Monthly Prayer Journal: December 2013

Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world.

Click here to download a .pdf of the December 2013 prayer journal.

1 SPAIN Don and Paula Cabeen write, “Paula Cabeen had neck surgery on November 26 and will be recovering over the next several weeks. Pray for God’s healing hand to be upon her and bring restored health.”

2 PAPUA Please pray for two survey teams that will be going out in December from the Papua National Mission Board to seek out unreached areas of Papua for future missionary assignments. Pray that the next 11 national missionary volunteers will be assigned to villages in the next few months as a result of these surveys.

3 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Please pray for guidance on direction of ministry for our ministry area, for the successful startup of a new Business-As-Mission project, and for the recruiting of new workers and support for one in the pipeline.”

 4 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “This is the time of year when students begin to apply for study next year (our school year begins in February) so we are praying for a good student intake at the Adelaide College of Ministries. Our ideal size entering class is about 15 – 20 and for the last 3 years we have had 12 – 15 which is a good number, but we need to see more folks training for gospel ministry here in Australia.”

5 TAIWAN Jeremy and Ruth Hsu write, “Praise the Lord that some potential workers are checking out our work. Pray for more workers to be sent to serve the Grassroots Taiwanese.”

6 CZECH REPUBLIC Ondra and Melissa Zikanovi write, “Pray for the Alpha Course to end well and participants to desire to continue with a follow-up course, Christianity Explored, where we will study the book of Mark. Pray for our Christmas celebration (Dec 7th) with our English students & their families. Pray that the One and Only Messiah will be revealed in this special season.”

 7 HUNGARY Bob Vajko, TEAM Church Planting Consultant, is thankful for encouraging ministry in answer to prayer during his October trip. The concern in this time of ministry was to help churches grow and multiply. In response to this vision, one church has grown and is considering planting other daughter churches. Another church in southern Hungary wants to multiply by planting a church across the border in Serbia. Pray for the continued growth of these churches and for new church planting opportunities in Serbia.

 8 PERU Kathi Small writes, “I lead the New Life in Christ class which started with eight people, half of them non-believers. One woman has made a decision for Christ and at least one more is close to making one. Please pray especially for B. and J. who have a clear understanding of the gospel, and just need to make the decision to accept it.”

9 ITALY David and Nicole Hannah write, “David is once again blessed to be involved with a basketball team comprised of college-aged Bolognese. There are now 3 believers on the team (including him), and they meet for an hour before practice to pray for their teammates and for opportunities to share the gospel with them.”

10 JAPAN Stella Cox writes, “Pray for the new contacts I have made here in the USA that are potential candidates for mission work in Japan. Pray for Mr. Kawai who managed the book store at the Takamatsu Christian Center. He had a very serious heart operation six weeks ago and is in a semi coma. The book store has been closed. I will be in the states until mid-December. Pray that I will be a useful servant.”

11 CHAD Dean and Dianna Kubacz write, “J. is a single, middle-aged man who Dean met at a bi-weekly Bible study on the Prophets. He is seeking Truth. We are excited that he’s agreed to join us for dinner once each week. Please pray that the Light of Christ shines brightly and that J. might truly see.”

12 CENTRAL ASIA A worker writes, “This year, 17 disabled women from several different villages graduated from a six-month tailoring course. Not only are they given the chance to earn a living, they also gain esteem with their families and communities. Pray they’ll understand their value in God’s sight.”

13 PAPUA Harmony Jansen writes, “Please pray for the Roesler Memorial Bible School in Merauke, Papua as we seek the Lord’s will on how to best train leaders for our interior churches.”

14 SWEDEN Beth Webster writes, “Fridhemskyrkan has taken over responsibility for the Open Preschool outreach that started in 2009 in Kungsholms Baptist Church. We offer a warm, welcoming atmosphere for parents to come with their babies for a time of singing and refreshments, and dozens of families have had a first contact with the church in this way. On December 15 we will have a family worship service with a special child-friendly message and activities. Pray that many families from the preschool will join us and consider that Jesus came to earth for them.”

15 MEXICO Peter and Cher Gatto write, “Please continue to pray that the Lord will guide and direct the ranch as it continues to develop a God-inspired plan for the next five years. Please continue to pray for the assimilation of the new missionaries and members that are becoming a part of the ranch team. Thank God for the first baptism of one of our members of the community of faith here at the ranch.”

16 FRANCE Brian and Theresa Anderson write, “Praise God for providing a building for the Pontcharra church to purchase! After several years of failed purchase attempts, it is so very clear that this is the time and place that God has reserved for this young church.”

17 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Please pray as we are waiting for some critical visas to be issued for our workers to enter the country. We are also facing a major government issue that needs to be resolved ASAP.”

18 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “Christmas is one of the few times when secular Australians even consider anything religious, therefore many churches have some sort of Christmas outreach, especially a carol sing. Pray that folks will hear the real story of Christmas and recognize the Messiah in it.”

19 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Please continue to pray for the Christian community in our country who see little hope in the face of terrorism, corruption, and discrimination. Pray that there would be revival, especially among the youth, that would infuse fresh fire into the Church.”

20 SPAIN Workers write, “We are excited to say that we have enjoyed teaching English from our home classroom and getting to know some of our neighbors. We are experimenting with Family English Fun: an hour of immersion English for families. It’s another way to show the love of Christ to those around us by helping them reach their goals. We’ve had a couple other English students as well that have been great opportunities to share the gospel. Pray that God will give us more students. We have also begun to get to know some other men in the area who are runners. Keep praying that God will open the way to share deeply in others’ lives and to share the gospel with them.”

21 IRELAND Linda Wagner writes, “On Wednesday nights, we have Alpha going on and there were 14 who came recently who are not believers. Pray that they will think about the things presented and that God would open their hearts.”

22 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “Work is now going forward on the translation of an important audio-visual resource for a minority group dialect. Please pray with us for timely progress and a workable, useful draft by early next year. Pray that hearts will be prepared even now to understand and receive the message of the final product.”

23 JAPAN Karyn Zaayenga writes, “Rejoice with us that our youth worker, Sonoko Ishikawa, is engaged to our former assistant pastor, Pastor Uryuu. But as we are excited for them, our church has been told that there will not be enough seminary graduates to send us an assistant pastor or youth worker for a few years! Pray that more Japanese will follow the call into ministry.”

24 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Please pray for wisdom as we are planning the next steps for the establishment of a new clinic around Nov 2014.”

25 GLOBAL As countries across the globe celebrate Christmas, pray that this would be a chance for God to be glorified and for the Christmas story to make a difference in the lives of those who do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior.

26 PHILIPPINES Keith and Grace McCune write, “As we finished our month-long revision of the Tagalog Bible, we are praising God for what he has done through us. V. and I have resolved hundreds of issues in the Psalms, and Grace and K. have completed six Old Testament books, and the whole team (nine of us) have worked hard on difficult vocabulary items. And, most gloriously of all, it appears that the Lord has led K. and V. into a living relationship with himself. Please pray for the Lord’s blessing on our ongoing meetings with K. and V., Mondays from 9 to 1. It will be a blend of Bible-revising and basic discipling.”

27 ZIMBABWE Doug and Nancy Everswick write, “Harare Theological College has introduced an extension program, which is being run in several locations around the country. This seems to be a welcome development with about 100 students already participating. Praise God with us and pray that this would be a genuine benefit to churches around Zimbabwe.”

28 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “TEAM is energetically recruiting folks from North America to join the work in Adelaide. One big challenge right now is the visa situation. Visitors visas are not problem, but visas for ministry lasting over 3 months require a lot of processing, and our Australian partners have to sponsor every visa. Pray that we can find the best way to procure visas appropriate for the work we are pursuing.”

29 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “We have a person in our group whose toilet broke, and he ended up talking to the plumber about faith. The plumber came back the next day and told our friend that he had a dream where the two of them were studying the Koran and the Bible together, to which our friend replied, “Well, we should do that!” Praise the Lord!”

30 GREECE Brad and Jamie Newport write, “The opportunities to connect, meet, love on and bless the men and women refugees are immense. Their needs as well the needs within the city are overwhelming. Please pray for the hearts of these refugees, for their ears to hear and for us to work by the power of the Spirit.”

31 AUSTRIA Eric and Melissa Lundquist write, “In the past six months, good steps have been taken in developing a leadership team for this new church planting initiative. A team of five families has met regularly and has begun developing a common vision and strategy for reaching our community in Vienna’s 22nd district. Our team includes 9 children age 6 and under, putting us in contact with many young families during our daily routines of preschool attendance, playground visits, doctor appointments and shopping. We see that as a big plus, since this district has the highest percentage of young people of any district in Vienna.

Our team is meeting bi-weekly for planning, Bible study and prayer, and we are also meeting Wednesday mornings from 5:30-6:30 AM for prayer via internet conference.

The first challenges have already been faced, as hospital stays, children’s sickness, business trips, discouragement, and other obstacles have hindered meetings. We are fully aware that this type of project comes directly into Satan’s line of fire. We need your continued prayer as we push on ahead, asking God to guide us and teach us His ways. Thank you for standing with us in this endeavor.”

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