Monthly Prayer Journal: February 2013

We invite you to join us in praying to the Lord every day as we lift up these requests from our missionaries around the world.

Click here to download a .pdf of the February 2013 Prayer Journal.

1 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “Joy on the Journey Camp will hold two winter camps the first two weeks of February. They have been booked full for months. Please pray for the volunteers and staff as they work with the young people and for the new boiler that it and all the equipment works well.”

2 CHAD Scott and Suz Downing write, “Jan. 26-Feb. 6, the dental team will be in the ‘Swamp’.  Their goal is 3 mobile clinics in outlying villages, then some days working in town. One village (2 hours away) needs much prayer as the religion seems more steeped in animism there. Pray for God’s love to reach out and touch people’s hearts. Pray for darkness to be pushed away and light to shine.”

3 THAILAND Pray for Doug Witzig, senior director for global ministry, as he meets with potential ministry partners in Bangkok today.  TEAM is hoping to mobilize more workers and teams for Thailand and Southeast Asia to reach Buddhist-background peoples.

4 JAPAN Pray for the Tokyo Metro Ministry Initiative to make wise decisions as they review the future of the cafe in light of staffing and financial challenges. Pray also for the TEAM Japan ladies, that they will find spiritual, emotional and spiritual refreshment as they meet for their annual retreat on the 4th and 5th amidst busy schedules.

5 IRELAND Linda Wagner writes, “I will be speaking at the Living Faith Conference in Dublin and Cork this month on the subject of hope and faith in the midst of broken relationships. Pray for those attending and for me to be sensitive to God’s leading.”

6 MIDDLE EAST A worker writes, “We just finished the gospel section of a 10-month book study with some majority religion locals. We have 3 regulars that have attended almost every session, but 20 who have come in and out. There have been many seeds planted and amazing insights on their part in the last few weeks. Please pray with us for them.”

7 APPOINTEES Pray for Robert and Karina DiAngelo who are heading to Italy.  Robert is finishing up his studies at Dallas Seminary, so pray for perseverance.  Pray that they might find favor with their church as they look to them for prayer and financial support.

8 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “February 10th to the 25th is the traditional two weeks of Spring Festival. Most of our local staff will be home with their extended families and some of our foreign staff will be either on vacation or at conferences related to their sending agencies or their work. It is a big time for families and for visiting friends and colleagues. We will be making visits before the 9th to all the government agencies that work with our ministry or oversee one of our licenses or permits. Pray for good relationships.”

9 ZIMBABWE Debarra Prentice writes, “This has been a tough year for us in Zimbabwe and as election time (possibly March) draws near things are getting tense. The police are all being trained in weapons handling to prepare for the elections. Farms and businesses are being taken, people are anxious. The economy is bad and people are struggling. Please pray for me and for the church in Zimbabwe as we seek to honor God amongst so much corruption and evil.”

10 APPOINTEES Pray during the week of February 10 as appointees arrive at TEAM for orientation.  Two groups make up the event: one group coming for initial interviews and orientation, and the second one coming for pre-field orientation.  Pray that the groups bond well and that each attendee goes away feeling better equipped to continue in the path of obedience to God.

11 AUSTRIA Dan and Rachel Zuch write, “Pray for our ministry of pre-marital and marital counseling. We are currently meeting with four couples who are either engaged, contemplating marriage or have come for help. Pray for wisdom as week seek to build into the lives of couples and mentor them toward strong, healthy, committed relationships.”

12 CHURCH CONNECTIONS Pray for good interaction with the sending church partners coming February 12-14 to join their missionary appointees for orientation.

13 TAIWAN Nancy Leet writes, “Please pray that the vision that has been cast among the leaders and students of Precept Bible studies in Taiwan will take root and grow in their hearts.  We believe that it is God’s desire for His people to know Him through His word.”

14 SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT Workers write, “Please pray for our Arabic classes and for discernment and wisdom in our counsel/discipleship with Muslim-background believers and Muslim ladies.”

15 SOUTHERN AFRICA Dudley and Inge Donaldson write, “The amaZioni radio programme, ‘Trumpet of Zion’ has been on the air in Swaziland for ten months. We continue to get excellent responses from amaZioni listeners. In the new year, we look forward to increasing from one to two new broadcasts per week plus repeating those broadcasts a second time during the same week. And, also in 2013, plans are underway to introduce a Zulu language version of ‘Trumpet of Zion’ in South Africa. Please pray over these ministries.”

16 COSTA RICA Bob & Sandy Hanna write, “Over 2 1/2 million Bible studies have been downloaded during the past year! We continue to marvel how God is using our Spanish Bible Study Website. Because of its heavy traffic, it also is drawing attention of hackers. We need prayer for a hedge of protection around our site as we are continually dealing with viruses, added  scripting, etc.”

17 SWEDEN Blake and Rachel Anderberg write, “Ministry in Sweden is about building relationships and that takes time. Relationships are formed at work and with neighbors. Pray that God will continue to help us form deep and lasting friendships with people with whom we can share our lives.”

18 UKRAINE Denise Carter writes, “Pray for Maria who faithfully attends our services. Her husband is partially paralyzed from a stroke and her son has mental problems due to being beaten. Maria’s husband, Michael, wanted a Bible to check out the verse: John 14:6. Pray that Maria and Michael will understand the truth of the Gospel and come to know Jesus Christ.”

19 SOUTH ASIA A worker writes, “Two women brought an 8 month old baby to be seen by our hospital staff. When asked who the mother was, one of them said, ‘We are both the mothers. I am the older one and she is the second one. After 13 years of marriage, we had no children so I arranged for my husband to take a second wife. Now we have a child.’  As you think of this situation, pray for the lives of women here who need to hear of Christ.”

20 PHILIPPINES Derrill and Becky Martin write, “Please pray for the area that was devastated by the typhoon that hit Mindanao in December.  Pray for the people that were absolutely devastated in this area where whole villages were destroyed both by the typhoon and the resulting flooding and landslides.  Ask the Holy Spirit to send the Kalid people dreams and prepare open hearts for the Gospel to take root.”

21 BRAZIL Dave and Miriam Kanagy write, “In the past couple of  months,  Dave has had 55 kids from the neighborhood coming to our house to learn Bible verses in order to be able to jump on our trampoline. Besides these 55 kids, we have a group of about 15 kids from our church, who come to use our trampoline, have Bible studies, and participate in a model airplane club.  All of these activities are opportunities to model the Christian life and disciple these kids. Please pray over these activities.”

22 MEXICO Carlos and Sandy Rios write, “Please pray that the Lord will make known to us without a doubt the place of His choice to start a new church in March or April and with whom to work.”

23 FRANCE Brad and Jamie Newport write, “During the next 8 months we will be increasingly prepping to move to Greece this summer (from France), to begin a TEAM partnership with Hellenic Ministries helping in their disciple making work among the refugees in Athens. There are many hurdles with the Greek government as well as financial and timing issues. We need much prayer.”

24 PAPUA Walter and Diane Kennedy write, “Please pray for us as we each write a Bible course for the men and women at  Hatam Bible School.”

25 SPAIN Mark and Kay Johnson write, “We have new members of our Arroyomolinos home group, which we hope is the first step to a church in the town.  Pilar has been getting hassles from her family about her recent conversion; pray for her husband, Angel, and her kids. Dorje and Diana are Cubans facing economic challenges and a very difficult situation with their 20 year old daughter.  Juan Antonio and Maringeles are good friends from the Mustoles church that are helping us in the Friday night meetings. Please keep them all in your prayers.”

26 GERMANY Dietrich and Jan Schindler write, “Please pray for wisdom for us as we attempt to identify, train and release more German church planters. Pray also for the new church plant in Wolfsburg, Germany.”

27 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “I have recently had some very interesting conversations with Hope! She seems interested in discussing religious things. Pray that this interest will grow into her allowing Jesus to change her life.  Many of these conversations have been with her husband as well.  Please pray that, together, they will open their hearts to accept new Life in Christ.”

28 SOUTH ASIA A worker writes, “I had a very positive trip out to the Far-West not so long ago.  It was 5 days and I joined my pastor and a few others for a somewhat different experience in my old stomping ground.  We were able to do a 3-day leadership workshop with 22 pastors/leaders from 5 different districts.  It was extra special for me, because I knew so many of them now and it included some that I have had such a long relationship with.  It really ended up as a great time of interaction and the participants went away excited and ready to start working on some concrete steps to take in their contexts related to Pastoral Care and seeing His purposes accomplished.

Additional sessions also provided time to look together at the current church situation in this area and be challenged at how much is left to do.  Real emphasis was placed on trying to cooperate and work together (not always easy in distant groups of different denominations) with the goal of seeing a multiplying affect.  A lot has been happening now and we really need to ask for the people out there to be able to maintain this momentum as well as have the resources that are needed in so many areas.

While a very encouraging time, including some real quality times of interaction and relationship building, my biggest thought coming away from it all was actually: there is so much left to do!  This area of the country remains very ‘tough’ and relatively untouched despite the changes we have been seeing over the years.  The harvest is plentiful, but the resources still seem so small for the glaring need.  Much of this needs to come from within the local fellowships, so really ask that He will continue to raise up the leaders and workers that are needed from that area.”

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