Monthly Prayer Journal: April 2016

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world.

1 ZIMBABWE Melita Larson writes, “Please pray for the senior midwifery students who write their state finals March 31 and April 1. A couple of the senior students are struggling with health problems. Pray that they will have the strength to pass their exams.”

2 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Please pray for 6 long-term and 12 short-term English center staff as we teach English, visit in homes, facilitate faith-based discussion groups, and try to be salt and light to around 400 students this April and May. We typically would have 3 more long-termers and twice as many short-termers, so pray for strength, wisdom, and perseverance in this season.”

3 ITALY Carmen Chugg continues Bible studies with ‘Y’. Please pray that she will give her heart to Jesus.

4 NORTH AMERICA Today, members of TEAM’s Review Team will meet to analyze various missionary applications and give final approval for them to join TEAM. Pray for discerning spirits towards these long term applicants.

5 SOUTHEAST ASIA Derrill and Becky Martin write, “Please pray for a partnership gathering between 15 western churches and 20 teams of national workers serving among Muslim unreached people groups. Pray for the Lord to bring oneness to such a diverse group so that He is glorified, the workers are encouraged, the Americans become good advocates, and new partnerships are formed. There is generally great spiritual warfare surrounding these types of meetings – pray for good communication, health, and that we would each stand firm and be strong in the Lord.”

6 FRANCE Bill and Bobbie Boggess write, “We are preparing for our departure from France and from our local church. We have 18 to 20 months to get the Guyancourt church to a stable condition so it can survive after our retirement. Pray that God would give us numerical and spiritual growth and a building of our own so that the church can progress.”

7 NORTH ASIA Praise and prayer for Grace who was involved in a terrible auto accident on December 4. She is undergoing physical therapy at home, and improving, though it will be a long road. Keep praying for full restoration to her important music ministry.

8 MEXICO Lois Dresselhaus writes, “Please pray for the El Faro Church’s women’s retreat on April 9, that God would draw the women closer to him and to each other, and that unbelievers in attendance would be drawn to Christ.

9 GUATEMALA Justin and Jenny Burkholder write, “Pray for our church, Iglesia Reforma. There are lots of people that are desperately in need of better understanding the gospel. Pray that God gives us wisdom and opportunity.”

10 THAILAND Patrick and Debbie Gray write, “Pray that God would raise up passionate disciples from among the students we work with at the Creative Center. One girl is a believer and has recently said she wants to serve the Lord, but doesn’t quite know how yet. Another student, a recent believer, is initiating prayer with his coworkers after the news of losing their jobs. One girl is interested in Christianity but has many questions. She asked me to pray for her as she starts to read the Bible. Another girl says she once asked her mom if she could become a Christian but was told no. These are just a few of the students who are exploring together what it means to follow Christ.”

11 JAPAN Owen and Sarah Ames write, “Please pray for a smooth leadership transition for the Tokyo Metro Ministry Initiative as Owen Ames moves to a Senior Director role. Praise God that SonRise Church has experienced encouraging growth. Pray for a bigger venue as we’ve outgrown SonRise Café. Pray for a new parenting class using Biblical principles, being started by Sarah Ames, Kelly Pagaragan and Noriko Snow.”

12 NORTH ASIA Workers write, “Please pray with us for our work at the local orphanage. We have been able to see lives of disabled children and attitudes toward them changed. There are still many obstacles. Dossiers need to be filed to give children a chance to join a “forever family”. Until the orphanage starts taking over, our monthly expenses for the children are high. Join us in asking the Lord to continue to provide. Our local project leader is a new believer and a loving witness to children and staff and we see the Lord’s powerful hand at work.”

13 AUSTRIA Every Thursday we have our drop-in center where the women can just come by for a cup of coffee and some “down time,” or if they have a specific need that needs to be addressed. In 2015 we had 352 visits to our center. Please pray that God will continue to use this time in the women’s hearts and that we would be able to have good and deep conversations.

14 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Pray for a new worker teaching English as a Second Language at a local Bible school that she will be able to develop meaningful relationships with her students and co-workers. Also pray for a visa for a new worker that has been in process for five months. Pray that this visa would be granted at just the right time.”

15 TAIWAN Please continue to pray for our TEAM missionaries here in Taiwan as we seek to fulfill the vision for ministry that God has given us.

16 SOUTHERN AFRICA Eric and Susan Binion write, “Pray for strong marriages, particularly of couples in ministry, and for preparations for our June marriage conferences.”

17 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “The refugees here need medical care, education, language acquisition, jobs, and housing to start. We desire to see others come who can invest into the lives of these hurting people. One of our greatest obstacles is simply a lack of time to devote, on top of our already full schedule with church and cultural center responsibilities. Our greatest desire is to share the love of Christ, and the hope we have. Please pray!”

18 CZECH REPUBLIC Jeff and Lisa Griffith write, “One of the four people who attended last year’s Christianity Explored, has been regularly attending church and small group. Pray for her as she grows in her faith. Pray for her husband who is a long way from believing in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Pray also for the ‘V’ family that they would come to saving faith. They at least now believe intellectually that there is a God and that Jesus is His Son.”

19 SPAIN Workers write, “In our municipality of Adeje, population 45,405 (2015), there are represented 120 of the 195 nations on earth. In the barrio where we live, 5,175 people, there are 65 nations represented. Since August, people from 15 nations have participated in one way or another in activities with the church. Pray as the church proclaims Christ to the nations with faith that this number will rise.”

20 PAPUA Walter Kennedy is working with the Papuan National Mission Board mobilizing nationals to serve as missionaries. Please pray as a team of men and women are currently surveying a city for possible ministry opportunities. Very few churches have been established in the city they are surveying.

21 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Pray for new leaders as they assume responsibilities they have not had before. May the Lord give them wisdom and discernment for all they have to deal with in the coming months. Pray for workers living in a remote village setting that they would be kept safe and given many opportunities to shine for Jesus.”

22 MEXICO Art and Vicki Reyes write, “Adonai Evangelical Church is a young church plant in La Playita, Mexico. We are praying for more children and youth workers for this church since half of the church is under fifteen!”

23 PERU Kathi Small writes, “Pray for the different ministry leaders at the church. Some names to include are Yane, Danitza, Jorge, Dania, Christy, Alex, Cirano, Jesús, Rolando, and Jessica. I asked you to pray for them last month. Now, let’s pray for them to grow in humility, sincerity, and holiness.”

24 CHAD Scott and Suz Downing write, “February found Scott in the bush drilling wells. God graciously allowed water to be found in all areas but one. This was the 5th drill in that area! From a worldly standpoint, that’s a lot of time and energy (and money) for nothing, but from a spiritual perspective, nothing is in vain if given to God from the beginning. Even the dry drills have solidified relationships and allowed Scott more time to chat. These villages have gotten to know who we (the people of the Book) are and that we are committed to loving our neighbors as ourselves, a huge difference from the norm around here. One man “hung out” during a number of these drills. He’s been reading the Bible on and off with other men. His nephew has asked and received his own copy from Eric. Pray these men would experience Jesus in a personal way.”

25 NORTH ASIA Workers write, “Nationals on our team are being prepared for leadership, and that’s exciting. Please pray for spiritual, emotional, and mental equipping for the challenges ahead. May they receive the encouragement and training they need and also may the rest of the team, especially the ones coming from outside the country, be respectful and loyal followers.”

26 BRAZIL Tim and Tammy Evans write, “Pray for us as we find ways to mobilize Brazilian churches to invest in the advancement of His Church.”

27 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Pray for relationships to bud that will open the way for meaningful conversations. Seeds have been planted, but we long for deeper conversations.”

28 JAPAN Amy Ravenscroft writes “Please pray that Christ will be reflected in the believers of Hatsukaichi Grace Church. Pray also for those who are in the process of believing, that they will make firm commitments to Christ.”

29 MEXICO Ralph and Ellen Shepard write, “Please focus on prayer for men. We are really seeking God to reach men in our ministry. We also seek prayer for where God would have us open another focal point of ministry within the city of Guadalajara.”

30 NORTH ASIA Workers write, “Praise the Lord with us for:
1. Smooth meetings with our TEAM Ministry Area in January with us taking up leadership over the new ‘T’-focused area in our host country.
2. A new translation of the New Testament understandable by our focus people in their heart language.
3. Increasing work hours at the hospital as well as stop-gap funding by our home church are helping to meet falling support from other sources.
4. Cheap airline tickets that make a visit to the States to see ailing parents and our home church possible for this June.
Please pray on our behalf for:
1. Safe transport of slides from biopsies of two our moles done in Thailand to our colleague in Florida to help confirm the diagnosis of melanoma and plan any further treatment that might be needed.
2. Wisdom as we negotiate a requested increase in work hours by the Red Cross Hospital leadership, especially balancing this load with increased responsibility in Ministry Area leadership.
3. Provision of a home-school helper to open up time for us to return to study the heart language of our focus people.
4. That our former tutor for the ‘T’ language will be able to start teaching us again this semester.
5. Continued healing for my mother as she completes radiation therapy for her cancer.

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