Monthly Prayer Journal: February 2016

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world.  

1 JAPAN Roberta Peabody writes, “Please pray for the follow-up of The Celebration of Love with Franklin Graham that was held in Tokyo in November with over 39,000 people in attendance over the three days. The final day had a 1300 member gospel choir (which I was part of) and nearly 60% of the choir were non-Christians who sing Gospel as a ‘hobby’.”

2 SOUTHERN AFRICA Brett and Evelyn Miller write, “Pray for Zion Bible College in 2016. Pray that we be sensitive to, and then obedient to, God’s plan and direction in our service to the Zionists.”

3 AUSTRIA Eric and Melissa Lundquist write, “Thank you so much for your prayers for our December events. The Advent Open House at our home had about twenty people, kids and adults, attend. It was a nice afternoon and there were new relationships established with neighbors, kindergarten & school friends. January was a busy month for us with getting back into a normal routine, but also taking care of a lot of details for the start of our Stateside Home Assignment in February. Pray for all the last-minute details to come together and that we would say “auf wiedersehen” (until we see each other again) well to our church, the boys’ school and kindergarten, and other contacts.”

4 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “No visas were renewed in December, and one pending renewal was refused. This means that we have had 5 visas refused in the last 2 months. We have only vague guesses as to reasons for these refusals. Pray for the pending visa renewals for 6 families and the new visa for 1.”

 5 PAPUA Praise God for the influx of new missionaries to Papua. Pray for them as they either prepare to move to language school, are currently studying the language, or have recently completed language school.  Pray for our more experienced missionaries as they seek to orient them and mentor them for fruitful service in Papua.

6 SPAIN Workers write, “Pray for new opportunities to go deep spiritually with some of our Spanish friends.”

 7 EAST ASIA The Lunar New Year will be celebrated on February 8th. Thousands of national believers across East Asia will be traveling back to their hometowns to reunite with their families.  Pray that spiritual conversations can take place with friends and relatives.  Pray, too, for the special outreach events, retreats and training conferences that are planned during this time when people are off work.

 8 SOUTHEAST ASIA Please pray for a young missionary mother who needs to find a language tutor that can match her learning style and fit her daily schedule. The husband’s language is advancing rapidly through his work. The couple wants to close this “gap” in their abilities in the local language.

9 ZIMBABWE Jon and Kathy Christiansen thank the Lord for His blessings, family and His provision. They request prayer for management for many projects and local work crews at Karanda including digging and laying 3 miles of new water pipe.

10 SPECIAL ASSIGNMENT George McFall has finished close up maps of neighborhood population and Protestant church locations for 11 districts of Taichung City in Taiwan. He has also made maps for these districts that superimpose neighborhood borders and church locations on satellite imagery. The satellite imagery maps are a new tool that shows which areas are more densely populated and which are less densely populated. Please pray that these detailed maps will be useful to those who are involved in the work of the gospel in Taichung.

11 MEXICO Please pray with Art and Vicki Reyes in San José del Cabo, Mexico, that the Holy Spirit will convict the nationals of their need for a Savior and that the Lord will continue to raise up honorable national leaders.

12 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Please pray for funding for a new community center building. We really need a larger facility for this active, effective ministry and we have an organization giving us a matching grant. We would pray not only for necessary funds but also for the staff to be equipped every day to reach each parent, grandparent and child that the Lord sends through the doors of this lively, loving community.”

13 FRANCE Dan and Margaret Kuehl write, “God continues to send us open people who need to be taught the Word of God! Several of them will be baptized in February. Pray that they will grow to be future leaders and faithful followers of Jesus Christ.”

14 CHAD Paul and Kathryn Weber write, “Chad continues to be affected by the efforts of terror organizations with several incidences in the past few months. This means security is high and freedoms are reduced but the local government has been effective in minimizing these. We covet your prayers for the local population and those working in vulnerable areas.”

15 SOUTH ASIA Several new workers are settling in and starting to build relationships. Pray for extra stamina and wisdom to know who to spend time with in these early days.

16 TAIWAN Isomi and Chieko Saito write, “Every Wednesday, Chieko shares a Bible story with the needy children at the after school program at the Lihsin Church. Pray that those children may believe in Christ.”

17 UKRAINE Kurt and Rochelle ZurBurg write, “Slavik’s grandma has begun to show interest in listening to Slavik share with her from the Bible. Recently, she even asked if Kurt and he could come over for an opportunity to seek advice on some difficult life circumstances. Praise the Lord for the next step in her journey.”

 18 ITALY Please pray for M. in Faenza. He expressed an interest to study God’s Word but has a lot of responsibility taking care of his grand-kids. Pray that he will find the time to do a Bible study.

19 BRAZIL Tim and Tammy Evans write, “Another large church in Anápolis, 700 members, has asked that our staff coordinate an intensive course for their missions committee and members. That means we have two churches who will be taking this course at two different locations. This will be a lot of work for coordination and teaching. Thanks for praying!”

20 MIDDLE EAST A worker writes, “My second year teaching is going well, and I am developing good relationships with students. Just a few weeks ago one student asked what faith and joy meant to me. Thank God for strength and wisdom as I teach. Pray for more opportunities to share Christ with the students.”

21 THAILAND Debbie and Patrick Gray are completing their first month in Chiang Mai. Pray for them to find ways to meet their neighbors so that they can reach out to them in the days ahead.

22 JAPAN Roberta Peabody writes, “Please pray for the 40 to 50 Japanese International students who will have attended the Inter-varsity Urbana Missions Conference in St. Louis, MO. This year there was not any Japanese translation for them. Please pray as they continue their studies in America that they will know what God’s next step for them is as they continue their walk of faith.”

23 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Please pray for good language practice and connections with neighbors and friends, building on relationships we’ve started.”

24 PORTUGAL Stephen and Pat Mosely write, “In mid-September, NorteVerdadeiro held its first baptism. Rita is the first in her family to taste of Jesus’ love and forgiveness and have the courage to accept Him as her Savior and witness to the transformation in her life. Her mom attended her public confession of faith, the only family member willing to attend. Pray that Rita will continue to witness to the beauty of Jesus in her life and that the taste her mom received will draw her to see and trust in Him too.”

25 EAST ASIA Many workers have been away from their normal place of ministry for conferences, medical work and holidays. Pray that as they return to their regular schedules they will find new open doors and hearts prepared to hear the Good News.

26 SOUTHEAST ASIA As the weather starts to warm up, pray for creative ways to minister to those affected by the earthquake and the lack of petrol and cooking gas.

27 GERMANY Dorcas Sommers writes, “It is estimated that this year 1,000,000 refugees will relocate to Europe. To respond to the influx of refugees, the state of Baden Wurtemberg, where Black Forest Academy is located, has been assigned the task of housing 200,000 refugees in the coming year. Already there, are three refugee housing centers within a half hour drive from our location in Kandern. One of our dorms is now being prepared to house refugees in the coming year. It was vacated due to relocating closer to the campus in Kandern. Pray for us as we reach out to these people that have been uprooted, that are seeking an answer to life and its purpose.”

28 JAPAN Dan and Carolyn Brannen write, “We are asking God for a sustainable, flourishing International Student Ministry that will continue after we leave Japan.”

29 EAST ASIA Workers write, “A missionary, named Grace, had a very serious accident in a Bible school teachers van in early December. So far she has survived two surgeries, both very serious. It seems she is improving slowly. Please pray for a steady recovery for Grace. She directs a 55 voice choir in East Asia, and has taught at a provincial Bible school for more than 10 years. She and her husband have been in East Asia since 2000. Four other teachers, local nationals, had broken bones and are gradually regaining their health. Pray for a great work of God and the hearts of many people through the testimony of Grace and her husband.”

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