Monthly Prayer Journal: January 2013

We invite you to join us in praying to the Lord every day as we lift up these requests from our missionaries around the world.

Click here to download a .pdf of the January 2013 Prayer Journal.

1 GLOBAL As the people of the world look toward a new year, pray that the Lord would draw all eyes to Himself as the only true hope for 2013.

2 APPOINTEES Pray for Paul and Missy Robelot who are reactivating after several years of Paul receiving specialized training in counseling.  They have already served in France and hope to return to head up a regional member care network as well as reach out to their neighborhood and continue previously forged relationships with French friends.  Pray that the last remainder of financial support would come soon.

3 SOUTHERN AFRICA Wayne and Pam Wideman write, “We have received another grant from Claypotts Trust so we are now recruiting teachers for the next Cross-Roads training to be held January 8th-11th. This time we are targeting elementary schools in the far north of Swaziland. Please pray that the Lord will bring just the right people to this training for elementary teachers.”

4 MIDDLE EAST A worker writes, “We have a prayer gathering on Monday nights which is very fervent. Join us in praying for this Muslim town to respect the gospel and to be receptive to the witness which is present through the international house church which I pastor and through other groups as well.”

5 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Praise God for the spiritual interest of our campers and counselors! One male counselor trusted Christ as Savior at a local fellowship following camp and has already been baptized! Pray as we follow up with campers and counselors, and especially as we lead a Bible study for the young women.”

6 CZECH REPUBLIC Pat Foster writes, “We have been having the Alpha Course once a week and have about 8 seekers who have been coming regularly. Our co-workers the Davies have started another Alpha course in another part of Prague and have 4 seekers attending. Pray that each of these people will encounter the living God and put their faith in Him.”

7 US Bob Vajko, TEAM’s Church planting consultant, will be teaching a course on “Ministry in European Contexts” at Dallas Theological Seminary from January 7th to 11th. Pray for effective ministry to the students and that God will use this to send missionaries to Europe.

8 TAIWAN Workers write, “We’re starting a new church early this year in a rather underdeveloped part of south Taipei. There is a roughly 1 square kilometer area being converted from an industrial area into a residential area, so there are no churches there and a lot of future residential development planned. That means a lot of new families moving in, and we hope to be the new local church for those people.”

9 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Please pray for church leadership meetings for the church in the far west. There are still areas not yet reached.”

10 BRAZIL Tim and Tammy Evans write, “On our last Saturday in the States, Tim received news of the approval of a large grant for construction of the MAEB Campus where we will train and send many more Brazilian missionaries to the nations! We are so excited about being able to move forward with this vision.  Pray for the first step of selling the existing mission property.”

11 SWEDEN Stewart and Beth Webster write, “Ministry is expanding through our four home groups. Pray for unity of vision, good communication, and clear direction for the next steps.”

12 PAPUA Teresa Rhoads writes, “I went to another Mother Tongue Translator workshop for facilitators to try to gain more skills in how to train the Meyah Old Testament team. We are working on Exodus now. Please pray that we will be able to find blocks of time so that we can work on the editing process. I would like to get 100 verses ready for a consultant check by March 2013.”

13 FRANCE Tom and Lucy Blanchard write, “Pray for our local ministry to French friends and neighbors, that the Lord will open their eyes to understand the good news of Jesus Christ. Pray that our lives will be a testimony to God’s grace, with opportunities to present the message of the Gospel.”

14 MIDDLE EAST A worker writes, “Praise God that we’re walking step by step in our small group study, and the passion for God’s Word hasn’t died down! There are 4-5 of us each time we meet. Please pray for God’s protection over us as a small Body and over the guys individually.”

15 PHILIPPINES Jeff and Gerri Miller write, “Pray for those that responded to the Gospel during our ministry week that they would find a good church.”

16 MEXICO Paul and Jann Vander Mey write, “One evening we brought homemade brownies to the park to share with a group that we’ve become friends with. Each evening they gather and spend an hour together. Jann is now teaching two English students from this group. She plans to have another lady over to teach her how to make brownies. We are hoping to develop these relationships on a deeper level in the future.”

17 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “I talked with a young man about the holiday at that time (the annual Muslim holiday of sacrifice) and of course, the man related it to Abraham and his son. He was surprised to hear that the books of Moses have much to say about sacrifice in addition to Abraham. Later, we gave him a copy of Exodus 12 so he could read and think more about this. Please pray for him.”

18 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “A Christian Grandmother at our Saturday Bible Study has been praying for her family to be saved. Saturday mornings in my home I’m tutoring her 15 year old grandson in English using the Bible along with regular curriculum. Pray for our Saturdays together.”

19 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “Marti has started meeting weekly with a woman whose family is going through some difficult issues.  Please pray for the family.”

20 GERMANY Ted and Diane Holzmann write, “Two Bible studies have started up with good involvement. Ted coaches the leaders using a third study, and is very proud of their progress in group leadership skills. Please pray for Ted and his preparation for these groups.”

21 CHAD Anne Hoyt writes, “Last week I spent two days with 80 women from the Lele community in Kelo talking about HIV/AIDS. Pray that the women we shared with will go home, and armed with the truth about HIV and God’s love, begin to break down the stigma and discrimination surrounding HIV in the town of Kelo.”

22 SPAIN Steve and Cheryl Albrecht write, “We are beginning a course on ‘How to Shepherd Others’ Hearts’. It is coming from the premise that we ourselves are needy people learning how to help needy people. Please pray as we dedicate ourselves to this course through February.”

23 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “I meet every Friday with all the men on the ministry team; please pray for them – ask for breakthroughs with local men. Especially remember Fred, our indigenous co-worker, that he will be able to organize a fellowship group of local brothers.”

24 ZIMBABWE Doug and Nancy Everswick write, “Please pray for the weekly gathering in our home with a group of believers as we discuss, share and pray together around a common faith in Christ.”

25 ITALY Linda Ambrus writes, “My small group has grown to 10-12 people for the Bible study part. Please continue to pray for this group that lives will be changed through interactions with one another as we speak the truth in love to one another. My goal is still that this group would be led by Italians.”

26 SOUTH ASIA A worker writes, “Please pray for the church leaders I recently helped to train; that they will apply what they learned when teaching God’s Word in their villages.”

27 THAILAND Phanu and Pranee Dopphoopha write, “Thank God that so far there were at least 125 pastors and leaders who went through Kairos training (Concise World Mission Course) that Phanu has been involved in and helped with. We thank God for the privilege for Phanu to be able to encourage and challenge these church leaders about missions.”

28 JAPAN Stella Cox writes, “Mrs. Nakamura, who has come to Bible class for two years and was nearing ninety years of age, went to be with the Lord in her sleep recently. Her oldest son seems to be interested in Christianity, as he has received the monthly Christian newspaper that I have sent him for two years. Her grandson is marrying a woman who attends church and is also interested. Please pray for this family.”

29 EAST ASIA Workers from various locations in East Asia begin their annual conference today and will be meeting through Friday, February 1st.  Please pray for a refreshing time, both physically and spiritually.  Doug Witzig, Senior Director for East Asia, will bring a series of messages and meet with the team leaders.

30 APPOINTEES Pray for Melissa and Ondra Zikanovi, returning to the Czech Republic.  Ondra is Czech, and Melissa has served in the Czech Republic for several years.  They will be working with a church planting team when they return.  Ondra has a limited visa to stay in the U.S., so pray that they’ll get in all of the financial support before his visa runs out in the spring of 2013.

31 MIDDLE EAST A worker writes, “One big prayer request concerns Pastor K’s upcoming mandatory military service to which he has moral and ethical objections.  In this country, all men are required to serve in the military for 15 months, and usually 18-year-olds leave to fulfill this obligation.  The only exception is going to recognized universities which delays and reduces this military service.  By age 30, which K turned last month, this service has to be started no matter what reasons there may have previously been for a delay.
K grew up with a military father who made a career of this service.  It was difficult and he got a perspective that has influenced him to this day.  Of course with him being a Christian and pastor there are other concerns as well.
Last week K did formally inform the military that he would be a conscientious objector to this service.  The media across the country has already taken hold of his letter splattering headlines “Military Child becomes a Conscientious Objector!”, and “First Christian Conscientious Objector”.  K is concerned about being misunderstood or even being called a “traitor” to his homeland.  He possibly faces prison.  So far he has gotten positive support from the Christian community and human rights groups.
K is not shying away from service, but wants to fulfill his service as public service, whatever that may be (street sweeper, translator, etc.).  Unfortunately “service” has always been applied as military service.
Thanks for your prayers on this as it also makes us wonder what could happen. We wonder if the church or other Christians could be a target of extreme patriotic government supporters.
We pray for a solution that would allow K to show his love for his country in a way that doesn’t betray his conscience and still allow for him to fulfill his responsibilities to his family and church.”


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