Monthly Prayer Journal: July 2013

Thank you for joining us in prayer for TEAM’s work around the world.

Click here to download a .pdf of the July 2013 Prayer Journal.

1 PAPUA Nathan Jansen writes,Please pray for the 6th Annual Merauke Youth Camp from July 1-5th. Pray for the approx. 200 attendees to enjoy times of worship, fellowship, and opportunities to make commitments to follow the Lord!”

2 CZECH REPUBLIC Please pray for the English camp that has been going on from June 29th-July 5th. Pray that many adults, teens, and children will hear and respond to the Good News as they spend a week together in the mountains.

3 MIDDLE EAST A worker writes, “We have had some very intense battles with patients over the last month as we seek to proclaim the truth of our Lord (theological battles, substance abuse battles, non-compliance battles, unseen spiritual battles), but Jesus keeps winning. Please pray for me as I prepare to start giving the patients lessons in Arabic twice a month beginning July 4th. Please also pray that the guys who leave with new life are able to connect and integrate with their society for the glory of the Lord rather than feel isolated or fall away.”

4 JAPAN The Takamatsu Ministry Initiative writes, “Please pray for the eight professions of faith we have seen since January to grow, be baptized, and follow Jesus as one of His disciples.”

5 PORTUGAL Clark and Yvonne Malone write, “Pray that people will be willing and available to be trained as small group leaders. We had seven believers from the church who volunteered to be leaders and now an eighth person has joined them. But, we need more! Pray that these groups would gel and become healthy groups that can live out what Jesus meant when He created His church. Pray also for the nonbelievers attending. Pray that the Holy Spirit would give them understanding and bring them to faith in Jesus only.”

6 EAST ASIA July 7th is the first day of summer camps. This year’s theme, based on the game “Life”, will permeate camp as students are challenged daily, and discover what is most important in the end. Please pray for campers to be open to the gospel message.

7 TAIWAN Jeremy and Ruth Hsu write, “Praise the Lord for Bible study opportunities opening up in our area, but sadly, there are hardly any hungering hearts. Pray for powerful convictions by the Holy Spirit in the hearts of those living in our community.”

8 CENTRAL ASIA A worker writes, “Pray for the government of this place. The future remains to be seen. There will be a new president in the next year and he will have little foreign support.”

9 GLOBAL Ramadan is July 9th-August 7th this year. Please pray for those celebrating this important Muslim holiday that they will encounter the true God and receive salvation. Pray also for strength and protection for Christians living in Muslim countries during this time; may they be a light and a loving witness to those around them.

10 THAILAND Kennedy and Wendy Paizs write, “Please pray for Wendy as she is teaching a group of young women about the Bible. They are all Buddhist. Wendy has been writing lessons and teaching them in a way that fits well with Buddhist people, dealing with Karma, merit, and where things come from. They are not responsive and seem to not be interested. Please pray they would be responsive to the Bible teaching and the Gospel.”

11 SPAIN Ned and Stephanie Steffens write, “As there is no evangelical church in Alovera, we are working here with another TEAM couple to help people look at the Bible and discover who Jesus is and what He did for them. It is a blessing to come alongside people in Alovera who are already studying the Bible. Please pray that more people start studying God’s Word.”

12 APPOINTEES Pray for Jessica and Marcos Rodriguez, appointees for East Asia. Jessica is completing an internship for public health in New Zealand and Marcos is perfecting his English. They are going to welcome their first child later in the year, so they are trying to figure out where to go for the birth. Pray for wisdom and for a healthy baby.

13 FRANCE Dan and Margaret Kuehl write, “We would appreciate your prayers for wisdom and unity as we go through the process of organizing our church officially as a government recognized association. We are presently working on our statutes and confession of faith. We also need to make the important decision about church affiliation. Pray also for our church to find a permanent meeting place with room to grow.”

14 ZIMBABWE Melita Larson writes, “May 6th brought a new midwifery intake of 12 students for the one‐year midwifery course. All of the students would like prayer for their families who they have left at home for a year. They would also like prayers concerning their studies that they will be able to understand what they are learning and put it into practice.”

15 GERMANY Jeff Ingram writes, “I recently led a college student to Christ on a men’s retreat; pray for the young man to grow in Christ.”

16 AUSTRIA Ian and Beth Chadwick write, “We recently took a trip to Vienna and had a visitor come to us as well all in the hopes of planting a relevant church there. Please pray for us to get our visas in good time.”

17 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “Pray for a new contact I made at a Saturday afternoon Bible study. He said he had just gone to a Catholic Church that morning, and that this was also his first time in coming to our study. He plans to come to my Monday and Tuesday studies also. Pray his hunger and thirst will be quenched by The Living Water and The Bread of Heaven.”

18 MEXICO Martin and Susie Gonzalez write, “Please pray for el Faro church in La Paz. The church is growing and needs a full-time pastor. Pray that the God will show us what to do.”

19 US Pray for the week of orientation for new missionaries taking place during July 20-27 in Wheaton. Three different groups will be together for orientation, so pray for good fellowship, safe travel, and for good interaction with one another so people are prepared for the next steps in their journeys.

20 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “The TEAM hospital has been taken over rather abruptly by the government. They plan to expand it to a sub-regional government hospital, but for now it is completely closed. This has been an unexpected turn of events, with a lot of pain and loss associated. Please pray that we will know how to continue ministry in this area. There appear to be options for new health work in neighboring areas in the Far West of the country, but we are waiting now for the Lord’s clear leading. Many TEAM missionaries had visas tied to this hospital, so please pray for God’s provision for them also. A large percentage of the local church had jobs from the hospital and are now out of work. Please pray for the strength of the local church as it goes through this difficult time.”

21 JAPAN Stella Cox writes, “Pray for the women in my Bible classes who have not accepted the Lord. Pray also for the preparations for my home assignment, which began at the end of June. Pray for safety and that I may be a blessing to all we meet.”

22 PHILIPPINES Seth and Laura O’Day write, “As is always the case at the end of the school year, we as a school are praying for teachers to fill roles that are still open. Pray for God to call and provide for teachers for next year.”

23 NEW ZEALAND Ron Barber writes, “I was recently invited to join a group that plays basketball once a week. I showed up and the group consists of around 25 Chinese. I am the only non-Chinese but they let me play every week. I am going to this group in order to play basketball and exercise, but it is also an opportunity to reach a group that is overlooked for the gospel. I don’t know what God has in store for me here, but pray that I would take advantage of this opportunity.”

24 SWEDEN Blake and Rachel Anderberg write, “Please continue to pray for New Life’s summer outreach in three areas of Stockholm this summer. Pray that families and individuals will be touched by God’s love and find our communities of faith where they can belong.”

25 SOUTH ASIA A worker writes, “I have been the US Coordinator for this country’s national organization for 20 years. My responsibility has been to keep this work before the churches in the States and some in Canada. I have also made over 25 trips to South Asia to help in vision casting, organization, encouragement, etc. Recently, I had an aorta dissection in which the Lord spared my life, but which has also put the brakes on much of what I love to do. Pray that we can find someone to fill in this role. God is doing some great work in this country.”

26 MEXICO Ralph and Ellen Shepard write, “Praise God for our first baptism here in Guadalajara! It has been a long, hard road to get something going here in this city, but we are feeling very encouraged! Please keep praying for breakthrough.”

27 BRAZIL David and Miriam Kanagy write, “We have lost our bookkeeper, and our missionaries feel insecure as we have no one in site who will take over these responsibilities. Will you pray for another couple who have the gifts, calling, and experience to join our staff?”

28 UKRAINE Kurt and Rochelle zurBurg write, “We have great news to share! Katiya, Kayla’s friend from dance, is now a new believer in Jesus. Pray with us for her to grow in the Lord and begin learning how to walk with Him.”

29 THAILAND Kennedy Paizs writes, “Please pray for me as I have invited a young man to live at the center we started. We have been able to spend good amounts of time doing Simply The Story and we have been making plans for the future, but he needs to make some money and get into some routine. Please pray for him not to get discouraged. Pray that he will use his gifts in music and evangelism to share Christ with many people. Pray for me as I continue to disciple him and we spend the days together doing ministry and doing oral Bible study and applying it to our lives.”

30 CHAD Rivers and Becky Camp write, “We were able to finish a book of 32 reading lessons in Dazaga, designed for Kindergarten. Please join us now in praying for the right people to teach these lessons in the Kindergarten class that we hope to start this next fall.”

31 MIDDLE EAST Workers write,

1) Pray for our MKs. A number on our field have grown up and are in the midst of their first year of living outside the field and away from their families. Others are preparing to leave the field next year to begin life on their own. Pray for the handful of TEAM young ones still here, in the stage of childhood where the fundamentals of character and faith need to be molded and shaped in them. Pray for us parents, too!

2) Please pray for God to reach the multitudes of lost all around us, who are literally from hundreds of different language groups. Pray He will see to it that every soul, no matter how hidden or isolated they are, will be reached with His truth and given the hope that is in Jesus and the opportunity to believe. “It is impossible with man, but with God all things are possible.”

3) Please pray for the support bases of the missionaries to be faithful in prayer, and to be blessed richly for their faithfulness and for their financial sacrifices.

4) Please pray that the many believing lay-people who have attended classes will use their knowledge and understanding to reach the lost around them. Pray all of God’s people will be faithful witnesses of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done.

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