Monthly Prayer Journal: December 2015

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world.

1 PAPUA Please pray for Brent Preston and Owen Ames as they visit Papua, Indonesia (Nov 29 to Dec 9). Pray that they will be a source of encouragement to all workers. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide their conversations. Pray for health and safety.

2 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Please pray for several people working on a new church plant and those training church leaders, for security concerns in our area, for visas for new workers, and for new Business-As-Mission initiatives.”

3 MEXICO Martin and Susie Gonzalez write, “Praise the Lord for his care of Susie, who suffered a medical emergency over the past few months. She is well now and we thank the Lord for his people: their prayers and help.”

4 IRELAND Robyn Montgomery writes, “A mixture of Irish and American traditions came together in my little house for our second Halloween party in October. It was a great evening, especially getting a lot of the younger kids involved that have just come of age to join Impact. That’s what we are finding with the youth group right now: we have a handful of older ones and an influx of first years! Pray for me as I seek to care for each age bracket well.”

5 ZIMBABWE Pray for Tom and Lois Jackson as they continue to gather ideas and resources through visits and conversations with local agencies and individuals who work with the poor in Zimbabwe. Pray, also, as they connect with various Evangelical Churches and meet with church leaders.

6 FRANCE Bob and Veronique Clifford write, “The Lord is moving the church ahead in sharing the Gospel with those around us. Exchanges, reflections, and preaching at the annual spiritual retreat informed and inspired us to move forward on personal evangelism. We rejoice as two of the young people were baptized in obedience to the Lord’s command. Please pray that the Lord lead the church to respond in obedience to share the Gospel with love and truth to those around us.”

7 ASIA The Asia Pacific Leadership Team will be meeting together with the International Director and a few other TEAM leaders Dec 8-10 for a concentrated time of planning related to the new Global Hub Network. Please pray for this group as they meet in Bangkok for wisdom, discernment and unity in the Spirit.

8 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “We give thanks for the funds for the recently completed neonatal nursery. It is light, airy, and roomy, and a very nice addition to the hospital services. Pray for those who take care of these often vulnerable, small babies–for wisdom and diligence.”

9 CZECH REPUBLIC David and Kathy Sedlacek write, “Pray for Kathy’s work at the Christian International School of Prague in admissions. This small school serves families of many nationalities as well as religions. Join us in praying for more students as well as more teachers and staff.”

10 SPAIN Workers write, “‘R’ visited our meeting Sunday and shared a prayer request for ‘M’. She has cancer, and ‘R’ and his family have been sharing the gospel with her and her husband for years. We prayed because he was going to clearly present the gospel one more time, and ‘M’ accepted Jesus as Lord! Pray for her husband.”

11 AUSTRIA Eric and Melissa Lundquist write, “On Dec. 12, we are hosting an Advent Open House at our home. Pray for the people we invited to come and stop by and feel welcome in our home.”

12 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Our staff at our shop includes three local people, one former Muslim- now believer, and one from the ‘T’ minority group. We would love to employ more ‘T’ people in the future, so pray for the right people to be found. We have had several “good talks” with our staff, and have also had some Bible study time with them. Thanks for praying for them and their hearts.”

13 TAIWAN Ron and Julie Heinsman write, “Please continue to pray for the Trailblazer Camps ministry. Thank the Lord together with us for a recent new coworker (Ariel) to help us with programming. Pray also for Jan Lo (Assistant Director) and Lillian Lo (Secretary).”

14 GREECE Brad and Jamie Newport write, “What is the Father up to here in Europe with these massive refugee migrations? It is our assessment, given the number of new believers we have seen go out from Athens in just the past 12 months, as well the greater number of those men, women and children who left with the seeds of the gospel, that the Father is replanting his church in Europe in part through the scattering of the former Muslim believers — who by the way, when they come to Christ, are full of his power, are ready to suffer and are bolder than their Western counterparts. Pray for these refugees, their families and the seeds of the Gospel to grow.”

15 THAILAND Kennedy and Wendy Paizs write, “Pray for Joe and Kennedy, young men who we are meeting with and who are in the process of believing in Christ.”

16 CENTRAL ASIA Workers write, “Please continue to remember brothers and sisters in Christ who are around the country. Many of them are eager for training and fellowship, but they aren’t sure how to get it. Ask for continued wisdom and discernment for them.”

17 CHAD Scott and Suz Downing write, “Our sweet Sally and Ally are pushing ahead in their faith. Sally has been worried about being persecuted and being left with her 5 children to care for all alone. This week she prayed to God that He would show her if Jesus was really the right road, because she didn’t have the strength to go on without assurance. She fell asleep and Jesus came to her. Called her. Told her He is the Way the Truth and the Life. He told her not to worry about what she would eat or wear or live. Now she says she has the strength to do anything because she has seen Jesus with her own eyes! Oh, God of Mercy please reveal Yourself personally to their sister and family, to people in all the villages here.”

18 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Please pray for the people living in the mountains of the far west of the country. They are the least reached with the gospel. Less than 0.1% know Christ. The few isolated churches in the area need trained leaders, encouragement, and grounding in God’s Word.”

19 AUSTRIA Eric and Melissa Lundquist write, “On Dec. 20, the Lakeside Church Plant is having a combined Worship Service and Christmas Brunch. Pray that the gospel would be clearly presented and accepted by those attending!”

20 MIDDLE EAST A worker writes, “I am very thankful for the way God is helping me to build relationships with my students. I have 78 students in 5 different classes. With God’s help, I feel like I am able to have a good relationship with them, and am getting closer to some of them. I had the wonderful opportunity of being invited to one student’s home. We had a wonderful time, and they want me to come again (which I plan to do!). I also had the opportunity to talk with one student that I taught last semester about my relationship with God. Please pray for these relationships and for more opportunities to be salt and light.”

21 GUATEMALA AJ and Alaina Westendorp write, “We were a part of a conference on urban transformation called SINERGIA (Synergy) last month. One day included an off-campus trip into a few communities whose residents scavenge the neighboring garbage dump and whose homes range from cinderblock down to plastic tarps with no utilities at all. Seeing real people and kids with bikes living there made my heart cringe in so many ways. We met with the leaders in those communities to learn about their situations, concerns, what it means for them to lead their community, etc. We also met some folks that could potentially become our friends, or maybe even partners in ministry here in the city. Either way, pray that God brings the fruit out of these connections that will delight Him most.”

22 EUROPEAN DIASPORA Workers write, “Please pray over a neighborhood open house for Christmas that we will be hosting.”

23 JAPAN Mike and Barbara Gray write, “Pray for the plans and resources to replace the Takamatsu Christian Center (built 1969), a 15 foot wide 5 story building used by the Christian community of Takamatsu for a Bible College, church location, English outreach classes, and many special events. We have out grown it!”

24 SOUTHERN AFRICA Lorraine Green writes, “I receive frequent inquiries about ministry opportunities among orphans. Pray for me and colleagues who will be praying, discussing, and thinking through our vision and engagement with this significant people group across Africa. Pray that the Spirit will guide our thoughts.”

25 GLOBAL Pray that the Lord may be glorified across the globe this Christmas and that missionaries everywhere are given the chance to tell the true Christmas story and lead others to Christ.

26 ITALY Bologna is receiving lots of refugees who come over on the boats from Africa. The church, Nuova Vita, and Youth for Christ are working together to have a weekly club for the refugee teenagers. Pray for these suffering teens, that they would come to know Jesus and find new life in Him.

27 EAST ASIA Workers write, “We need your prayers for plans for a three week U.S. tour for the Heavenly Voices Choir (50 voices) from East Asia in October 2016. Pray for the planning, finances, open congregations, and a good response from the church in the U.S.”

28 PERU Craig and Sue Querfeld write, “I (Craig) have had the privilege of sharing the faith with two men who are both named Cesar. The first Cesar arrived at our men’s meeting wanting to follow Christ. We ended our meeting having him pray expressing his faith in Christ and repentance for his sins. The other Cesar is still struggling with his past. He broke down in tears when I told him that I would pray for him that God transform his past and that he would be ready to let that go to follow Christ. Would you join me in prayer for these men?”

29 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Sarah’s family has been coming to our clinic for medical care over the past year. Recently, her sister called one of our team members and said she wanted to kill herself. Our team member was able to help resolve that situation. Through that experience, a deeper bond of trust developed between her family and our group. A couple weeks ago, several of our teammates were eating with this family, and they began talking about the teachings of Jesus. In the course of the conversation, the family as a whole said they would like to study about Jesus. Furthermore, they said they would like to be a part of the emotional support groups we have been preparing to launch and even offered to host the group. Praise the Lord!”

30 GERMANY Anna Key writes, “I am so thankful reading through my Black Forest Academy students’ Bible projects as they “introduce” me to some of the heroes of the faith. I pray that these students will forever be impacted by the stories of those who have given all to follow Jesus!”

31 SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT Workers write, “Two years ago today, our small team stood around a TV monitor and watched the first satellite broadcast of a Christian TV station over a South Asian country. It was a miracle to see such bold Christian content on the government-owned satellite. We wondered how many days or weeks it would be before they shut us down! Now here we are in 2015, marveling at what God is doing! We’re still on the air! Millions of people have seen our content on satellite, our web sites, Facebook pages, and phone apps. We have a dozen or more people answering phone calls and text messages, and a follow-up team that extends from one end of the country to the other. And best of all, hardly a week goes by that we don’t hear of another viewer who has opened his or her heart to Christ. These are the days of harvest! Please join us in praying for seekers and new believers, the on-going ability to share on satellite and the internet, and significant funding needed for the New Year.”

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