Monthly Prayer Journal: December 2014

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world.

1 EAST ASIA Our ministry area leaders who are responsible for our workers and projects in East Asia will be meeting with a consultant in Hong Kong on Dec 2 to evaluate our current strategies and to explore new opportunities.  Pray that we will be able to effectively connect what is happening here with our other ministry areas in Asia and around the world.

2 ASIA Leaders from all our ministry areas in Asia will be gathering together in Hong Kong Dec 2-5. Pray for this significant meeting that we will build a good foundation for collaboration in the future as we share ideas and brainstorm some new ways of working. Ask that above all, we would sense the Lord’s presence and be guided by His spirit in all that we do. 

3 ITALY Gene and Susan Coleman write, “Please pray that the Lord would send interns who would work with the University students in Mestre and Venice.”

4 MEXICO Anthony and Karlene Thiessen write, “We praise God for safety and protection during the hurricane, for the rebuilding that has already happened and will continue. Pray for TEAM missionaries, that they will continue to have stamina, strength, wisdom, organization, efficiency, love, patience and compassion as they help with the relief effort. Pray for the relationships that we are building, that they will continue to be strengthened and that each person would see Christ in us, be drawn to Him, and grow closer to Him.”

5 ZIMBABWE Pray for a teacher for Term 3, 2015 at Karanda Correspondence school and 2016 Terms 1 and 2.

6 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “A Muslim-background believer just appeared after years of no contact with other believers in our area. After such a long absence, he now has to build trust with believers who wonder where he has been and why he is back. Some signs suggest that the Lord is working in his heart, but time will tell. Pray for wisdom on the part of believers to both assess his sincerity while giving him a chance to prove himself.”

7 FRANCE Jennifer Hylton writes, “Please join me in celebrating with the global Church over all the believers I have met here since my arrival in France! They’re definitely the minority, but they are pressing on toward Christ! Please join me in praying that God would continue to equip me to share His love and the goodnews of the Gospel witheveryone I meet, according to His will, for His glory and their joy!”

8 THAILAND Kennedy and Wendy Paizs write, “There is a young man I have gotten to know at ‘monk chat’, which is a program that is set up for people to come and learn from monks and have conversation. He called me on the phone and we talked for a long time before I left for the USA. I have shared the gospel with him in the past, and I am planning on seeing him soon after we return. Pray for him to come to Christ and for our friendship to grow. Pray for more open doors for truth about Jesus.”

9 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “I have found an apartment to rent! The price is right and the location is perfect. It needs a bit of fixing up, but I’m excited for what the Father is going to do in this place. Because of the location, it will be easy to have friends from the local minority group over. It is right in the heart of their district!  Please be praying for all the conversations that will happen.  Pray that it will be a place of real freedom and openness in all kinds of discussions. Pray that the presence of the Holy Spirit would be felt by all who enter.”

10 SOUTHERN AFRICA Eric and Susan Binion write, “Pray for our ‘AIDS and the Church’ class, that it would be life-changing for the students and that we (Susan and Eric) would work well teaching together. Praise that students have enthusiastically embraced ‘True Love Waits’ and have taught it in schools and church youth groups. Pray for young people to commit themselves to Christ and to abstinence before marriage.” 

11 JAPAN Mike Gray writes, “We have seen a number of professions of faith, but little or no progress toward baptism and an evident walk with Jesus. Pray for real conviction in the lives of these new confessors of Jesus.”

12 CENTRAL ASIA Workers write, “Pray for good relationships with neighbors and shopkeepers, and always for opportunities to witness to the truth.”

13 IRELAND From Linda Wagner “Please pray for the Christmas Carol Service at Swords Baptist Church on Dec. 14th.  This is an outreach service to the people in our community who often do not come into our building until this event. Please pray for the Lord to draw many new people to the service, for good connections to be made, and for our church tocontinue to have a good reputation in the eyes of the community.”

14 PAPUA Dan and Louise Hubert write, “Please pray for two national teachers and a maintenance man needed for the Roelser Bible School in Merauke, Papua, Indonesia.”

15 CZECH REPUBLIC Scott & Caitlin Andrews write, “We are already starting to enjoy good relationships with our language classmates, who come from many different countries and cultures around the world; pray the Lord would open up opportunities to share about Jesus with these friends, and that the Holy Spirit would open their hearts to the saving truth of the gospel.” 

16 TAIWAN Please be praying that the Lord of the Harvest would send more workers to join us in

Taiwan. Making disciples among the unreached population of Taiwan is a huge task and not enough people are engaged in it. We desire to see the local existing church mobilized for the task as well as having more workers from overseas join us. 

17 AUSTRIA Dan & Rachel Zuch write, “Continue to pray for Herzwerk’s drop-in center that is held every Thursday. It is a good time of building relationships with individual women, helping them practically with things like finding affordable German classes, searching for an apartment, taking them to the doctor, etc. Pray especially for the need for housing. We constantly have women tell us that if they had any place to go, they would leave prostitution immediately.”

18 EAST ASIA Workers write, “A local pastor has discussed with us the possibility of launching an adult Sunday School (which is not commonly found in the churches here) at his church. Please pray for our wisdom and discernment on how to help the church grow in the knowledge of the Bible.”

19 SPAIN Workers write, “We finally began an exploratory Bible study with a young couple with an 18 month old boy. Being on different work schedules, it’s tricky to find a time, but they want to continue. Please pray that we can find a consistent time.”

20 EUROPEAN DIASPORA Workers write, “We have dreams of having the equivalent of three more couples join us here in Europe working with North Africans as well as even bigger dreams of starting teams in other cities around Europe. These will allremain dreamsunless we can find those God is leading to join us in reaching North African Muslims with the Gospel and planting churches among them. Please pray that God will make the way clear and bring us into contact with those he wants us to partner with. 

21 GERMANY Anna Key writes, “Pray for one of my students who comes from a Mormon family, they are at Black Forest Academy for one year. Will you join me in asking Jesus to break through the confusion and the lies and save this family?”

22 UKRAINE Kurt & Rochelle zurBurg write, “Pray with us for Ludmila who longs for her family to know Jesus, but they simply are not interested in listening.”

23 JAPAN Lara Lakin writes, “Pray for our college students, that more would come, that the Holy Spirit will move them to understand their need for a Savior and to believe and receive salvation. Pray for more individual English students to enroll and that they, too, would understand and believe in Christ.”

24 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Our local partners explained to us at the end of July that it is too dangerous to try to open our clinic in November. As it turned out, it was a severe monsoon season with many deaths from landslides and sudden flooding. Rain from a cyclone turned into a blizzard and more died in October. We trust our national co-workers and have re-set our date for opening the clinic up in the mountains for mid-March 2015. Please pray over the many preparations that need to be made before then.”

25 GLOBAL As countries across the globe celebrate Christmas, pray that this would be a chance for God to be glorified and for the Christmas story to make a difference in the lives of those who do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior.

26 CHAD Mark and Diane Vanderkooi write, “We are in the process of organizing a Kwong pastoral training school which we hope will kick-off two or three years from now. We will also be welcoming four young people for a 7 week internship in the month of January and February. Pray for us that we would be able to resume our work quickly and efficiently.”

27 EAST ASIA Workers are preparing now for two weeks of children and youth Winter Camp in February. Please pray for the various staffing needs to be filled and for all the preparations to go smoothly.

28 PERU Craig and Sue Querfeld write, “In February, I (Craig) will be going to Chile to get to know a small church association that has requested help with their church planting projects. There is a single missionary who is hoping to go there to minister. Please pray over this trip.”

29 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Fifty-nine students at our English Center participated in 4-week ‘interfaith discussion’ groups this fall. We estimate that over 120 students have participated in these groups in 2014.  The response to the groups has been quite favorable. We are hopeful that this is leading to more in depth “book” studies soon. Our next session starts in early January.  Please pray for continued open doors, student involvement, and deeper discussions leading to fruit in 2015.” 

30 PHILIPPINES Jeff & Gerri Miller write, “Two of our students, Daniel and Rachel, will be returning to their native land in Asia in April 2015. They will be planting churches and reaching out to business leaders with the gospel. Please pray that many will come to faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior through their ministry.”

31 BRAZIL Dave & Miriam Kanagy write, “We are looking forward to returning to Brazil to work with, “Missao Alianca do Brasil” (MAEB). This is the Brazilian branch of TEAM in Brazil. Just as TEAM in North America recruits, trains, and helps churches send North American missionaries; MAEB does the same thing with South American missionaries, mostly Brazilians. Our part will be to help with the member care of missionaries, further develop the MAEB property, and be involved with one-on-one training/discipleship with candidates, which will include short-term mission trips. We believe that this is where we need to put our energies and priorities right now in order to help the Brazilian Church become more involved in missions. Brazilian people are still welcome in many countries where North Americans are not. Please pray over this ministry.”

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