Monthly Prayer Journal: March 2015

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world.

1 SPAIN Workers write, “We received a generous donation of a 4000+ sq. ft. prefab building and we are in the process of doing the necessary steps to set it up on the land and use it. Pray that we can find a good architect, get the permits, receive the needed funds and have it ready for the summer activities.”

2 TAIWAN Nancy Leet writes, “We are moved to see four women in preparation for baptism. Each one has a unique story of how they were moved to begin attending church and looking for a way to know God. Please pray for their continuing growth in their new life in Christ.”

3 CZECH REPUBLIC Dave and Angie Staedtler write, “Our church is showing the Jesus Film in the town theater in March and the local high school said they will send 150 students (as part of school) for the morning showing. Praise the Lord! We were shocked! 

4 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “Our school year at the Adelaide College of Ministries began in mid-February and we had a record enrollment!  Praise God for that! Now, pray that the students will learn to love God more and serve him more effectively while they are here.”

5 US On March 6, TEAM will be hosting in Grapevine, Texas the first of a series of regional 125th Anniversary Celebration events. Join us in praising God for his faithfulness through ministry partner churches and pray for the Lord’s blessing on the event.

6 MEXICO Martin and Susie Gonzalez write, “Pray that God will raise up enough funds to finish our worship area. Pray that Pastor Rafael will be able to dedicate himself full time to the pastorate of el Faro.”

7 ZIMBABWE Dave and Cheryl Jereb need prayer as they continue to develop/adjust the aquaponics system for use in rural areas. Pray for them as they set up a commercial unit at the hospital. Pray for Cheryl as she teaches at the nursing school.

8 AUSTRIA Dan and Rachel Zuch write, “Thanks for praying for the Bible study group that meets each Wednesday. We are currently studying the book of Jonah after having gone through Hosea. It has been great to see people learn how to read and interpret the prophetical books. One man was brought to tears and worship at the end of our study of Hosea, being moved by how God loves so much that he pursues those who want nothing to do with him.”

9 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “We finally have a new recruit coming to Australia! Kristen Kelly is due to arrive shortly after March 9. Pray that she will survive the transition and become an effective part of the ministry team at Trinity Bay church.”

10 US Workers write, “We were just at a Chinese Mission Conference in San Diego with almost 4000 people with a heart for reaching the world for Christ – especially to Chinese, by Chinese and of course, that involves the whole world. May each person follow through in letting God’s Spirit direct them in what they heard at the conference. There will be many more people ministering and supporting Christ’s Kingdom because of the conference!”

11 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Our friend Sandy’s aunt became a believer last year in a pretty amazing way, and she has been a fireball ever since, telling people how great her new life is and encouraging them to find out on their own. She is telling her story, pointing people to resources, and even making up worship-songs! We are hoping that a church might be able to start up in Sandy’s village this year.”

12 CHAD Rivers and Becky Camp write, “Lately most of my (Rivers) time here in the capital has been spent making the curriculum for the Ziguey school. It was really rewarding last month to take the books out there and see these materials being put to use. Please pray for grace to stay ahead of the students as I prepare workbooks and materials each week and for Christ to be made known in the hearts and lives of all those with whom we are working.”

13 MEXICO Art Reyes asks for prayer for the March 14th meeting of the national pastors of the TEAM-related churches in Southern Baja, Mexico. Please pray that all eight pastors attend and that all are mutually encouraged.  Seven pastors attended the first meeting in December and seemed very happy with the fellowship. Most of them are rather new pastors.

14 SOUTH ASIA A worker writes, “One of my national partners directs three residential discipleship schools across the country. The greatest challenge he faces in training leaders is a lack of teachers who understand the situation here. One of the most critical subjects for which teachers are needed is biblical preaching. Leaders who can teach God’s Word is one of the greatest needs of the church in this country. My partner asked me to teach the preaching modules in his discipleship schools. Please pray for the two preaching workshops that I will teach in March.”

15 JAPAN Paul and Violette Bridgman write, “Pray for the salvation of our evangelistic English class students.  (There are 17 adults and 24 kids attending classes, but only a few actually have attended church.) May more of them attend and believe in the Savior.”

16 PHILIPPINES David and Kathy North write, “We didn’t plan to have a ministry with mountain pastors on another island since we are working with urban professionals on the island of Cebu. But God opened an opportunity for me to speak to them on intentional discipleship. Recent news is that the pastors have implemented the principles and methods we shared, their members are reaching out and discipling others, and the churches are growing. Praise the Lord!”

17 SPAIN Workers write, “Please pray that the Lord would send us coworkers who share our vision to reach people through using education and English as a Second Language. Pray too that God will provide a minimum of 5 students in each of our current 13 classes and guide us in developing the first program for this summer. Pray for each short termer who will join us in outreach this summer.”

18 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Please pray for a local family on our hearts that has been torn apart due to one family member’s unfaithfulness. The patriarch in the family is a believer. Pray that he would put aside the fear of public shame, trust in the Lord, and lead his family to reunite.”

19 FRANCE Tom and Lucy Blanchard write, “We hope to open a new training center for church leaders this year, near the city of Verdun. May the gospel of Christ bring people to know Him in this hard and neglected region of France.”

20 SOUTHERN AFRICA Lorraine Green writes, “Pray for clear direction in relation to new ministry initiative opportunities in South Africa. We need to step together, and we need to be moving forward.  I would especially like to see us grow our ministry in Durban among the Indian diaspora. Pray for new recruits.”

21 EAST ASIA Workers write, “As a praise, the US Ambassador just visited our province and city. There was discussion about clean coal production and environmental issues, since we are famous for coal and pollution. There was also a visit to the orphanage our ministry area is part of through our SOAR program and commendation by the ambassador for work being done and importance of that work! Praise God!”

22 THAILAND Jon and Sharla Rubesh write, “This year we are praying fervently to see hearts moved and changed to God. We have been building relationships for years and we so long to see our dear friends come into God’s Kingdom and accept Jesus into their lives. Join us in prayer for this. Love these people along with us.”

23 ITALY Linda Brucato asks for prayer for “divine appointments” to share Christ with Italians who are seeking God. She would love to see more people come to Christ this year.

24 MEXICO TEAM Mexico writes, “Praise God for the blessings of our Annual Conference and for the arrival of new missionaries, Brian and Susan Key. Pray that God would direct us as we open new areas to serve.”

25 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Please keep praying for our team. We desperately need teachers at our international school for next year. One couple is willing to stay if they have adequate funds. We always need coworkers willing to invest time long-term in work and relationships in our area. Each person, family and project needs the Lord’s provision to do the work He’s given them, whether health, strength, being spiritually equipped, prayer support and funds.”

26 US March 27, TEAM will be hosting in Atlanta, GA another regional 125th Anniversary Celebration event. Join us in praising God for his faithfulness through ministry partner churches and pray for the Lord’s blessing on the event.

27 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “The Edwardstown Baptist Church, where Marti leads the women’s ministry, has started an emphasis on DNA (Discover, Nurture, Act). Pray that the church will implement it and that there would be a kingdom impact as a result.”

28 CENTRAL ASIA Workers write, “Because of what seemed to be veiled threats, two of our most experienced team members have left the country for good. That is a difficult end to 25 years of service! Please pray for all of the various teams in the country. They are shrinking fast, and the stresses are increasing.”

29 GUATEMALA Justin and Jenny Burkholder write, “In April of this year, Justin has the opportunity to teach a class at SETECA, the local seminary, on the task of pre-marital counseling. Please keep him in your prayers as he plans and prepares. He will also be teaching two other classes this fall, one on Postmodernism, and the other on Principles of Church Growth.”

30 PERU Craig and Sue Querfeld write, “There are still some people who are struggling with all the changes and with uniting with others in our church. Outwardly big steps have been taken but there is much work to do in developing unity at a deeper level. Please pray that our desire to have a unified, God-honoring church may come to fruition.”

31 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “The Lord’s Table and Baptism are the two biblical ordinances given to the church as acts of obedience to the Master. The Great Commission of Matthew 28 tells us that baptism is an integral part of Christian discipleship. Acts provides the historical pattern while the rest of the New Testament affirms that believers’ baptism is normative. For years a small swimming pool on the hospital compound served as the baptism venue for the many congregations meeting in the Church Center. When that was closed down we had to come up with an alternative. There was a real backlog of believers from various churches waiting to affirm their faith publicly. After considerable discussion, we came up with a most ideal location related to a building expansion project that has been going on. It has been an absolute thrill to move this project forward from groundbreaking to completion and utilization. Already within the first month there have been over 25 new believers baptized from six different congregations. Pray for these many who have made a public commitment to live for Christ as members of the Christian community in the fellowship of their local churches.”

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