Monthly Prayer Journal: January 2014

Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world.

Click here to download a .pdf of the January 2014 prayer journal.

1 GLOBAL Pray that this year we would see strongholds of evil broken, unreached areas become reached with the gospel, and revival in churches across the globe for the glory of Jesus our King.

2 EAST ASIA From Jan. 2-13, Phil S. will be in several places conducting training for leaders in East Asia. Pray for facility in the language, freedom in the Spirit, and good relationship building with the leaders.

3 ZIMBABWE TEAM Zimbabwe will hold their annual conference the first week of January. Please pray for wisdom, unity, and vision during this important time of gathering.

4 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “Edwardstown Baptist Church has called a teaching pastor, Dale Green, to begin in January. Pray that he and his family will settle in well and that he will be able to effectively guide the teaching and discipling ministry in the church.”

5 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Praise that one of our missionary families is back with visas in hand. They need to stay for 30 consecutive days for their resident permit. Pray for them as they are expecting another child – ask for health for both mom and baby. Another family is also back with one extremely cute baby. Praise the Lord for their return and safe delivery.”

6 MEXICO TEAM Mexico will be having our annual conference in January. Please pray that we grow together as the body of Christ and that we seek his direction for our field.

7 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “One of my local friends who suffers with eye problems had a recent serious internal eye bleed. I visited him in his home, and as he shared about the options for treatment, I offered to pray for him. He was very open to this, and immediately held out his hands toward heaven to pray. We have been asking God to give us increased boldness in praying for our local friends in their presence, so the peace I felt in praying for him was definitely an answer to those prayers.”

8 CZECH REPUBLIC Mark and Gretchen Potma write, “Thank you for your prayers for the Alpha courses this fall. More than 30 participants attended at least once in our church’s various locations. Please pray that each attendee would continue to take steps closer to Jesus.”

9 PERU Craig and Sue Querfeld write, “We had a meeting with the leaders of the various ministries of El Camino to start the process of planning for 2014. Please pray for these leaders as they meet with their teams to plan this year’s ministry. Pray also for us and the rest of our team as we offer help and support to the leaders.”

10 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Please pray that God would send new laborers to the P people and that he would use radio, written and electronic media, visions and dreams to bring them to himself. Pray that God would give boldness to P believers to live out their Christian faith in a treacherous environment.”

11 PHILIPPINES Seth and Laura O’Day write, “Pray for the Philippines. There is so much work to do to recover from the recent typhoon and previous earthquake. Pray that God will be glorified and His kingdom expanded in the rebuilding.”

12 US Pray for TEAM’s Global Ministry Team as they hold their quarterly off-site meeting in Paris Jan. 13-15.

13 FRANCE The church at Guyancourt, France, started by Bill and Bobbie Boggess needs a better place to meet. The church rents a hall in a hotel every Sunday, but needs more space, room for Sunday School classes, and a place where the church can have meals and outreach activities. Please pray for the Lord’s provision.

14 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Please pray for the launching of a new Business-as-Mission ministry, for wisdom and mercy as we deal with government issues, for us as we need to find a new place to live after moving just 10 months ago, and for health issues.”

15 SPAIN Workers write, “Please pray for the Montequinto Initiative in Sevilla, Spain. We continue to wait for the building permit necessary for building the first small building on the land. This building will act as a community outreach center and after-school academy reaching out into the community. Pray the license will be granted and that the work will be done in a timely fashion and accident free. Praise God that we have been able to connect to some new people through English classes in our home. Pray also for opportunities to be with old and new friends and for hearts open to the gospel.”

16 SWEDEN Stewart and Beth Webster write, “Jan. 17 is the starting date for an Alpha Marriage Preparation Course in Fridhemskyrkan. Pray that we will get the required number of couples and that everything will be in place to offer the course in Swedish if necessary.”

17 ITALY Gene and Susan Coleman write, “We had prayed that a young lady would break off her attachment to Reiki, a popular Chinese religion. She believed she had received the gift of healing through this group. We asked people to pray that she would lay everything, including this gift, at the foot of the cross. Praise God she did just that! Pray now for her spiritual protection and growth. There will be a battle. Satan will not release her easily.”

18 EAST ASIA A conference is being held Jan. 19-25 in Thailand for workers from the Tibetan Buddhist world. The attendees will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the gathering of this fellowship. Pray for God’s blessings to bring new breakthroughs in a difficult, frontier location of the world.

19 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “After three very good years of intake at the Adelaide College of Ministries, 2014 numbers are down. Our school year starts in February. Pray that we will see the ones enrolling who ought to be studying with us. Pray also for Marti who had a full hip replacement on Dec. 12. Pray for her rehabilitation and re-engagement in ministry.”

20 MEXICO Anthony and Karlene Thiessen write, “We recently finished language school and are beginning new ministries as new missionaries. We are working with youth in a local church plant, as well as connecting with the church’s desire to minister in the area of social justice. Pray that we will lean on God for strength and leading. Pray that we will be loving and able to connect with the people God brings to us. Pray that our two children, Josiah, 9, and Keyana, 7, will be able to make friends and find a schooling solution that is best for us all.”

21 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “We have three new teammates coming in the next few months. Praise the Lord! Please pray for continued unity for us and our teammates and that we would love each other well.”

22 MYANMAR Pray for Senior Director Doug Witzig as he visits Yangon Jan. 23-25 to lay the groundwork for new opportunities amongst Buddhist-background people in Myanmar. TEAM hopes to see our first long-term workers arrive in Myanmar later this year.

23 AUSTRIA Please pray for clarity and further steps for the formation of two new church planting teams in Austria.

24 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Recently we have run into a big problem at our church. Or should we say, we have a small problem – we have too many people for our current location! We need a new place very soon to call home in the same part of town, but are finding that larger places are out of the church budget. Please pray for a larger place for our church that is affordable.”

25 CHURCH PLANTING There will be a Muslim Ministry Area Summit Jan. 26-30 in Spain. Ministry area leaders and workers involved in our Muslim work worldwide will be gathering for sharing, prayer, planning, and training on greater effectiveness in our church planting work among Muslims in TEAM. Pray for safe travel, for the Holy Spirit to guide us, for “aha moments”, and for our workers to take significant next-step ideas back to their work.

26 PAPUA Please pray for a Leadership Training Summit being held at the Merauke Community Center on Jan. 27-31. Please pray for God to send the right attendees and for them to learn great Leadership skills.

27 SWEDEN Stewart and Beth Webster write, “In September, New Life Church and its church plants started a Bible reading program to encourage all its members to be interacting daily with God’s word. For six weeks in January and February, Fridhemskyrkan will hold Bible discussion evenings connected with reading through the Gospel of John. Pray not only that many of the members will attend and deepen their understanding of this important book, but also that they will bring others who haven’t yet discovered the power of the Bible’s message.”

28 TAIWAN Jeremy and Ruth Hsu write, “Praise the Lord for the two kids camps going on during the end of January. Pray for unity for all Dashe workers and for building lasting relationships with families.”

29 EAST ASIA Please pray for the fathers of two workers as they both have cancer. One father is Jewish and is still resistant to the gospel. Please pray for healing, comfort, and especially for saving faith.

30 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “We are still working through the issues of our Australian partners sponsoring visas for new workers as well as job descriptions for those workers and recruiting those workers. Pray that we can find the right folks to join the work here, that we can place them in the right ministries, and that we can get the right visas for them.”

31 SOUTHERN AFRICA Dudley and Inge Donaldson write, “Zion Bible College of Swaziland has now completed ten years of ministry to the amaZioni. Since 2004, ZBC has been teaching the truths of God’s Word to amaZioni pastors and church leaders who have never before received any Bible training. That first year, Bruce and Carol Britten began with one class of about forty students. They were thrilled! Through the years, the number of classes has grown and the number of students has multiplied. We have now seen six graduating classes. Our most recent graduation ceremony was held on Nov. 30, 2013. A record 175 students received their diplomas after four years of study.

People often ask if we have seen any changes among the amaZioni as a result of our work here. The answer is an overwhelming YES! Where most amaZioni churches were preaching false doctrine or were not preaching anything at all, many are now preaching the truth. Where most amaZioni pastors were not true believers in Jesus Christ, many now are trusting Jesus and living for Him. This is not to say we are without opposition. There are still many churches and denominations within the amaZioni that remain opposed to the teaching of God’s truth. They remain mired in the muck of traditional practices – following spirits, seeking messages from angels, and trusting in their church’s founder and the ancestors.

But God is doing a powerful work through Zion Bible College! As we begin our new school year on Feb. 1, 2014, we have 21 ZBC locations with over 1,100 students! Look what God has done in just ten years! Just think of all God will do in the years to come!”

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