Monthly Prayer Journal: August 2014

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world. Click here to download a PDF of the August 2014 prayer journal.

TAIWAN Ron and Julie Heinsman write, “We’ve been praying for years about our long-term plans for the nationalization of the camp ministry. After a long search process, we are excited that we have a local Taiwanese brother who has committed to joining us at the beginning of the new year to lead the Trailblazer Camp ministry! Please be in prayer about the process that we will be going through to make this transition.”

2 MEXICO Art and Vicki Reyes write, “Emmanuel Evangelical Church of Los Cabos plans to present three Saturday VBS programs in August at the church plant Adonai Evangelical Church. Pray that the Holy Spirit puts a desire to know God into the hearts of the local children. Most will be verbally persecuted by townspeople if they attend.”

3 PAPUA Craig and Shirley Preston write, “A new school year begins this month at the Roseler Memorial Bible School. Please pray that God bring to us the students He wants us to disciple and equip to return to their villages with the gospel.”

4 CZECH REPUBLIC Kralupy ministry workers write, “In June, with the help of a team from Corban University, we were able to share the love of Jesus through conversational English and PE in six public schools with over 900 students and staff. All schools would like us to repeat the conversation program as well as conduct English clubs for their students during the school year. Pray for more workers so we can walk through these open doors. We could use up to 12 people in September to lead English clubs and continue the English conversation and PE classes in the schools. Pray for Czech workers so we can begin a youth ministry in Kralupy.”

5 UKRAINE Kurt and Rochelle zurBurg write, “Pray with us for peace in the unrest in eastern Ukraine and for continued opportunities to share the gospel.”

6 MIDDLE EAST A worker writes, “The search continues for a new CEO for the hospital. Those in senior leadership are committed to finding the right person, even if it takes a while longer. Pray for wisdom and for the right person. Also pray for the staffing needs – doctors, nurses, technicians, etc.”

7 JAPAN Tim and Aileen Selander write, “Our BJapan media ministry here in Tokyo is running a trial six month evangelistic broadcast on a new kind of digital shortwave. This has the quality of FM radio, with the global reach of shortwave. However, being new technology, only ‘geeks’ and hobbyists can listen to it. They are enthusiastically interacting with us about the technology, but we would like them to just as enthusiastically interact with us about the gospel content! Please pray!”

8 FRANCE Bob and Veronique Clifford write, “Please pray for wisdom for us to empower the national leadership team at the Plaisir church, while also helping them to learn accountability to biblical directives.”

9 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Sandy, our star linguist who has caught a vision for translating the Bible into her dialect, is off this week meeting with other indigenous translators. At the same time, Sandy has been in a crucible of family disfavor, daily accused of disloyalty to the family for not pursuing more lucrative jobs and professional opportunities. Ask that Sandy will stand firm in her calling and find her joy and satisfaction in Jesus.”

10 MEXICO Anthony and Karlene Thiessen write, “Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to balance language and culture learning with family and ministry demands and opportunities. Pray for the youth group that is forming and growing, and that we would be able to train up other leaders for the youth group. Pray for our children as well as they enter a new school with the challenge of being immersed in Spanish.”

11 SOUTH ASIA A worker writes, “Please pray for the development of a local NGO into a viable partner for community development and other future work in the far west of this country.”

12 GLOBAL Please pray for all the missionary kids who are going off to college, probably in a culture other than that which they grew up in. Pray also for missionaries to be found faithful in their service and diligent in their personal pursuit of God. Pray for churches to have renewed vision for missions, including missionaries they already support. 

13 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “The dental team is now developing an Arabic oral hygiene program to use in the tents in lieu of bringing the dental truck every time. This will increase our visiting time and help to promote needed preventative care. Please pray for God’s movement among us and our patients as we love them and share with them.”

14 CHAD Paul and Kathy Weber write, “Kathy is to run another teacher’s workshop in Bebalem for the Christian school there soon. One of their teachers was at the first one, and said it was so vital and that Kathy must come and share her thoughts and convictions with her whole school. Pray that these teachers will also grasp the huge opportunity they have to raise up a new generation in the Lord and how to communicate a Christian world view.”

15 EAST ASIA Antioch Missionary training school is sending out a young couple to minister in a very needy part of East Asia. Pray for them, their orientation, and ability to survive and thrive in an area where there are very few Christians.

16 ITALY Stan and Annamaria Goertzen write, “Praise the Lord for the patchwork courses that were held in Forli’ (joint Faenza/Forli’ venture) at the Path of Hope ministry center in Italy. The ladies have listened attentively to the devotionals given at the end of each evening. Pray for a good start up in the fall and that more ladies will hear the gospel.”

17 CENTRAL ASIA A worker writes, “Because of multiple attacks on foreigners, and a recent threat in our town, our field leaders decided that none of us can return until the end of August, and then only to pack our homes. Although we’ll not be allowed to serve in the town permanently for at least a year, if things settle down, we will be able to make short visits there to encourage and train our staff. Pray for their safety as they’ve just returned to work this week, and ask God to use even our departure for His glory. Please pray for all five of our expatriate team as we consider future assignments in other areas of the country.”

18 PERU Kathi Small writes, “There is a women’s retreat to be held in Lima at the end of September. It is called EMEC ‘Encuentro de Mujeres en Cristo’ and sponsored by another I.B.C. church in that city. Several El Camino women are excited about this opportunity. It will be an investment of time and money, especially for our ladies from Arequipa who will travel to Lima. Please pray specifically that God will provide the funds as well as childcare so all who desire to are able to attend.”

19 PHILIPPINES David and Kathy North write, “We are hearing of other Christians who are longing for a good church to come to this area. Pray for us to get into the lives of people here in our neighborhood and to find open hearts for the gospel.”

20 SWEDEN Stewart and Beth Webster write, “Nine couples joined us for the Alpha Marriage Course, and one of them hopes to run the course in their home, using the DVDs, for couples in their ‘orienteering’ group. Praise the Lord with us!”

21 SOUTH ASIA A worker writes, “I took over the job of bookkeeper for TEAM in our country in March. However, after starting the work, the organization discovered that it was not in compliance with the tax laws here. So now I am overseeing an audit of the past three years and an application for non-profit status. Please pray both that this work will not take too much of our time and that favor will be granted to our application; if we do not receive nonprofit status, we may have to close down our work here.”

22 SPAIN A worker writes, “One of our Spanish students was diagnosed with cancer this month (she battled it two years ago), and one of our teachers is fighting brain cancer. Please pray for them, especially my student who is not a believer. Our life here is so short…I pray that we would all have a deeper sense of urgency in living out our faith and seeking opportunities to share the message of salvation with others.”

23 ZIMBABWE Pray for the continued expansion of the Harare Theological College’s Extension Studies Program and the establishment of new locations.

24 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Though we are thankful and happy for new believers in recent months, it has been a difficult time for our church. As we grow, people from many different backgrounds are coming together. Part of ‘growing pains’ is learning to work together and maintain unity among the body of Christ. Please pray for wisdom, unity, and humble hearts in our church!”

25 GREECE Brad and Jamie Newport write, “As of this coming September, we will have lived in six apartments/homes in three countries during the last 26 months. We are ready to be settled in Greece and begin our work there. We ask you to pray for much grace in walking by faith, adapting and connecting with new friends, especially for our children.”

26 EAST ASIA Workers write, “We are a diverse group who challenge each other, learn from each other, and support each other. Pray for continued unity, harmony and community amongst our workers. Pray that all of us will grow more and more in Christlikeness.”

27 GUATEMALA Pray for the development of healthy partnerships with Teddy Torres and Joel Agular, who run a Guatemalan internship program.

28 EAST ASIA Workers write, “We have to admit that we have been discouraged at times seeing that the attendance of our classes has not been stable. However, recently a pastor came to us and said, ‘I want to help my church build up a habit of reading the Bible regularly and seriously; can you be the ones leading this movement next year?’ We are more than happy to do so! This is the first fruit of our labor here. Please continue to remember us and the people here.”

29 JAPAN The TEAM Japan Office team writes, “Please pray over the next months as we face personnel and responsibility changes due to home assignments of two of our members. We are praying for newly appointed mid-termer missionary, Matt Jansson, to arrive in early 2015 before Chad Snow departs in March and Linda Rudd in August. Our desire is that we will be able to continue to serve our missionaries and related organizations well in spite of transitions.”

30 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Please pray for a huge breakthrough in the Muslim world, where so much effort and prayer has been extended for the past two decades!”

31 SOUTHERN AFRICA Dudley and Inge Donaldson write, “I had received a call from one of the high schools where we are responsible to pay school fees for six orphan students. The fees for this term were due on Friday. Wednesday morning, we received word that funds to pay the fees had arrived in our Manzini bank. There was enough to pay the fees for those students plus about six others. These funds come through donations to our Swaziland Orphan Project.

Relieved that the funds had arrived, Inge and I decided we would stop at the bank, withdraw the funds and then go on to Ezulwini for lunch. We withdrew over $4,000 for the school fees. We walked to the car and Inge placed the money in a compartment under her seat. We drove about twenty kilometers to a well-known shopping complex.

We parked right next to an entrance, walked inside, had a nice lunch, then came back to find my car door lock broken. Inge immediately checked for the money and found it was gone. If you have ever had someone break into your home or car, you know what we felt: anger, disbelief, anger, confusion, anger, betrayal. Please pray for God to replace the money that was stolen so we can pay school fees for our orphans.”





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