pdf of the April 2013 Prayer Journal.

1 ITALY Steve Thompson recently became Ministry Area Leader for Italy. Pray for a smooth transition into that role and that God would help him be a wise servant in this new position.

2 SOUTH AFRICA Pray for Eric Binion and a team of students from Union Bible Institute as they travel to Lesotho for cross-cultural ministry. Pray for a fruitful time both in the lives of the students and the people they minister to.

3 APPOINTEE Pray for appointee Jessica and Marcos Rodriguez who are recently married and heading to East Asia where Marcos will work in Business as Mission and Jessica will use her medical skills as a doctor.  They will be in New Zealand for six months first for Jessica to practice medicine in a rural setting and for Marcos to perfect his English.

4 JAPAN David & Kathy Sedlacek write “We will be leading a ‘Vision Trip’ to expose people interested in missions to an up close look at our ministries and participate in what God is doing. We will be traveling as a group of eight, March 28th-April 7th, to both Crossroad Church (Okayama) and SonRise Cafe (Tokyo). Pray for the Lord to open their eyes and hearts to how God would further use them in Japan.”

5 PERU The Querfelds writeWe have been working to fine tune the blueprints for the building in Ciudad de Dios.  We are almost finished and hope to start building soon.  Please pray for us as we work through all the details to start building and further our ministry in this needy area.”

6 SOUTH ASIA Pray for graduation on April 6th and for the students at the Bible school, as they seek God’s leading for future placements.

7 MIDDLE EAST A worker will be facilitating a women to women conference (April 7-12) in the Middle East to encourage workers seeking to reach the women of the majority community with the Good News.  Pray for the logistics, teaching, gab times, and overall encouragement of these workers from multiple agencies.

8 MEXICO Carlos and Sandy Rios write “Ask the Lord to make clear His will about the location to start a new church plant in the Guadalajara area. Ask the Lord for a new home in that area and a meeting place, for a good team and core group to start with and the Lord’s wisdom in how to start the church in this busy metropolis!”

9 SPAIN The Cabeens began a 6 month home assignment in late March. Pray that they would have an effective ministry during their time in their supporting churches and to those whom they contact in the US.

10 SOUTH ASIA Please continue to pray for visas.  It has been many years since we have had a new physician join us here.  Remarkably, we have three female physicians who are ready and waiting to come.  Their visa applications were submitted last June and we are still awaiting an answer from the concerned government agency. Not surprisingly, we are very anxious to have them, and the long wait is difficult for them.

11 CZECH REPUBLIC   Matt & Sara Titus write “There is an interest in planting a church in the area where we live, or “North City” (specifically in the Ladvi neighborhood.)  There are over 100,000 people who live in this area who have little or no witness to the gospel.   Our desire is to make friendships and connections with those around us, to share Christ’s love with them, and to see a church planted in this area.”

12 US Bob Vajko, TEAM church planting consultant, will be doing a presentation for the Evangelical Missiological Society at Trinity Divinity School on April 13th  on the subject of  “Church Planting as a Family–Possibilities and Problems.”  Pray for an effective presentation that will be of help. 

13 PHILIPPINES There are 13 unreached people groups in the Southern Philippines – please pray that church planting teams will be engaged in all 13 people groups this year and church planting movements will begin – there is added urgency now to reach the 13 because of a new referendum that will take place in 2015 which will greatly hinder the Gospel going forward in these areas.

14 JAPAN Sandra Parsons writes “It’s such a privilege to be able to care for toddlers of teachers as they teach at our local MK school in Tokyo.  Please pray that I’ll be able to attend to the kids in a loving way, coordinate the carers’ schedule well, and work in unity with co-workers.”

15 TAIWAN Nancy Leet writes “We have a new and clear vision for TEAM to reach the less reached population of Taiwan with the gospel of Jesus.  In line with that vision, we are involved with three new initiatives located in the north, central and south of Taiwan.  All of these are focusing on the grassroots populations who only have about .05% who are Christian.”

16 PAPUA Craig Preston writes “We had 5 new students come in to the Bible School this year and they are a good group.  They have good attitudes.  Please pray for God’s working in their hearts, and among their wives and children.  Shirley continues to teach the women and their kids.  Pray that God provides for our students.”

17 FRANCE For six years now, Phyllis Bassett has been active in a neighborhood group. These French and English women meet once a week for coffee/tea. Phyllis continues to witness her faith to those she is getting to know through this group. Please pray that these women open their hearts to Christ.

18 IRELAND April 18th-21st will be special meetings to have the grand opening of our new church building (Swords Baptist Church). The 18th will be a night with local dignitaries, clergy, and guests. Then the 19th-21st  will have special events going on with an open house for the local community. Pray for interactions during those days and that many people will come in and meet us. We would pray that they would be drawn to God through things said and done.

19 AUSTRIA Heart Factory – Praise for how God has led and provided for the screening of a very professional anti-trafficking documentary called “Nefarious – Merchant of Souls” made by a Christian organization called Exodus Cry. A man from another church showed the film to a friend of his that is the owner of a very large theater chain here in Austria. He was so moved by what he saw that he offered us the use of one of his 250 seat theaters free of charge. Please pray for the final preparations and for God to use this film in the lives of the people who see it.

20 CHAD Please pray for Janet Murray as she teaches at the 7 leadership training seminars from now through May which will be taught at the Kélo station. 

21 MIDDLE EAST Dave Davis and several other TEAM workers will be attending a multi-agency meeting in Thailand (April 21-24) focusing on methods of ministry and deployment of workers to countries dominated by Islam.

22 MOBILIZATION Jim Rathbun will speak to the Perspectives Class at Community Fellowship Church in West Chicago, IL, April 22nd  on the topic of “World Christian Discipleship.” Pray that the Lord will use Jim to challenge many to take bold steps toward obedience to the Great Commission.

23 SOUTHEAST ASIA The Partnership Conference will be meeting from April 22 – 26.  Pray that good connections will be made between western and national frontline workers that serve in very difficult unreached people groups in Southeast Asia.  Pray for refreshment and encouragement for the workers.

24 GERMANY Please pray for Jan Schindler as she relates to women (in person, on the phone, through skype, by e-mail) trusting that Jesus is building His kingdom through her encouragement, listening and praying.

25 THAILAND A BAM (Business as Mission) Global Congress is being convened in Chiang Mai, Thailand, April 25-28.  Over 300 participants from 30 plus countries are gathering to discuss the findings from working groups that have been meeting virtually for the past year.  This congress will be followed by a BAM Trade Fair, April 28-30.  Pray for TEAM’s BAM Consultant, Doug Witzig, and three of his business advisors as they join these events.

26 AUSTRALIA Bob Vajko, TEAM church planting consultant, will be in Australia from April 26th  to May 6th  teaching Acts at the Adelaide College of Ministries in South Australia and working with a church that has planted two daughter churches and wants to plant additional churches.  Pray that church multiplication might take place.

27 EAST ASIA A new class of 5 students, has been added to our Thursday night schedule.  We will spend 2 hours a week with these students, eating, playing games and studying English together.  Pray for their hearts to be open to the Gospel.

28 SPAIN Lara Meinke writes “Please pray for English Advance.  We are starting to form our team for English camp this summer and have about 8 people committed. Pray that those who are thinking of coming will have clear direction.”

29 SOUTH ASIA A worker continues to keep busy in the office helping both expat and national co-workers with their computers and mobile phones.  Pray he will be a great blessing to his ministry by keeping their 12 computers virus free and running optimally.

30 ZIMBABWE Dave & Cheryl Jereb write “We are still going to Zimbabwe; just in a more customized direction, one that marries both of our passions and skills. Our work visas have been denied and an appeal has been filed. We are currently waiting for the doors to open for us to get into the country. A suggestion that TEAM Zimbabwe has given is to enter the country doing Business as Missions. This is where the aquaponics vision really took off. Dave has been interested in this for some time now. Aquaponics is a farming technique that grows both fish and produce in an enclosed sustainable system. Our vision is to install these systems at orphanages or small villages throughout Zimbabwe. The systems provide sustainable food sources, job training and skills, and give the community a way to meet their own needs. Meeting these needs resonates in both of our hearts. We are very encouraged with this new direction and know that it is the better plan.” The new ministry name is Fish for Life. Please pray for this new ministry.

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