Monthly Prayer Journal: July 2015

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world.

1 PAPUA Pray for the upcoming annual Merauke Youth Camp from June 27 to July 3. Pray that God would be glorified throughout the week of camp and the young people would be challenged with the gospel and empowered to share the good news within their spheres of influence.

2 SOUTHERN AFRICA Eric and Susan Binion write, “Two temporary librarians are supposed to come to UBI in July and September; pray for a permanent librarian.”

3 UKRAINE Kurt and Rochelle zurBurg write, “Please keep praying for the pastor at a large church downtown to be open to the idea of partnering in leadership training.  It has been difficult to get a good read on the situation.  Pray for God to open a way.”

4 AUSTRALIA Kristen Kelly writes, “I am now meeting up with four young women on a weekly basis and will hopefully be reading scripture with all of them soon. Only one of them is a Christian and the others come from different stages of unbelief. Please pray over these meetings.

5 MEXICO Art and Vicki Reyes are grateful for your prayer support. Over 90 adults attended the prevention of sexual abuse conference in May and about 50 teens attended a special meeting for them. One of the Christian psychologists who attended the conference was encouraged to start a group of local Christian psychologists. Pray that the Reyeses can help this group get started!

6 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Pray for patience and compassion in dealing with patients. This is often harder in hot weather, and the season of Ramadan presents an even larger challenge. Pray for effective times of sharing with people as we read and speak in the clinic and on the wards.”

7 GREECE Brad and Jamie Newport write, “During the year, we have a team at Hellenic Ministries working and prepping for the next Operation Joshua. This year is summer #8 and the goal is to distribute 120,000 Bibles to another region of Greece (West of Thessaloniki) as yet unreached. This will occur from July 8 to the 17th. Pray as we see 300+ believers from Greece, Europe, North America, Africa, and Australia come together to help us penetrate the darkness here in Greece. Pray also that these efforts will stir disciple-making and the establishment of churches in the coming months and years.”

8 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Please pray for ‘O’ and his wife, ‘J,’ to be on the same wavelength as we study the New Testament and for one-on-one study time with J.”

9 GUATEMALA Justin and Jenny Burkholder write, “Pray for us as we plan to start doing more intentional outreach and for our church’s ‘soft launch’ on July 12. Pray that people won’t just come to enjoy the service, but that those who come we can connect with and build relationships with so that they may grow in grace.”

10 SOUTH ASIA A worker writes, “Praise the Lord for His leading in a quilting workshop I was able to host for several local friends in April. In spite of insecurity in teaching this hands-on craft, a wonderful time of friendship and learning was had by all who attended. Pray for me now, as I started full-time studies in June and am starting a new ministry at a shelter house for women who are victims of domestic violence.”

11 CHURCH CONNECTIONS Key partners from sending churches will be joining their missionary appointees and home assignment missionaries July 12-14 during the REAP Conference in Wheaton, IL.  Pray for an encouraging time strengthening the missionary-sending relationship.

12 IRELAND Linda Wagner writes, “Pray for our Kids Club, an outreach of Swords Baptist Church in Ireland, July 13-17. Pray that we would reach kids and parents in the community with the message of God’s love for them. We will have the club in two different locations each day.”

13 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Now that we have steady relationships with at least five of the families at the community center, we are praying that spiritual groups can be started with these professionals. May the Lord show us the right timing to start these groups.”

14 CANADA Workers write, “ We have approximately 45 students from 20 different countries attending weekly ESL classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Thanks for praying with us about how to take these relationships forward in a loving, Christ-centered way. Many of these students come from countries where there is no gospel witness.”

15 PAPUA Please pray for the three new families that have arrived in Papua: Issac and Kacie Mann in Manokwari; Jared and Becca Riepma and Gordon and Deborah Savage in Merauke. Pray for their transition to the Papuan dialect and culture, as well as for their respective ministries.

16 ITALY Pray that God would raise up men with the spiritual character traits and gifts necessary to lead the Trieste church into the future.

17 TAIWAN Nancy Leet writes, “Please pray for the newly started couples’ fellowship in the Hsinchu church. Pray that this will be a time of discipling as the older, more mature in Christ come alongside the younger couples.”

18 MEXICO Anthony and Karlene Thiessen write, “Praise God for an open door to work with the youth through basketball and other sports at a larger school near our home. Pray that God will do wonderful things through this opportunity. Please also pray for El Faro church plant, which we are a part of, as it is growing, building and expanding to another town.”

19 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “We are excited about moving to a new town where there is a different people group with different Arab tribes living in that area. At this point in time, we don’t know of anyone reaching out to them. We would be excited to have the opportunity to share the good news with them, which may mean learning a new dialect of Arabic. Please pray for us to find the right house in the right neighborhood among the right people.”

20 AUSTRIA Please pray for God’s protection for young families here. We have had several conversations recently where it has become obvious that there are some deep crises. Pray for openness, honesty and for soft hearts in which God can work.

21 CZECH REPUBLIC Scott and Caitlin Andrews write, “We’ve now been able to share the Gospel with a friend through the Czech language! Pray for this friend, that the seeds that were planted would be watered by our Heavenly Father and come to bear much fruit.”

22 BRAZIL Tim and Tammy Evans write, “Four people from a very poor family accepted Christ after my (Tim’s) sixth visit to their home. After the wife prayed, I asked the husband why he didn’t pray and if this was because he wasn’t ready. “No, I thought it was only for my wife to pray.” So I invited him back to join me in prayer. But then, I turned to his two boys, and asked if they also wanted to receive Christ. One of them shot up and said, “Come on, Dad, let’s do this!” I sense a spirit of confusion with the dad, something I want to pray with him about during my next visit. The family has several large idols on the shelf in the tiny living room. This is probably the source of the resistance and a spiritual stronghold.”

23 THAILAND Kennedy and Wendy Paizs write, “Please pray for more missionaries to come and join us in Thailand to reach Thai Buddhists and be a stimulus for the Thai church to do the same.”

24 PORTUGAL Steve and Pat Mosely write, “Pray for the five not-yet-believing couples and their children who recently participated in a special children’s day program and cookout. These same couples will be invited to join a small group on Christian parenting in the fall. Pray that God gives them a hunger to know Him.”

25 PHILIPPINES David and Kathy North write, “God willing, we are looking to start up worship services in August in the city of Consolacion. Pray for God’s provision of a good place to use and for a worship leader to serve with us. Pray that God’s presence and blessing will be on this ministry from the first meeting onward.”

26 ZIMBABWE Dave and Sue Rousseau write, “Nursing licenses have been very hard to get in less than six months’ wait time. Pray things will go easier and quicker as the needs are great but with the limitations on length of stay and difficulty to get certified, it is almost too much work and money for what they can do.”

27 FRANCE Jon and Agnes Hegner write, “We had 75 men participate in our May men’s retreat, which is down from the other years, but it didn’t take away from what God was doing in their hearts and minds. Lots of men made real, concrete decisions to turn their priorities around. Pray for God’s work to continue in their lives, especially their families.”

28 SPAIN A worker writes, “I am meeting on Wednesday evenings with four young adults to plan a missionary trip to Italy in September 2015 to help with an evangelism activity in the parks. Pray for Cristo, Eli, Patricia and Adriana as they prepare for this exciting outreach opportunity.”

29 PAPUA Please pray for Craig and Shirley Preston, who faithfully served TEAM for 36 years in Java, China, Taiwan and Papua. They will be heading back to the States. Please pray for their transition back to the American culture.

30 CHAD Mark and Diane Vanderkooi write, “1 Corinthians is finished, and Diane has begun translating 1and 2 Timothy and Titus. Mark has gone back to writing more lessons for the “Kingdom of God” discipleship series. Meanwhile, a translation consultant has come to Chageen for two weeks to do the final quality control check on the book of Psalms, and another colleague, is preparing an abridged version in French of Richard Baxter’s 1656 Puritan classic, The Reformed Pastor, which we will soon translate into Kwong as well. Each of these books of the Bible, as well as the discipleship lessons and The Reformed Pastor, will be essential to the training up of a new generation of Kwong pastors and so have earned a place at the top of our priority list. Pray with us that we finish these projects in a timely manner and with suitable quality.”

31 CENTRAL ASIA Workers write, “Finally, we’ve had a start to a new sort of media ministry. As you will have heard, most people come into the Kingdom through personal relationships and testimonies. In a relatively difficult security environment, however, media ministry has an important role as well. The gates are wide open: shops selling high-tech smart phones are to be found on every corner, and every other billboard is promoting Facebook and YouTube. Accordingly we have created a new website to get the message out, which is being advertised on Facebook. The website has links to the Bible and a YouTube video as well (soon to have more than one!). Statistics can give a false sense of success, since interaction with a computer is so shallow; nevertheless, to have hundreds of people click on a link to read the gospel message indicates that there is more interest in the gospel here than is always apparent. Please pray over this ministry.”

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