Monthly Prayer Journal: April 2014

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world. Click here to download a .pdf of the April 2014 prayer journal.

1 UKRAINE Please pray for the people of Ukraine that during this time of unrest, many people will find their rest in Jesus.

2 PERU Kathi Small writes, “The Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills workshop will be held April 4-12 in Lima. Colombian friends Claudio Ardila and his wife, Elmis, will be handling the workshop. I would ask that you pray for them in their preparation as well as during the workshop. Please, also pray for Dámaris, a Peruvian friend in Lima, who will be handling a number of the details.”

3 CHURCH PLANTING Bob Vajko, TEAM church-planting consultant, will be doing a presentation at the Evangelical Missiological Society regional meeting held at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School on April 5th. The theme is “Church Plants that Survive and Thrive: 11 Keys.” Pray that this study will be a help to those attending.

4 SWEDEN Stewart and Beth Webster write, “Some members of New Life Church in Stockholm have a vision for creating an ongoing ministry to women, both inside and outside the fellowship. On April 5, a breakfast is planned with the theme ‘The new has come!’ from II Corinthians 5:17. Please pray that many women will come closer to Jesus and experience the new life he offers.”

5 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Please pray for wisdom regarding the future of the missionary kid co-op school our kids attend. We are still looking for more teachers and need to decide on the best way forward with only one teacher if others are not found.”

6 ZIMBABWE Melita Larson writes, “Please pray for the youth of our church. Many of them are struggling in their faith. Pray that they will be convicted and a revival will take place among the youth.”

7 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Our ministry area is now in need of a teacher for their international school for the fall 2014 to summer 2015 school year. If this need is not met, the school may be forced to close. This affects those of us serving here, who would then find ourselves without educational options for our children save home schooling. Please pray for the Lord’s provision.”

8 MEXICO Paul and Jann Vander Mey write, “Praise for continuing youth events with challenging topics on life issues. Pray for the growing faith of the youth that are studying the Bible with us. Pray that God will send us more youth who are spiritually hungry.”

9 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “A local brother in difficult relational situations who was also struggling with his relationship with God has recently been reconciled with a key mentor and told him, ‘I almost walked away from Jesus. Now I’m back.’ Give thanks with us!”

10 GLOBAL MINISTRY Doug Witzig, senior director for Global Ministry, is preparing to relocate with his family to Asia in late summer. April 12-22, Doug, wife Jen, and their two younger sons, Luke (15) and Joel (12), will be making a spring break discovery trip to Hong Kong and Chiang Mai to research housing, schools and networking opportunities. Pray for discernment to pick the right location.

11 SWEDEN Stewart and Beth Webster write, “On April 12, we will present the Alpha Marriage Course at the Alpha Conference in Huskvarna. Pray that our enthusiasm for this life-changing course will be clearly communicated to those who attend, and that many more churches will begin this vital ministry to couples.”

12 JAPAN The Tokyo Metro Ministry Initiative writes, “Please pray for SonRise Café as we are negotiating a new lease. Pray that God would help us to get the café on a stable financial footing. Pray for the growth of SonRise Church and for its outreach to Matsubaen Orphanage. Also pray for the outreach to Rikkyo University students; pray for opportunities to share God’s love with them as we meet with them at the University and at SonRise café.”

13 GREECE Brad and Jamie Newport write, “Please pray for funding for the on-going ministry to Syrian refugees. The proposal to a German business donor has been put on hold indefinitely, as such, pray the Father will raise up a new donor for this work as the flow of Syrian refugees is only increasing.”

14 PAPUA Craig and Shirley Preston write, “Please pray for wisdom for those meeting April 15-16 in Merauke, Papua, to decide how to best reach the south coast of Papua with the gospel.”

15 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Please pray for God to move among our patients at the hospital as we love them and share with them. Pray too for local and regional safety and for an end to war.”

16 CHAD Mark and Diane Vanderkooi write, “We really need an individual or couple who is gifted in administration and hospitality to come help manage the missionary support facility over the long term. Unfortunately, knowing French is the main requirement, and probably the main stumbling block to anyone who might otherwise give it serious consideration. That being the case, we ask that you please pray that the Lord would call just the right individual or couple to come fill this crucial ministry.”

17 SPAIN Workers write, “Praise God with us that finally the city government granted the license for our first building project! Lord willing, the land will soon be leveled and the fence will be put up. Then construction can begin. Pray for the many opportunities to share the love of Christ and the Word with our various English students and various friends.”

18 PHILIPPINES Keith and Grace McCune write, “Ask God to glorify himself by helping us to sharpen and clarify Bible translations, establish churches among the least-reached peoples of Asia, and equip Filipinos and Asians to minister effectively as Bible translators, consultants and cross-cultural gospel workers.”

19 AUSTRIA Chris Rogers writes, “A couple of new ladies are attending the women’s Bible study including S., who is a new Christian. Pray for these ladies to feel integrated in the group and for each of us to have a desire to draw in new women.”

20 GLOBAL Christ is risen! Hallelujah! May the nations be filled with the sound of praise to Jesus during Easter, and may those who do not know Christ see him clearly through the lives of believers around the world.

21 ITALY David and Nicole Hannah write, “We host a weekly Bible study at our house and through that have developed discipleship relationships with several university students. In addition, the relationships we have been developing with non-believers are growing more numerous and more profound, giving so many chances to live the gospel for students here. Please pray as we further develop these relationships and search for opportunities to be salt and light to the students of Bologna.”

22 EAST ASIA Workers write, “We have found evidence of a number of our friends and coworkers being beaten up emotionally and in spirit. They are drained, tired of asking questions and not getting any clear answers. We are hoping for a renewed sense of purpose and joy for them. Please join us in this request.”

23 CZECH REPUBLIC Mark and Gretchen Potma write, “Praise the Lord with us for his gracious provision of the building for South City Church. Please pray that God would guide each step forward as South City Church makes plans for putting the building into use.”

24 JAPAN Bill and Linda Huff and Amy Ravenscroft of the Hatsukaichi ministry initiative write, “Please pray as Hatsukaichi Grace Church begins a fresh start as a branch of an established church. Pray the spirit of Christ brings glory to God through the faithfulness and fruitfulness of all believers.”

25 FRANCE Paul and Karan Davis write, “The renovations for our new church facility are progressing well. We would very much like to be open by May 23, the French annual “Neighborhood Day” so that we can invite all our new neighbors. The French are often hesitant to get to know new neighbors, but not on national neighborhood day. Please pray that we can get the necessary work done by that date!”

26 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Continue to pray for this country. The new government decision to pursue radical groups with military force could escalate violence in the months ahead.”

27 THAILAND Phanu and Pranee Dopphoopha write, “Please pray for the ECM church. This is a small church with a strong vision for missions in Bangkok that has partnered with us for many years. During their annual retreat this year, the leaders agreed that it is time for them to expand. They will need to seriously pray and plan together to see how God will work through them.
May God guide them and help them step by step. We pray that God will use us to be a part of their journey as well.”

28 SOUTHERN AFRICA Dave and Marj Patrick write, “The Union Bible Institute 2014 year is off to a great start with 94 full time students and 30-plus part-time students, diligent to study the word. We need wisdom from on high and strength for our teaching assignments, administrative tasks and mentoring of students. Continue to pray for students struggling to pay school fees.”

29 EAST ASIA Workers write, “We are planning for a June graduation of seven minority young people from a three-year Bible program. Pray for just the right places of ministry for them in the less-reached part of our nation. Pray that God’s spirit will use them among their own people.”

30 TAIWAN Jeremy and Ruth Hsu write, “We are glad to see JC Church believers stepping up in ministry despite not having a pastor. They are hosting youth and children groups every Saturday afternoon. Last week we saw 15 children having a great time playing games, learning the Bible, and making pizza. This is a combination of church kids, Morrison Academy kids, and some un-churched kids from the Winter VBS. We praise God for the amazingly high number of volunteers (11) at our recent planning meeting! It is a beautiful picture of Christ’s body when everyone, whether foreigner or national, chips in time, effort, talent and gifting. We hope that this will set the groundwork for us to love the needy children from Dashe’s many broken families. Will you praise God for what has been started? Will you also pray for strengthening this ministry? Pray especially for the following:
1. Unity among the volunteers, as differing personalities and styles begin to surface.
2. More relational efforts to know the kids than just efforts in tasks and activities.
3. Each kid to be drawn by God’s love and truth more than just having fun.
4. Fruitful efforts to recruit more community children especially from needy families.”

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