Monthly Prayer Journal: August 2016

pray for the nations
"This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us." - 1 John 5:14, NIV | Photo by TEAM

From a kayaking ministry in Mexico to a nursing school in Zimbabwe, missions workers around the world are sharing the gospel in creative ways. Join us this month in praying for them and the relationships they are forming.

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Week 1


Workers in Papua, Indonesia ask us to pray for

Workers in Papua, Indonesia, ask us to pray that the students who attended the local youth camp would continue to grow in their knowledge of Christ. Photo by TEAM


PAPUA | Dan and Louise Hubert write, “The Annual Merauke Youth Camp finished last month. Pray that the students would be inspired and encouraged to live as disciples of Christ in their communities, schools, and families. Also pray that many would join the cell groups which are formed at the end of the camp.”

CENTRAL ASIA | A worker writes, “Recently, I have also been involved in working with our NGO’s mental health project to create a Life Skills Program for high school students. The hope was for the program to be used in four high schools in our city. However, it now looks like it may be used on a broader scale in the coming school year.

“Please remember the Life Skills Program as it launches in the coming months. Please pray that the life-giving values in the program would direct students to the Truth.”

MEXICO | Steve and Lois Dresselhaus write, “Please pray for God’s direction and provision for the re-launching of the kayaking ministry, which gives Steve many opportunities for uninterrupted and often deep conversations with both believers and unbelievers.”

SOUTH ASIA | Workers write, “Our country is experiencing a tightening of its security with regard to granting visas to foreigners. We renew our visas yearly, so it is a good time to remember we are never guaranteed another year, and to pray for continued favor.”

Week 2


pray for central asia

In Central Asia, workers ask us to pray that they will be granted visas to continue to their medical mission work. Photo by TEAM


CENTRAL ASIA | Workers write, “The big prayer request is for granting of visas! Six families or singles who are medical [missionaries] have been refused and are waiting for word from the government on their appeals.”

EAST ASIA | Workers write, “In the summertime, our team gets overseas and local volunteers to help in our camp and community center teaching English, running VBS programs, etc. It’s a key time to invest in young people who then impact their families, and we are able to do follow-up during the rest of the year with bi-monthly activities.

“Please pray that each life — whether young person, volunteers, their family members or our staff — will let the eternal part of themselves be impacted by the Lord.”

CZECH REPUBLIC | Mark and Gretchen Potma write, “We continue to receive positive and encouraging updates from the outreach events of the Ládví church plant during our absence. Outreach worker Petr Vlček recently wrote: ‘It is clear that the inhabitants of Ládví have a hunger for the Gospel, and the current state of their lives is not satisfying them. I sense that they have a deep emptiness combined with a desire for something meaningful and eternal. And this is the harvest field that God has called us to work and serve in!’ … Pray for Petr Vlček and the core group as they continue with a Bible study, outreach activities and services this summer.”

Week 3


pray for the nations

In Spain, a worker asks that we pray for the salvation of a woman who is in crisis. Photo by TEAM


SPAIN | A worker writes, “Pray for ‘G.’ Her husband was in a horrific motorcycle accident in which he fractured seven ribs and a vertebra in his neck. She has been with him in a Madrid hospital almost daily. He’s still in the hospital a month later and he has a long road ahead of him. ‘G’ has come to church with me and is seeking to know Jesus. She knows that she doesn’t have the strength to handle this alone. Pray that she will understand and believe the truth she’s heard from us and reads in her Bible.”

AUSTRIA | Rhonda Formanek writes, “Please pray for the team of six who have been entrusted with the job of searching for our church’s first non-missionary pastor. Pray for conversations with applicants over the next several weeks. Pray for all those serving in the church to persevere during these months of transition.”

PHILIPPINES | David and Joy Weaver write, “Pray for wisdom as we write discipleship materials for the Philippines and for Shades Mountain Christian School. Praise God as we will help lead a summer workshop to train key student disciple leaders.”

GREECE | Workers among refugees in Greece write, “One of the newer phenomena we’re being faced with as of late are new believers returning to their government run tent detention areas (around Athens) and being threatened or beat up by Muslim groups who know of their faith in Christ.

“We might say, ‘That’s horrible!’ and in some dimension that’s true. The reality is this is causing many to come to faith who are seeing and witnessing these matters daily. In response, we are quietly working to provide safe havens (hotel rooms) for the men who are facing these threats most acutely (most are men).

“Pray for these men and their response to these threats. Pray for their faith to grow and that they would be full of the Spirit. Pray for us as we work to quietly meet these needs and offer the protection our brothers and sisters in Christ need.”

Week 4


pray for the nations

Please pray for the incoming class of nursing students at Karanda Mission Hospital in Zimbabwe. Photo by TEAM


THAILAND | Kennedy and Wendy Paizs write, “We have a lot of Buddhist people attending Thai Church on Sundays. Kennedy is doing Bible stories. Pray that they would respond to the truth of God’s Word, respond to the Gospel, and see the Love of Christ.”

CHAD | Jack and Nancy Snyder write, “Praise the Lord that we finally have some rain. It is late again and some areas received so little that the peanuts and other crops they plant to hold them over until the harvest of their grain has not happened. Many are still waiting to prepare their fields and plant.

“Please pray for the type of rain needed for each area throughout Chad to come so the indigenous people will have at least some harvest for the next year.”

ZIMBABWE | Pray for those at the Karanda Nursing School as they begin the process of taking applications for the September intake.

EAST ASIA | Workers write, “The ministry approach we’ve developed is proving to be effective and a good fit for our situation. We call it ‘Go and Grow,’ and it is characterized by being low-maintenance, heavy on personal interaction, and focused on immediate obedience to Christ.

“We’ve been able to do two trainings on Go and Grow for Christians in our city this spring. The evangelism component has been particularly effective and several of the Christians we’ve trained have started seeker studies, which have resulted in a few people trusting Christ already. These are Christians who already wanted to share the Gospel with their friends, but didn’t know what to do if their friends didn’t immediately say yes or turned down their invitation to attend church. We’ve given them tools to walk with their friends until they fully understand the Gospel and know what a decision to follow Christ really means.

“Now there are several more disciples of Christ and disciple-makers because of the training. Pray for a movement of multiplying disciples here!”

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TEAM - The Evangelical Alliance Mission
TEAM - The Evangelical Alliance Mission

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  • I guess I am surprised not to see prayer for Turkey and those serving there on your August list. The news I have been reading is not so good and I fear there will soon be danger. Of course, I realize this is true in many places in the world right now, but I am wondering what your evaluation might be.

    • Hey there Karen. Thanks for your comment. As a staff, we continue to remember the conflicted areas in the world, including Turkey. Unfortunately, many of those conflicted areas are also hostile to Christian workers. As such, we are very careful to not mention any specific country in these regions where there might be workers.

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