Monthly Prayer Journal: January 2016

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world.

1 GLOBAL As people everywhere celebrate the coming new year, pray that the hearts of those who don’t know Jesus will be opened to Him and that the hearts of those who already know Him will be encouraged to continue boldly following Him and proclaiming the gospel in the year ahead.

2 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “One of the often big obstacles Christian workers face is obtaining residence permits for living legally in the country where they serve.  Recently, this has once again become an obstacle for us and has taken an incredible amount of time and energy.  We have been trying since November of 2014 to get permanent residency. After much hassle, running around and getting documents together, our request was denied on a technicality. So, we are now in round two of applying. Please pray that when we go to the authorities during the first week of 2016, we will have fulfilled the criteria and our re-application will be approved.”

3 SOUTHERN AFRICA Kit Tischler writes, “Praise God for his answered prayer! I have attended two services with Zion students at Vaal University and had a miraculous meeting with Zion students at the University of Johannesburg. So amazing. Pray that God would give myself and the students wisdom in what my role should look like in serving them and helping them follow Christ.”

4 MEXICO Karen attends Adonai Evangelical Church of La Playa. In November, she told TEAM missionary Vicki Reyes that she wants to receive Jesus in January-on her thirteenth birthday. She wants Jesus to be her birthday gift! Pray for Karen’s walk with the Lord.

5 SOUTH ASIA Pray for Dave Davis as he visits South Asia Jan 6-16 to move a fresh oral Bible translation project forward one more step.  Pray for good relationships with our partners on the ground there and pray for finances to make this a reality for 80 million speakers of this local language.

6 TAIWAN Please be praying for Victor Hsiao who will join us this month for a 6 month short-term of service. He will be assigned to work in Xindian.

7 PAPUA Please pray that Isaac Mann will be able to teach 3 courses effectively at the ETTC (theological college in Manokwari, Papua) starting January 2016.  He is teaching theological classes in a second language.

8 PHILIPPINES David and Kathy North write, “We just want to praise the Lord for a wonderful, motivated core group of young believers in our church plant.  Praise also for so many new people coming into our brand new church plant. Pray for us as we disciple and incorporate all the new people into Community Groups and discipleship relationships.”

9 SOUTHEAST ASIA A worker writes, “This country is really continuing to struggle with the continuing blockades of the borders with India. This is causing so many problems and hurting more and more people. Daily there is a struggle for enough fuel to travel anywhere and to cook with. Supplies are very short in some areas and costs have gone up significantly.  Businesses, schools, and even medical facilities are faltering. Much needed rehabilitation related from earthquake trauma has also largely come to a halt. What is the solution to this political dilemma? Continue to pray.”

10 CHAD Janet Murray writes, “Pray for an orphan whose name in English translates “No Love.” She is about 15 years old. Three months ago, she had a baby whom she named Goodman. Her family passes her from one place to another. I have lost track of her since she left Kelo and moved to N’Djamena. Please pray for her salvation, for physical protection for her and her baby, and that I would be able to get back in contact with her.”

11 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Pray for our family, that we would live holy lives in this place, seeking in all things to honor the Lord and to walk with Him. Pray that we would be wise in our conversations with those around us, redeeming every opportunity to share the good news of the Gospel to those that God has brought into our lives.”

12 MEXICO Steve and Lois Dresselhaus write, “We would appreciate prayer for a clearly God-directed transition back into life and ministry in La Paz after six years away. In some ways it’s like coming home, but in others, it feels like we are starting over.”

13 AUSTRIA. Rhonda Formanek continues to be involved in children’s ministry leadership. She and another leader are hoping to identify and train new volunteers by early February. If the volunteers are not found, a new, more sustainable format for children’s church may need to be launched. Pray for us to sense the Lord’s leading.

14 ITALY Gene and Susan Coleman write, “Please pray for a young couple in the Mestre Church in Italy who would like to work full-time in ministry but are lacking funds. Ask the Lord to touch people so they would want to invest in their ministry.”

15 FRANCE Paul & Karan Davis write, “Our hearts are deeply saddened for our adopted people and homeland after the Nov 13th attacks. Such terrorist acts are heartbreaking enough, without the added burden of knowing that most of the people killed that night never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel, or if they did, they didn’t take it seriously. Such is the spiritual climate of France and the reason that we have invested the last 37 years in sharing the Gospel in France. Please pray for a spiritual breakthrough in France!”

16 CENTRAL ASIA Workers write, “Our local organization is having to downsize its projects in our country, which means a lot of stressful decisions that affect the calling of expatriates, and livelihoods of local staff. Please pray for everyone involved as they make these heart-wrenching decisions.”

17 UKRAINE Denise Carter writes, “It has been a wonderful year in the life of our new church in Petrovka. New people are continually visiting us and we see the Spirit of God working in the lives of the children and adults in our town. We had six new believers who were baptized in September. It was one of the most joyous days we have experienced in Petrovka. Praise the Lord!”

18 EAST ASIA Workers write, “We soon attend a series of conferences and meetings. One will be meeting with member care people Jan 19 – 22. This is a special time of training and refreshment for our member care people from each ministry area to join. Then, Jan 29-31 a group of mission leaders from around the world will be meeting with mission leaders from East Asia. Pray for great vision, unity and humility for this event.”

19 GREECE Brad and Jamie Newport write, “My dear friend “B” has now migrated to Sweden. He is in a crisis of faith brought on by the extensive suffering and challenge he has faced over his young 21 years. Pray for him specifically that the Father would bring into his life a Swedish believer to love and draw him to greater faith.”

20 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “November was a traumatic month for us all as two of our missionary families were given orders by the government to leave the country in less than a month. Reasons for these refusals remain a mystery. Pray that we will find reasons that will help us avoid problems for others and that will help us re-apply for them to return. And pray for both families as they close up their homes and trust the Lord for their futures.”

21 ZIMBABWE Pray for Peter and Katie Duane as they continue to prepare for a February arrival to Zimbabwe/Mozambique before heading to language school in Portugal. Please pray that their remaining support will be in before that time. Pray also for all of the necessary arrangements for their visits and school to come together well.

22 SPAIN Workers write, “We have been thrilled to see the overall spiritual tone of our students improve dramatically this year. We found our 9th-10th graders much more responsive and engaged in studying the Bible on their own. Pray that God will provide math and English teachers and a director for this coming year; the visa/support-raising process takes time, so we need to find them soon!”

23 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Please pray for open hearts as we serve in a new village in the next couple of months.”

24 CZECH REPUBLIC Mark and Gretchen Potma write, “We envision the Ládví church reaching out to the northern districts of Prague, a string of high-rise apartment complexes commonly known as “North City”, which is home to more than 100,000 people with almost no gospel witness. We want to develop leaders in the Ládví church and strengthen the believers there, so that they can continue be a shining light in that dark and needy area of Prague. Praise God for open doors in the northern districts of Prague, and pray for God’s leading and provision.”

25 NORTH AMERICA Peter and Cher Gatto write, “The vision of developing a ranch focused on young men coming out of addictions is burning bright in our hearts.  We have been developing the business plan, which will then lead into partnership development with churches, organizations and individuals in order to bring the vision to life. Recently we have begun discussions with a coffee roasting company that would like to initiate a business as mission partnership that could provide funding and contribute to our transformational process through work therapy and life skills development. Please pray over this ministry.”

26 BRAZIL Tim and Tammy Evans write, “Tammy is taking over our House-of-Prayer ministry. She loves praying for people and promoting prayer. She now has a growing Whatsapp and Facebook group of people from around the country who pray for missions.  She also organizes a once-a-month missions prayer meeting at our mission. Thank you for praying for this ministry!”

27 GERMANY Ian and Beth Chadwick write, “Pray for the refugee situation. It is a hot topic of conversation here. Our neighbor recently told us that she is having trouble getting to sleep because of the anxiety since the Paris attacks. We pray that God would use all of these events to bring glory to himself.”

28 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “We were able to share the Good News of Jesus with several ladies at the shelter house recently. Please continue to pray for these ladies and their children facing desperate situations. If they remain safe, apart from an abusive husband (at the shelter house), they lose their means for belonging in a culture where such women have no value or place in society. Sometimes the social and financial pressures cause them to return to tremendously dangerous and destructive situations. Please pray that Jesus will intervene in their broken worlds and show them the way forward.”

29 IRELAND Linda Wagner writes, “Many people have talked with me about working in Ireland and more are looking into it. Pray for God’s guidance in regard to their lives and where God would have them serve Him.”

30 GUATEMALA Justin and Jenny Burkholder write, “On July 12th we opened doors at Iglesia Reforma. We have seen 6 other people come through membership aside from the original 30, and we currently have a membership class with 27 people enrolled. Every Sunday we get the opportunity to come together, worship together, and open up and study God’s Word together. More than anything, we have been able to see a community formed. Pray for God to open up a door for parking. We are running out of spaces, but we have a few options. In particular, our neighbor has lots of parking but doesn’t want to rent it to us. Pray that God will work in his heart that he would open up his parking for us to use on Sundays.”

31 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “We have had three Disciple-Making Movement training groups, in different cities, each going on weekly for some time now. One group is entirely made of Muslims who have become followers of Christ, and is done in a mix of their language and English. The whole group are keen and eager learners, thrilled with what they are discovering in God’s Word . One older woman expressed the impact on her, saying, “I have been a Muslim all my life. I have read the Quran and prayed my whole life, and God never spoke to me. Not once in all that time. And now, here, tonight, reading the Bible…God spoke to me! I want what you have!”  Of course God’s speaking to her is evidence of what she now has in Christ as His follower. All glory to Jesus.”

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