Monthly Prayer Journal: February 2015

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world.

1 SOUTHERN AFRICA Lynda Collison writes, “Pray for Zion Bible College of Swaziland as they begin classes in February. Pray for the teachers and the students as they start another year of studies. Pray also for Leaders Bible College and the students who complete their modules by correspondence.”

2 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Please continue to pray for a visa for Sam and Grace, workers in East Asia. They also need some progress with their US citizenship.”

3 UKRAINE Kurt and Rochelle zurBurg write, “Pray with us for the heavenly battle that is present in Odessa. Pray that God will break the bonds of pornography, abuse, divorce, and materialism. Pray also for peace to come in the midst of this war with Russia.”

4 JAPAN Steven and Sandra Parsons write, “The TEAM Japan office will be going through a time of transition over the next two months, with team members coming and going. Praise God for the provision of a mid-term missionary to serve in the office as a substitute for two missionaries going on home assignment, and please pray for wisdom as we seek out God’s choice of two new Japanese employees to serve our missionaries in Japan.”

5 AUSTRIA Eric and Melissa Lundquist write, “Thanks for your prayers! The Lakeside Church Plant started meeting officially as a church mid-October! The group averages 20-25 adults and 8 kids under 7 each week! Pray for the group as it develops its’ identity in the community and that new believers would be reached.”

6 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Please pray for our newly elected president. He has a huge job ahead of him and needs all the common grace of God he can lay hold of. There are a few very strong Christians who are now members of the government. Please pray that they will be sources of wisdom and grace to the new administration and “Daniels” and “Josephs” who will speak for God and serve well this wonderful nation.”

7 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “On January 2 some horrendous bush fires started up near Adelaide. So far no human lives have been lost, but over 25,000 acres have been burned and possibly as many as 30 homes destroyed (at least 12 have been confirmed). Please pray for those who have lost their homes. Pray for comfort and for provision of a place to live while reconstruction takes place. Also, pray for rain to help ease a very ‘flammable’ situation.”

8 US Continue to pray for the leadership of TEAM as they explore new ministry opportunities around the globe. Also pray for the upcoming 125 year celebrations that will take place across the US and Canada in 2015.

9 HONDURAS Keith and Dawn Moore write, “One of the most important parts of our church and a main focus for 2015 is small groups. We have 24 that are working well, and we hope to have over 10 more by the end of 2015. These groups help to make our Church a small family that cares for one another. Please pray for this ministry.”

10 TAIWAN Ron and Julie Heinsman write, “Please continue to pray for the staff relationships and adjustments to the new leadership of Pastor Dean Deng at Trailblazer Camps. Please pray that Dean will have God’s wisdom as he looks to the future of the ministry.”

11 ZIMBABWE Judy Parker writes, “The senior students in our nursing school are in the process of completing their final practical test at the hospital and beginning to revise and prepare for State Finals which will be in March. Pray for them and us as we help them prepare.”

12 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Pray for healing, encouragement, and restoration for the workers coming to the Olive Tree counseling center from very high-conflict areas of this region.”

13 FRANCE Ryan and Dana Powell write, “To say that the recent acts of terrorism have opened the doors to the gospel would be an understatement. We would greatly appreciate your prayers as we minister to believers and reach out to others who are filled with fear and looking for answers.”

14 ITALY Please pray for good team work and common ministry vision in the Imola ministry. Pray that the church people would also capture the vision for church planting.

15 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “We discovered recently that a secret letter had been sent to one of the visa offices asking that visas for our personnel not be extended. Not knowing where it came from or why makes it impossible to respond to. Pray for wisdom as our team tries to figure out how to deal with that challenge.”

16 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “Our school year begins in February so pray for a good student intake for Adelaide College of Ministries. Our principal is resigning effective at the end of 2015 so pray for the board of the college as they seek our next principal. The church year also tends to start up in February here, so pray that the churches in Adelaide will have vision and energy to move in the direction God is leading.”

17 CHAD Mary Stone writes, “There were evangelistic outreaches all over Chad during the Christmas week. Pray that the fruit would be lasting souls standing strong in Jesus Christ.”

18 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Pray for Antioch M. School, training minority young people to go back to their part of the country and reach members of their own tribe.”

19 CZECH REPUBLIC Jeff and Lisa Griffith write, “The monthly English services with translation into Czech continue in Kralupy. It has been effective at drawing new people into the Sunday worship service. What is particularly encouraging is nearly all of them are men! Pray especially for Martin, Roman, Petr and Ivan as well as the church members as we meet with them for follow-up.”

20 PAPUA Craig and Shirley Preston write, “Please pray for Maryam, a woman whom I (Shirley) am teaching. I am taking her through Firm Foundations put out by New Tribes, giving her a biblical world view. Pray for the Word to take root in her heart and life. Her husband, Tommy, is not a believer. Pray for God to open his heart to the truth.”

21 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Our friend, Jackey, is so close in accepting Jesus into his heart. Pray that he will be convicted in his heart to give up the ‘thing’ that is blocking him from making the decision to following Jesus. His wife has already given her heart to Jesus.”

22 THAILAND Kennedy and Wendy Paizs write, “We have been in Thailand now for 15 years, and we are seeing God break through darkness and leading Thai people into the Light of Christ. We are excited to get back and begin training Thai believers to do Bible story telling. We have seen how the Thai people love this approach and that it is a good fit for their culture. Pray with us for more Thai people to come to know Christ and have transformed lives.”

23 PERU Kathi Small writes, “Peru as a ministry area of TEAM will be receiving new workers, some of them in 2015. Please include these in your prayer: Jason and Sarah Sheets and three children just moved to Costa Rica to begin language school. Rebecca Nix has begun support-raising and has seen God provide the first 10%. Aaron Watson has been appointed as a missionary and is at the very beginning of raising support.”

24 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Our language studies have seen some delays this last year, which has been discouraging. One of the biggest challenges for people learning a language spoken by a nomadic people is finding good consistent teachers. We would appreciate it if you would be asking that we could find the right teachers. Would you also ask the Father for renewed desire and vision to learn the KT language well?”

25 PHILIPPINES Keith and Grace McCune write, “Ask God to glorify himself by helping us to sharpen and clarify Bible translations as a means of reaching those who do not know Christ, establishing churches among the least-reached peoples of Asia, and equipping others to minister effectively as Bible translators, consultants and cross-cultural gospel workers.”

26 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “There are two groups from the ‘P’ people group that an artist friend and I visit. There is an openness and hunger today that I have never seen in ‘P’ men before! I have prayed with more people from the ‘P’ group in public this year than in all my previous years in ministry. Two other groups of men are ministering to the physical needs of the ‘P’. One of them is from another church! Please pray for the ‘P’ people group to grow in hunger for God’s Word.”

27 GREECE Brad and Jamie Newport write, “Greece, with its location and Greek Orthodox heritage, is being used as a window, a place where more hardship might come but also the freedom to hear the Gospel, and in turn, investigate Jesus without reprisal. Here, the refugees have freedoms they have not known before. Because of Greece’s unique situation and circumstance, they offer what few other locals in the EU/Europe can: a window wide open to loving these dear people & giving them the Words of truth, the Gospel of Christ. Pray for Greece and her people. This is a unique and strategic time for Greece and for us and the Evangelical Church here.”

28 SPAIN The Seville Christian School/Montequinto-Seville Ministry Initiative writes, “We are so excited to praise God for the first 3 months of our first educational activities in our small 650 sq. ft. space (2 small classrooms). In October, we began to offer 13 ESL classes and 2 painting classes. Pray that each class will have the perfect number of students and that they will all excel in their learning. Pray that the teachers will be able to keep their commitments and that their families will be blessed and protected.

In November, God provided 4000+ sq. ft. of prefabricated modules to use for future outreach at the cost of transportation and set up. Then God provided the place to store them and the funds to transport them on 14 big semis from northern Spain. Now we need prayer for God to provide the building license to set them up as well as the funds to pay for it! Thank you for praising God with us for his provision as well as praying for this next step.

Pray that God will clearly show us how to use the various ‘Semester in Spain’ students, the interns and three different teams coming to help us from now through August. Pray that the Lord will use the service to these people to open up their hearts and minds to seek Him. Pray for meaningful conversations and opportunities to share at a deeper level.”

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