Monthly Prayer Journal: June 2013

Thank you for joining us in prayer for TEAM’s work around the world.

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1 CHURCH CONNECTIONS Please pray over TEAM’s Explore workshop being hosted by Bethany Baptist Church and Grace Church in central Illinois May 30th – June 2nd. The purpose of the workshop is to glorify God by helping the church identify potential cross-cultural workers for God’s global harvest.

 2 SPAIN Steve and Cheryl Albrecht write, “The United Choir of Tenerife (four from our church are participating) has a concert in the Santa Ursula theatre. They did a few numbers at Christmas time there and were so well received that this concert opportunity was presented to them. Pray as the Gospel is presented in song.”

 3 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “June is the mid-point of the school year in Australia. Pray for the students at the Adelaide College of Ministries as they finish up the first semester, take a short breather, and get ready to head into the second half of the school year. Also, we have had a number of inquiries about ministry in Australia, but so far no one has made it onto the plane. Pray that the workers needed to move the task forward will hear the call and come and join us.”

 4 PAPUA Nathan and Harmony Jansen write, “Please continue to pray for those we are evangelizing and discipling: we have several new people we are working with as of the past few weeks.”

5 SWEDEN June 6 is Sweden’s National Day, which in past years has seen a certain number of demonstrations by extremist political groups. The Swedish Lutheran Church has sought to be a balancing presence and in recent years has invited New Life Church to provide activities for children and families. This year, Fridhemskyrkan hopes to make contact with several hundred households as we step into this role. Pray for good conversations about faith and what our church can offer those we meet.

 6 JAPAN Pray for Flossie Epley, director of School Support Services at Christian Academy in Japan, as she provides educational resources, advice and encouragement in person, telephone, Skype and e-mail. A TEAM Japan family, tapping into SSS for homeschool resources, graduates their last child by homeschooling all the way. The first child of another TEAM Japan family (former SSS members), graduates from CAJ on June 7. Pray for all MKs graduating from high school. Most face a transition from a familiar country, culture, and peer group to some new things without the safety of family close-by.

 7 TAIWAN As a result of some governmental changes related to the area where the Trailblazer camp is located, they are now required to make some major improvements to the camp facility in order to meet the fire safety code. Please pray for this whole process to not be too distracting from the camp’s summer activities.

 8 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Please pray God would soon provide a space for our church that meets our needs. Our services are overflowing and children’s ministry is maxed out. These are good problems, but ones that need resolution so that we can continue to grow.”

 9 IRELAND Linda Wagner writes, “We had the launch of our new building, The Riasc Centre, in the local community and had a great week of activities introducing the center to the people living here. Please pray for people who visited during the celebrations that they would come to know Jesus as their Savior. We pray for opportunities to help them along in their journey to know God.”

10 NORTH ASIA Workers write, “We are involved in lots of camps this summer and June is the final preparation month such as orientation of volunteers from overseas, training of local volunteers, preparation of the camp location and meeting with all the government offices that have to give approval for the kids to come to this camp. Please pray over our preparations.”

11 ZIMBABWE Jon and Kathy Christiansen write, “A group of young people are meeting in our home every Sunday afternoon for Bible study. Pray that the Lord would use this input from His Word to do good and lasting things in their lives.”

12 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Artistically talented brothers and sisters in Christ have recently received a vision for having an art exhibition including art pieces, music and dance performances, and advertising it to the public. They have asked other believers to join them in renting a facility, producing the exhibition, and using a story-telling style of ‘tour guide’ to explain the meaning of the various pieces. It is an opportunity to dispel popular myths about what the Bible teaches and share the truth about what Christians believe with the local Muslim and international population in our country.”

 13 JAPAN Russ and Flossie write, “A Japanese lady’s son moved to an English-speaking country and she has heard nothing from him for five years. In an attempt to track him down, she drafted a letter in Japanese and Flossie translated it into English. Please pray that Mrs. T will hear from her son and the whole family will be drawn to Christ.”

14 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “A close Muslim friend and two Muslim-background believers have warned us that the Secret Police have been coming to their homes and questioning them about us and about Christian books and DVDs we have given to friends. Please pray that we will be careful to act only as led by the Holy Spirit so that we don’t bring any unnecessary trouble. And for whatever trouble the Lord decides is necessary, and therefore allows, please pray He will supply and empower His people to remain faithful and intent on His glory.”

15 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Visas are still at the top our of prayer list. Since February, not one of our mission visas have been granted (TEAM has applications in for 30 new or renewal visas). Please pray that these visas for missionaries are granted soon.”

 16 FRANCE Tom and Lucy Blanchard write, “Pray for our teaching ministries, especially Tom’s online class of the Old Testament Writings, the Hebrew Skype class, and the home fellowship. Pray for strength, perseverance and joy.”

 17 CHAD Rivers and Becky Camp write, “Please pray that we can finish making the kindergarten curriculum in Daza before the next school year. This school is significant because it will be the first time a kindergarten class has ever been run in Daza. Pray also that we can hire the right teachers to help us get started.”

18 NORTH ASIA Workers write, “We will be moving our school from its current location where a road is going to be constructed through it to a new location nearby. First we have to negotiate a good deal for the exchange to the new location, and second finish the design and remodeling and move in by the end of July or beginning of August. Please pray for this process. Pray also for our current foreign staff here who are very tired and needing some rest. We are praying that most of our people can take some time off in June for vacation and time away before a very busy summer starts.”

19 SWEDEN Stewart and Beth Webster write, “June 19-30, a group of friends from two churches in Lincoln, NE, will again come to the Stockholm area for a time of outreach. They will seek to make contacts and share God’s love in New Life Church, as well as in two church plants. Pray for unity of purpose, for favorable weather, and for many people to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus. Pray too for effective follow up in the relationships we begin during this time.”

20 SOUTHERN AFRICA Dudley and Inge Donaldson write, “We have been inundated with new requests to help orphans with food and second term school fees. Pray for God’s provision!”

21 ITALY Please pray that Gene & Susan Coleman’s neighbors, a young man and his girlfriend, would continue to hunger for spiritual truth and be open to the gospel.

22 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “After over 40 years as a mission hospital, the facility we serve at is being taken over by the government to be turned into a sub-regional hospital. This has been brought about by what we perceive to be a small but vocal minority who opposed the presence of a mission hospital in their community. Please pray for the hospital staff who will need new jobs, and for wisdom and guidance for our team as to what our next steps and future ministry should look like.”

23 UKRAINE Denise Carter writes, “Pray for the people who are attending our services who are experiencing persecution from others in our town. They are accusing them of being traitors to the Orthodox Church and saying we are a sect. The term is used in a malicious way. We are praying blessings on the people who are speaking out against us and praying for those attending our services that they will understand the real truth of the Gospel.”

24 MEXICO Martin and Susie Gonzalez write, “A friend of ours has been coming regularly to our Sunday church service. Now he says he doesn’t want to go anymore because he doesn’t want to be a hypocrite. Please pray that God opens his eyes so that he will see that God loves him as he is.”

25 AUSTRIA Eric and Melissa Lundquist write, “Pray for the right people for a prayer team and leadership for the Seestadt church plant in the newly developed 22nd district of Vienna. The first residents are now expected to move in sometime in 2014.

26 CHURCH CONNECTIONS Please pray for TEAM’s Explore workshop being hosted by Tulsa Bible Church in Oklahoma June 27th – 30th.

27 NORTH ASIA Workers write, “We are taking the first steps to starting a new, simple church in our area. Pray for God’s blessing and guidance.”

28 CZECH REPUBLIC Mark and Gretchen Potma write, “Please pray for our Summer Family English Camp. It runs from June 29th to July 5th with teams joining us from Kansas, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. We have over 143 people registered to attend.”

29 MIDDLE EAST Workers write, “Please pray for a number of couples who believe in Jesus but are suffering in their marriages. Pray sin will be recognized and repented of, and for reconciliation and true unity. Also, that all involved will accurately understand and believe the Bibles teachings about man and woman, husband and wife.”

30 THAILAND Kennedy and Wendy Paizs write, “I (Kennedy) will soon have a young Thai man named Mee living at our center. I will be in his life all the time, and it will be a challenge to do life on life discipleship with him. Pray for me as I do this. I feel a bit stressed about it, but excited to do this. I know it will be lots of work, and I know Mee will need lots of encouragement. Pray for Mee to find a job that will meet his need, and give him time to do ministry with me.

I am also doing more Simply The Story work. I would like to find multiple weekly ways to use this. It is a way for people who don’t like to read to do inductive Bible study and a great way to share the gospel with Buddhist Thai people. I do have one opportunity each week at the youth prison. Pray for these young men between the ages of 14 to 18 as I story the Bible chronologically and challenge them to learn with questions and conversation. There are about 25 of them who come and listen and spend time with us.

Please pray for Wendy as she is teaching a group of women the Bible chronologically. Pray these Thai ladies would come to Christ. She will also be speaking at a Thai women’s retreat. Pray God would use what she teaches in the hearts of the Thai ladies listening.

Finally, pray for our kids. Pray for them to walk with God as they go to school and for their safety as they ride their bikes to school.”

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