Monthly Prayer Journal: July 2014

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world. Click here to download a .pdf of the July 2014 prayer journal.

PAPUA Please pray for the 7th Annual Merauke Youth Camp on June 30th-July 4th. Please pray for preparations, the speakers, and for lots of youth to attend and open their hearts to the gospel.

2 TAIWAN Ron and Julie Heinsman write, “Please pray for the start of the Trailblazer Camps Internship Program. Pray for this group of new interns who are being trained to serve in our summer camp programs and in their own church youth ministries. July 1-5 is the initial training week, followed by four weeks of service and experiential learning in our camp programs.”

3 ITALY Gene and Susan Coleman write, “Please pray for the Mestre Church as they host a Basketball Camp (Push the Rock) from June 30-July 11. Ask the Lord to draw many families to Himself through this outreach.”

4 GLOBAL Ramadan began on June 28 and lasts through the end of July. The breaking the fast parties called “Iftar” are often good times to build relationships with Muslim neighbors and friends. Pray for safety and security in this month because, due to lack of sleep, many people are irritable and angry. Pray our workers can explain how and why followers of Jesus keep the fast.

5 CHURCH CONNECTIONS Church partners from the sending churches of missionaries who have returned to North America on home assignment will attend the REAP summer conference in Wheaton, Illinois, July 5-11. Pray for a fruitful time of collaboration with church missions leaders attending July 6-8 to explore how we can enhance the missionary-sending relationship.

6 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Our first of six summer camps begins July 6. Please pray: for the water system to work, for good electricity and internet, for the campground to be ready, safe, and a blessing to the teachers, volunteers, and campers. Please also pray for the 50+ teachers, 30+ volunteers and 200-300 campers, that God would work in each one and bring each one closer to Himself. Pray for good registration and that we might have just the right amount of kids each week. Pray for the safety of each person, and for wisdom for us as we make each place and event as safe as possible.”

7 MEXICO Martin and Susie Gonzalez write, “The worship area for our church in Mexico, el Faro, was burned down last month. Our congregation is determined to continue moving forward. Please pray that God shows his will for us and that this tragedy would be turned into his glory.”

8 SOUTHERN AFRICA Dudley and Inge Donaldson write, “Continue to pray for new TEAM missionaries Brett and Evelyn Miller. We would love for them to join us in August, but they must finish up raising their support. Their arrival will lighten our load.”

9 EAST ASIA Workers write, “We are attempting to raise half of the money we need to open an creamery in a minority town by August 1st. Our passion to live and work among the local people has not changed one bit. Rather, as we have begun learning the dialect, building friendships, and more frequently making the 13-hour drive to this town, it has confirmed our desire to live and work among these people. Please ask the Lord that he would bless this work and provide all that is necessary for us to do the work that He has called us to do among this people group.”

10 THAILAND Phanu and Pranee Dopphoopha write, “We will have 7-8 sessions introducing World Mission at a church camp in Chiang Mai July11-13. Phanu hopes that after the retreat there will be at least 15 people interested in joining Kairos training. We also pray that we can run this course for university students in Chiang Mai. We will also teach the Kairos training program in the north of Thailand in August and November. Please pray that God will use us to bless churches and leaders, and to encourage His people to understand more of the mission of God and to get involved.”

11 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Praise God for a couple of good visits with our neighbors last month. Pray for this relationship to continue to develop and for their eyes to be opened to the truth.”

12 CHURCH CONNECTIONS Pray for a fruitful time of orientation for new missionary appointees and their sending church leaders as we meet together July 13-15 in Maryville, Tennessee, to clarify our missionary-sending relationship.

13 CZECH REPUBLIC Dave and Angie Staedtler write, “Please pray for the escalating crisis in Ukraine as this current conflict brings up many bad memories of the past for many Czechs.”

14 BRAZIL Bill and Kathy Bacheller write, “On July 15-20, we will be leading a mediation encounter here at Oasis between five members of a missionary team from Mozambique. Would you pray for God’s intervention to bring peace between these five, heal past wounds, and give grace to ask forgiveness and extend forgiveness?”

15 PERU Kathi Small writes, “Please pray for a couple of women at church who have a desire to serve others but are not working toward what women’s ministry is aiming for, rather one has her personal agenda and another can’t seem to move beyond some difficult past and present situations that tie her down and minimize her effectiveness. It has been a good opportunity for me to work on this with the two women’s ministry leaders. Please pray for us and the other two ladies.”

16 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Please pray for our school from which the first graduates will graduate on July 17. Pray that the graduation goes well, and that through this school, his people will be well equipped to carry out the Lord’s will.”

17 MEXICO Please pray for Adonai Evangelical Church, a mission church in Mexico, where Art and Vicki Reyes serve. Please pray for the salvation of five couples that will become leaders and teachers in the future.

18 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Last visit, the 98-year-old grandfather of ‘Sarah’ and ‘Mary’ came into the ladies sitting room, and the first thing to come out of his mouth was, ‘What prophets do you have? What does your Book say about Jesus?’ Sadly, I couldn’t understand a word of his language, but ‘Mary’ was able to translate. He has now returned to his home country. Please pray that God would increase his interest in the New Testament.”

19 ZIMBABWE Doug and Nancy Everswick write, “Thanks for praying for the water project at Karanda Hospital. Good progress has been made on the water supply, filter and treatment systems. We are grateful, also, for some significant financial contributions toward phases two and three of this project. Water is a critical need to keep the hospital and ministry going. This past year, the water shortage was severe.”

20 FRANCE Paul and Karan Davis write, “We wanted to have the dedication/inauguration of our new building on September 21, but that will not be possible with all that still needs to be done. We rely on local volunteer help for the renovation work, many of whom will be absent during the months of July and August. Please pray for us as we continue the work so that we can move into our new building as soon as possible. We will then decide on a new date for the inauguration.”

21 CENTRAL ASIA Workers write, “Please pray for our coworkers during this uncertain time in our country and for the spiritual growth of our brothers and sisters in Central Asia.”

22 GREECE Brad and Jamie Newport write, “Recently, Brad was participating in a three day conference for the Syrian refugees at Porto Rafti. It was encouraging to see the believers grow and for many new people to hear the gospel clearly. Many seeds of faith were set in place. Please continue to pray for these Syrian refugees as they are and have suffered greatly.”

23 AUSTRIA Ian and Beth Chadwick write, “Beth has begun teaching Zumba again at one of the churches where she taught before. The participants are very open to her and everyone who comes with the exception of two, who are outside of faith. Pray for opportunities with this group.”

24 SPAIN Workers write, “Shortly after starting a Bible study with us, our friend Fran placed his personal faith and trust in Jesus as his Savior. Fran and I continue to meet a couple of times a week, and it is clear that Fran is growing in his spiritual life. He is now meeting with Daniel, a new believer in Jesus, and helping him study the Bible. Please pray for Fran, who was lost, but has finally been found. Pray that God would continue to grow him and use him, and that others might find Jesus through him.”

25 CHAD Mary Stone writes, “There is a strange phenomenon going on in Lai in the last three months. Chadian girls are being demonically attacked as a result of braiding their hair with very expensive extensions, which have been secretly dedicated to Satan. Soon after their hair is braided, the girls are attacked by demons, go into comas and other things. The girl’s school has had many experiences of this in the last several weeks. Last month, four pastors and I met for prayer at the school to ask God to break this cycle of attack. Please pray with us that God would stop this.”

26 ITALY Steve and Cindy Thompson write, “Rejoice with us that two women recently prayed to receive Christ into their lives, we now have two new sisters in the Lord! Pray for P and M, that they would begin to live their new faith in Jesus and that they would read his Word. And rejoice with us and the angels in heaven over two people who have ‘passed from death to life’ (Jn 5.24).”

27 EAST ASIA Workers write, “We’ve been praying for Jacky and Jennifer for years. Recently, they have been reading the book we gave them four years ago (The Purpose Driven Life). And they are really searching for direction and meaning in their lives. They are very close to letting Jesus be their lord and savior. Keep praying for them.”

28 UKRAINE Denise Carter writes, “I was invited to share the true meaning of Easter with 35 students who study English with one of my friends, the director of English courses in Odessa. I used the Resurrection eggs and was able to share about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Please pray the seeds that were planted would grow and bring fruit.”

29 ASIA Doug Witzig, Senior Director for Global Ministry, his wife, Jen, and two younger sons, Luke and Joel, are relocating to Hong Kong from where Doug will direct TEAM’s ministry areas in parts of Asia. Today is their departure day, so pray for a safe flight and a smooth transition in the coming weeks and months.

30 GERMANY Dorcas Sommers writes, “Please pray as I continue to prepare for the return to Black Forest Academy. Classes begin September 1, which is also my date of travel. Presently, I am being considered for a special needs student on the Middle School campus in the morning hours, and teaching EFL in the afternoon to international students who need extra help in English.”

 31 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Sickness, frustration, and exhaustion are regular companions for our family, but this is true for so many around us. The vast majority around us endure these things without the eternal hope that we know and count on. These are people like Rabin and Saradha, Dinesh, Danbir, Rosani, and Sarita and so many more that we see each day. There are also so many fellow believers we know and love and have concern for. They have that same eternal hope that we have and the same daily challenges. Some are mature and are serving like Sabin and Rajeena, Ratna and Dipeema, and David and Dilmaya. Some are young and growing in their faith like Sunil, Himal, Alisha, and Amar. These names represent real people with real life issues and challenges just like you. Please pray for all of these.”

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