Monthly Prayer Journal: July 2016

july prayer journal
“In no other way can the believer become as fully involved with God’s work, especially the work of world evangelism, as in intercessory prayer.” - Dick Eastman | Photo by TEAM

From summer camps to musical festivals, missions workers around the world are preparing for summer ministry. Join us this month in praying for them and the relationships they are forming.

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Week 1

ITALY | Pray for health and strength for Carmen Chugg as she, along with some American short-term workers, prepares to lead a week of children’s camp activities in Forli the first week of July. Pray for open hearts to receive the gospel.

MEXICO | Ralph and Ellen Shepard write, “We are praising the Lord for a good response from men, for which we had been asking prayer. Ralph began a weekly time for men four weeks ago and has averaged 13. The group, composed of Christians and non-Christians, seem to be very interested in the biblical theme of what a man should be.”

MIDDLE EAST | Workers write, “As Ramadan ends the celebration of Eid al Fitr begins. For three days there will be lots of visiting and feasting and gift giving before life returns back to normal, after a month of fasting. Please pray we will each walk in the good works God has prepared for us.”

TAIWAN | Ron and Julie Heinsman write, “Please pray for our Trailblazer Camps staff as we gear up for the busy summer camping season. Pray for all of the preparations both for program preparations as well as facility maintenance and repair.”

Week 2



Workers in Austria ask us to pray for their ministry working among vulnerable women. Photo by TEAM


NORTH AMERICA | Dave and Marj Patrick write, “Pray for Carver College students on summer term assignments. Many are gone to serve as camp counselors to Cedine Bible Camp, Grace Camp, and others. Pray for 2016 fall enrollment.”

SOUTHEAST ASIA | Workers write, “Charis is a school for poor urban street kids that has been run for most of a decade by a man named ‘D’ and his wife. He’s the son of a local pastor. This school has 240 kids and is a bright, fun place for learning of every kind, including a huge spiritual focus. The landlord has sold the facility and the school is in urgent need of another place. Please pray for God’s provision of a place, the funds, and that this forced move will result in something even better and the opportunity to minister even more effectively.”

AUSTRIA | Dan and Rachel Zuch write, “Please pray for wisdom and God’s very clear direction as we speak to interested churches and individuals in other cities in Austria that are interested in beginning a “Herzwerk” ministry to vulnerable women in their area. We are currently in talks with three other cities and really need wisdom and prayer as we seek to move forward with each of these groups.”

Week 3



In Peru, workers ask us to pray for the salvation of a local Peruvian man. Photo by TEAM


SOUTHERN AFRICA | Kit Tischler writes, “Pray that I would be able to spend time with students during their school break. Also for a Bible study to start at the University of Johannesburg and that discipleship groups at Vaal and Wits Universities would be created.”

PERU | Kathi Small writes, “John, in the New Life in Christ class, still has not made a decision for Christ. He has been traveling quite a bit with his job so I have not seen him in several weeks. I did talk with his wife, and she confirms that he continues to struggle to understand what this means.”

MEXICO | Art and Vicki Reyes write, “Emmanuel Evangelical Church in San José del Cabo is planning to have a VBS program from July 18-23 in their new church building for the very first time! Our first Mexican-American intern will be helping with the program. Rejoice with us!”

MIDDLE EAST | A worker writes, “All six of my English students passed Level 7, and they demanded that I be their teacher for Level 8! We shall see if I am, but I loved teaching them and am looking forward to the next course: July 18 – Sep. 7. Pray for the four English center team members who are here for the summer. We need wisdom and strength for investing in students and handling all the programming details in the next couple months.”

Week 4



In Thailand, workers ask us to join them in praying that a local child will be free to learn more about Christ. Photo by TEAM


JAPAN | Joel and Sally Kaufman write, “Please pray for the Bluegrass Music Festival outreach with Christian artists at the historic Karuizawa Union Church, July 23–31. Thousands of tourists will be vacationing in this popular Japanese spot during this time.”

THAILAND | Patrick and Debbie Gray write, “Continue to pray for a girl we mentioned in a previous prayer update who has asked her mom if she could become a Christian but has been told no.”

SOUTH ASIA | A worker writes, “Please pray for me and for all the foreigners here doing good work. The government here is unhappy with the presence of Christian foreigners and that has made getting/keeping visas to remain in the country difficult. As more and more of us are forced to remain on tourist visas, it greatly reduces the impact we can have and the work we can do — and if they find that foreigners are doing activities or work not allowed on the type of visa that they hold, they have been deporting and/or arresting them.”

GERMANY | Ian and Beth Chadwick write, “In January, Beth offered a small group for moms here using Birds On a Wire moms’ curriculum as a trial, to see if something like this could work here. After completing nearly all of the sessions the resounding feedback is, ‘YES.’ We are so thankful for the women who have invested hours of their time to translate the workbook for the course. In order to finish up the project, we’d love to be able to do subtitles on the videos but this will require a lot of work and time. Please pray that God will provide someone to do this work for us.”

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