Monthly Prayer Journal: August 2015

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world.

1 MEXICO Art and Vicki Reyes write, “We are so grateful for the help to rebuild Emmanuel Evangelical Church of Los Cabos, which was destroyed by Hurricane Odile last year! Construction should be finished early this month. Please pray that the Lord will be glorified in this place.”

2 TEAM’S 125TH ANNIVERSARY Please pray for TEAM leadership and guests as they travel together to see the work God is doing in Asia and Africa. We are trusting the Lord to help build relationships that will lead to life changing opportunities.

3 SPAIN A worker writes, “Please pray for our school staff needs for next year. We are especially in need of a middle/high school science teacher, high school math teacher and high school English teacher.”

4 ZIMBABWE Melita Larson writes, “Continue to pray for the 10 midwifery students who started their training in September 2014. They will be writing their final exams for Zimbabwe on August 6–7. They will be writing seven, three-hour exams. Pray for these students to become serious about their studies during the final stretch of their training. Several of the students are really struggling with writing exams. As well, please pray for wisdom for the midwifery educators.”

5 ASIA Nancy Sturrock and Finn Torjesen, who are working to develop a global hub in the Asia Pacific region, have been invited to share God’s word at the Summer Conference of the Seoul Central Evangelical Church in South Korea. Both Nancy and Finn will be speaking several times each during the August 6–7 conference and would appreciate prayer for a clear message and the ability to speak with translation in a way that will touch the hearts of those in attendance.

6 ITALY Praise the Lord for Francesca, an attendee at the New Hope Church who recently believed in Jesus Christ as Savior! Pray for spiritual growth in her life as she reads through the Scriptures.

7 TAIWAN Jeremy and Ruth Hsu write, “We continue to meet with one or two families for simple churching on Sundays. We want to focus on being transparent, bringing real issues before God and explaining God’s Word in the vernacular for the working class. Please pray for the Spirit to grow each of us in His love and truth.”

8 EAST ASIA Workers write, “We’ve been working hard on evangelism and were hoping to start a new church from new believers, but we feel that we need to change our strategy a bit for now and attempt to start a church from more experienced believers and depend more on them for evangelism. We’re approaching local believers to partner with right now. We’d really like to have the new church started this summer. Please pray that God will bring the right people into our new church and help it to have a good pattern set from the beginning so it can reproduce effectively.”

9 PAPUA Jared and Becca Riepma write, “I (Jared) have begun teaching an intro level English class at the community center with 14 students ranging from about 17–30 years old. I’ve really enjoyed that so far and have already had a chance to share my faith and belief in Jesus. Beginning this August, I will also be teaching a course on God’s plan of redemption to Papuan tribal people at the TEAM-founded Bible school (SAR). Please pray over this ministry.”

10 MEXICO Anthony and Karlene Thiessen write, “Please pray as we start a new school year. Pray that we will be able to build on the relationships formed last year at the school with which we have the most contact, that many teens will get to know us and that many will get to know Jesus. Pray that God gives us insight, wisdom and love so they place their trust in Jesus only. Also pray for our two children, Josiah and Keyana, as they begin a new school year.”

11 CENTRAL ASIA A worker writes, “Pray God will raise up people to come and serve in this region – a kindergarten teacher, English teachers, managers, a health director, an administrative assistant, etc. Pray for peace to come to this region and the many other troubled areas in this land.”

12 PHILIPPINES Derrill and Becky Martin write, “Pray for the new workers who are being trained and, Lord willing, sent out to join the Christar Philippine, PIE and CPMT teams. Pray that the Lord of the harvest would send out workers and that the workers now serving will be encouraged and strengthened as new missionaries join them.”

13 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Pray for a local shopkeeper across from the hospital gate, who we count as a friend. We just gave him an Injil (New Testament) in a modern, Muslim-friendly translation. We asked him to read it so we could discuss it.  May the Word bear fruit!”

14 GREECE Brad and Jamie Newport write, “Pray for Greece and its people and that in this growing financial crisis people will remain civil and levelheaded while opening their hearts to Christ even more so. Pray for our mission as well as the many Greeks who work alongside us and the potential fallout from these events on their lives. Pray that we all set our eyes on our Lord Jesus and move forward by faith, being and giving and loving as the Father.”

15 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “We are networking to discover possible partnerships for serving refugees. Please continue asking for wisdom in this process and for clear leading from the Lord.”

16 PERU Kathi Small writes, “Recently I participated in a meeting with several women at the El Camino Church via Skype. It is encouraging to see them move forward making plans to begin to disciple other women. Let’s pray for them as they finalize plans. These ladies are Jessica, Yane, Neri, Marlene and Hada.”

17 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “The government here has announced new legislation (not yet passed) that will regulate all international non-government organizations (INGOs).  In the past, missions were not included in the INGO category, but now we are. Continue to pray that the consequences of this legislation will not hurt the cause of missions here.”

18 CZECH REPUBLIC David and Kathy Sedlacek write, “South City church had four baptisms recently, a young engaged couple and two elderly women, who chose to take this public step of obedience. Pray for them to follow Jesus faithfully.”

19 UKRAINE Kurt and Rochelle zurBurg write, “Recently, the Lord has blessed us with the opportunity to partner with a local church by serving Ukrainian refugee kids who have been displaced by the war. Our family has been able to partner with a team that travels to these displaced families and offer them food, hugs, Bible stories and science fun. We don’t know what the Lord has in store for these families, but we are privileged to serve them while they are living near Odessa.”

20 MIDDLE EAST A worker writes, “Please pray for some friends of mine who work near me and are suffering right now in their work environment. Pray for wisdom for me to know how to obey Christ in what He wants me to do and how He wants me to love them.”

21 THAILAND Kennedy and Wendy Paizs write, “Please pray for us to be ready to share the gospel with Thai people as we do daily life here and to be flexible and live in the moment.”

22 AUSTRALIA Kristen Kelly writes, “Trinity Bay Evenings (TBE) is the church’s evening service targeted toward young adults. Since I have been here, I’ve gotten to see two people come to Christ through God’s work at TBE! Please pray that people will continue to learn and know Christ better through TBE.”

23 FRANCE Bob and Veronique Clifford write, “Please pray for the Holy Spirit to speak through Gospels and children’s booklets distributed in Plaisir.”

24 SOUTH ASIA A worker writes, “Part of the growing pains of a rapidly growing church is a large number of first generation Christians who have no access to Bible teaching. The skill of how to teach from the Bible is a felt need among church leaders here. Pray for the students who recently attended a preaching workshop. Pray that God will bless them and enable them to teach his Word to others.”

25 CHAD Rich and Anne Hoyt write, “God’s peace that passes all understanding continues to guard our hearts and minds after this city faced the reality of suicide bombers, June 15, on Chadian soil for the first time in history. Please pray for our government in Chad; for the soldiers and police fighting these terrorists; for continued safety and wisdom as we, our mission and church colleagues move around the city; for church leaders as they wrestle with the potential of something similar happening in a church worship meeting and for families and friends of loved ones killed or injured in the attacks.”

26 AUSTRIA Eric and Melissa Lundquist write, “The kids’ program has been a challenge to organize for the summer, as many people are traveling. On average, there are about 12 to14 kids, ages three to seven, in the group. Starting in the fall, we are hoping to split the kids into two groups. Pray for the right people to join the team and teach the kids about God!”

27 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Our translator recently led her dad to Jesus and even baptized him! He has terminal cancer, and our translator and her mom trade off on caring for him. They had forbidden her to leave the house on Sundays to prevent her from going to church, but she goes to Bible studies on other days. Now her mom is very angry. Pray with us for her to also turn to Jesus and away from Buddhism.”

28 SOUTHERN AFRICA Brian and Joyce Flickner write, “Please remember to pray for the 110 people who professed salvation during our June mission trip to Lesotho with our students. We had to leave their follow-up in the hands of local pastors and churches, and we need your prayers that their faith will grow and produce fruit.”

29 GERMANY Jeff and Anne Ingram write, “I (Jeff) recently had the privilege of leading a young refugee from the Middle East to Christ. Because he comes from a Muslim background, he needs your prayers for spiritual growth and protection — particularly from other refugees who are Muslims and may be deeply offended that he has turned his back on Islam.”

30 ASIA Please pray for God’s blessing and provision as we prepare to receive the 125th Anniversary guests coming to celebrate with us in Taipei and Taiyuan from August 30 to September 8. There will be many local representatives at the event in Taipei as well as missionaries serving in surrounding areas. Please pray for travel safety and for a spirit of unity and excitement about the future.

31 SOUTH ASIA A worker writes, “Pray for a national organization working in a highly populated country in South Asia. As the director, I am working to turn over part of my responsibilities to another so I can do more work in representing the needs for more workers. I am doing this both within the country and outside of it. I am planning a trip to the United States and Canada to challenge the church with the potential for workers to come and also to challenge national people, studying or working outside this country, to return to this country where there is real need for their help.

The national organization is reaching out into a very needy neighboring country where they have been involved in church planting and recently in providing help to victims of natural disasters. I have spent a number of days there with a national pastor, and they were able to provide a lot of help through the gifts of God’s people.

There is tremendous opportunity in these countries for spreading the good news through those willing to go out to meet the many needs in these very needy countries.”

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