Monthly Prayer Journal: April 2015

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world.

1 PAPUA The Indonesian government has established new, more restrictive visa regulations. Please pray that the 7 visas currently in process will be granted without issue or delay.

2 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Several groups of short-termers are coming to our area. Pray for an effective short-term experience for each one visiting our ministry area and that they will consider returning. Pray also for the training for church leaders that started in March.”

3 GUATEMALA Justin and Jenny Burkholder write, “In April, Justin has the opportunity to teach a class at SETECA, the local seminary, on the task of pre-marital counseling. You can keep him in your prayers as he plans and prepares. He will also be teaching two other classes this fall, one on Postmodernism, and the other on Principles of Church Growth.”

4 ZIMBABWE Melita Larson writes, “Please pray for our midwifery students as they write their state finals (for the country) April 9-10. They have to write in Harare. Pray for safety from Karanda into Harare and then for safety in travels each day from where they are staying to where they write.”

5 GLOBAL Today churches across the world will celebrate the wonderful news that Christ is risen! Our faith is not in vain! Pray that those who do not know the Lord will be curious about the reason for celebration today and will come to know Jesus as their Savior, who died and rose to bring them eternal life.

6 CENTRAL ASIA Workers write, “Praise for a more peaceful couple of months around the country. Please pray for inner peace and confidence for national brothers and sisters. This year has been very discouraging for many of them. Ask our Father to give them a renewed sense of hope and purpose.”

7 AUSTRIA Dan and Rachel Zuch write, “Thank the Lord for the group of young adults that we are having the chance to disciple. Pray that they will gain the tools they need to confidently and humbly reach out in order to disciple others.”

8 SOUTH ASIA A worker writes, “Please give thanks for God’s working in the Far West, including financial provision for the projects going on there. Pray for God to prepare the way and open minds and hearts to respond to the outreaches in the Far West.” 

9 US TEAM is celebrating its 125th Anniversary with regional celebrations throughout the year. Pray for a joyous, God-honoring time as we celebrate with church partners and honor TEAM retirees on April 10 in Portland, OR.

10 TAIWAN Joseph Swanson writes, “Please pray that our ministries will lead to personal connections. The longer we’re a presence in this community the easier it is to host events and meet new people, but opportunities for evangelism only increase slowly and sometimes disappear too. We will continue to witness to those who haven’t felt any need to leave traditional religion thus far, but please pray that the Lord would bring seekers who sense the inability of idolatry and tradition or worldly success to save them, and long to hear of a Savior who loves them and died to bring them new life in Him.”

11 MIDDLE EAST A worker writes, “We are in the process of making some large decisions regarding the church here. Also I am working to reinvigorate the Muslim side of my ministry in the wake of more of my teammates leaving. The weekly responsibilities of preaching, serving the needs of the church and language study are demanding. Please keep all of this in prayer.”

12 MEXICO Art and Vicki Reyes write, “The three TEAM-related churches, located in three towns in the Los Cabos area of Mexico, are trying to find ways to meet together more often. Being connected to a larger group is important to this culture. The ladies are organizing a quarterly coffee time, which includes a testimony or devotional. Pray that the ladies will invite their unbelieving friends to hear the Gospel.”

13 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Pray for wisdom as to the future of our little MK school. Our teacher will leave the first of May and not return. Without a trained teacher we don’t feel that the school should continue. Pray that God would clearly direct our steps in knowing if we should close the school or press on. Also pray for our family to have wisdom to know what to do for schooling for our kids next year.”

14 THAILAND Kennedy and Wendy Paizs write, “We will now have three different ministry projects going on in Thailand with TEAM. Please pray for us and our co-workers as we all encourage one another.”

15 ITALY The Mestre Church has several non-Christians attending the church. Pray that each one would see their need and surrender their life to Christ.

16 GERMANY April 17-18, Diet Schindler will be teaching on church planting in Riga, Latvia to leaders from Baltic countries. Please pray over this event.

17 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Pray for a team building retreat taking place in one of our Asian locations this weekend. May the Lord bond these members together around a common vision; may they commit to caring for one another on the front lines. TEAM believes in working in teams!”

18 FRANCE Bill and Bobbie Boggess write, “We have been leading our church-planting team in Guyancourt, France for six years with another couple who are serving with GEM. They are retiring this summer, so we need another team member to help with evangelism, preaching, disciple-making, etc.”

19 PHILIPPINES Seth and Laura O’Day write, “Pray for Faith Academy’s staff needs for next year. On our hearts especially are needs for Biology and Modern Languages teachers.”

20 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Pray that we will be sensitive to God’s timing for relationships here. Making local friends is slow-going, and it’s easy to get frustrated since we can’t say much right now as we’re still learning the language. Pray for sustenance during a lonely season and for new friends in God’s time.”

21 CHAD Dean and Dianna Kubacz write, “Please pray for preparations as a new family (from Germany) joins our team this month. Also pray for completion of the building project and transition to our next home (same town, different neighborhood) and for meaningful and appropriately transparent relationships with our Chadian neighbors. Finally, please pray for the construction of the Missionary Support Center.”

22 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Please pray for spiritual renewal and unity at our ministry area’s annual conference; April 23-25. Several of us in the ministry area have lost loved ones this year. Please pray for comfort and encouragement for those of us who are mourning.”

23 BRAZIL After leading a very successful two-week counseling session in Fortaleza, Bill and Kathy Bacheller write, “It appears that Fortaleza will be the city in which we start a second Oásis Center. Praise God!” Please pray for their ministry as they look to set up this second counseling ministry.

24 CZECH REPUBLIC David and Kathy Sedlacek write, “Kid’s Adventure Club is one of several weekly activities we have launched in the last few weeks. Each Monday afternoon 8-9 children come for games, stories, songs and crafts in English. Our club for senior citizens is off to a slower start, so we are working on developing a creative way to engage with this segment of the population. Kathy and teammate Sara are making plans to begin a club for mothers with preschoolers. We also have a weekly chess club on Thursday afternoons, with plans for a ping pong group to start soon. Meanwhile, we are still growing our conversational English classes. Pray for us as we build new relationships and share the Good News at each activity.”

25 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “Please pray for just the right student/teacher relationships, that I’ll find people willing to talk about religious things, who have a good knowledge of their written language, etc. Pray for opportunities to bring Jesus into conversations in ways that local friends understand.”

26 MEXICO Martin and Susie Gonzalez write, “TEAM church plant, El Faro, is experiencing a time of excitement and growth. At the same time, we are feeling the sharp stabs of spiritual attack. Please pray that we would be strong and joyful in the Lord in the midst of everything, both good and bad.”

27 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Due to unforeseen conflicts and a needed schedule change there is an acute shortage of faculty that routinely teach several of our Old Testament courses in the month of July. Currently there are 4 courses that will be offered in that month. Our two current teachers can only teach one each due to the daily condensed course schedule. Pray with us that God will direct us to connect with foreign and/or national faculty who will be qualified and available to teach.”

28 SOUTHERN AFRICA Brett and Evelyn Miller write, “Praise God for the opportunity to preach in Zionist Churches! Pray that the Lord works through me (Brett) in such opportunities. Pray too for staff changes at Zion Bible College. One of our teachers is now doing other things, and we are short staffed.”

29 CHURCH CONNECTIONS “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement” is a 15-week course offered throughout the country aimed at helping believers engage with God’s redemptive plan for the nations. Pray for an effective time as Jim Rathbun presents the lesson on “World Christian Discipleship” April 30 at Grace Church in Morton, IL.

30 SPAIN The Montequinto church/ Sevilla Christian School Initiative writes, “Praise God for his provision for this first year of teaching ESL classes in our small SmartschoolTIV Academy. Please pray that our enrollment will increase so that there are at least 6 students in each class.

Please pray for us as we prepare our first educational program for the summer months and for next fall. We have various students excited about helping us and some summer teams coming as well. Please pray that God will provide the summer students we need. We continue to increase our students in the Art class as well.

All of these projects are designed to demonstrate God’s love and build trust with our community. Praise God for a great Game Night activity ending with our ESL students and our Veritas Students (Believing College Students who spend a semester here in Sevilla) went bowling together and had supper. We met various new families as well who were invited by our current students.

While we were hosting the Game Night some of our coworkers were meeting with the Architects who are designing the next phase of the project. There are two important meetings coming up which will decide many details of the budget and process of putting the 4000 square foot prefab unit on the land. Pray that God will provide for all the funding and permits so that this building will be ready to use soon.

Please pray also that God will supply teachers/church planters to help us. There are more opportunities than we can take advantage of.”

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  • good job team, i pray that the lord will give you all more wisdom to lead.. bless you all..

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