Monthly Prayer Journal: June 2014

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Thank you for joining us in praying for TEAM’s work around the world. Click here to download a .pdf of the June 2014 prayer journal.

1 CENTRAL ASIA Workers write, “We will be having our annual board meetings with our partner agency here in Central Asia. We are appointing a new Executive Director, which means some changes. We also will be talking about a new mission statement in which keeping the words ‘Christian organization’ is up for debate. Pray for wisdom, good meetings and a unified body.”

2 CHAD Scott and Suz Downing write, “The rains seem to have come early. It may have an impact on the remaining four wells Scott hoped to complete. Pray for wisdom there. Recently we’ve had a WEC worker visit us from the north. She’s looking to get involved in Community Health and Hygiene. Scott has spent some time passing along the lessons and ideas. Pray these lessons not only enhance villager’s physical well-being, but also open their eyes to their spiritual needs.”

3 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Please pray for unity and cooperation with our teammates as we learn to work together, patience with each other and our children, and perseverance and discipline in language learning.”

4 MEXICO Art and Vicki Reyes have returned to Mexico after a one year home assignment. They ask for your prayers as they serve with a team of Mexican church members from Emmanuel Evangelical Church of Los Cabos to work with the new church plant called Adonai Evangelical Church of La Playa. Pray that many people from La Playa come to know Jesus, especially a woman named Yolanda who has discouraged many from attending.

5 CHURCH PLANTING Pray for the Annual Board meeting of a partner agency called DevCorps International to be held at the TEAM Carol Stream office on June 6 and 7. Pray for good decisions to guide the work in South Asia. Pray for more workers.

6 ZIMBABWE Please pray for clarity as we decide if Harare Theological College should merge with the Theological College of Zimbabwe to start the Theological University of Zimbabwe.

7 JAPAN Russ and Flossie Epley write, “As director of School Support Services, Flossie works with about 90 families all over Japan. She is exceptionally busy as she evaluates achievement tests and makes recommendations in addition to her day-to-day work. Please pray for her efficiency and effectiveness to provide good advice in education, thereby helping laborers to continue in the Lord’s harvest.”

8 SWEDEN Blake and Rachel Anderberg write, “In February, I (Rachel) began working with a weekly ‘baby time’ with parents and their little ones. Please pray for a single mom from the neighborhood who regularly brings her daughter and who especially loves the songs about Jesus that we sing together. Pray that she will come to know the love of Jesus about which we sing.”

9 ITALY Pray for Linda Brucato who is now the President of the Board of Directors of Youth for Christ Italia. It is a big responsibility. Pray for wisdom as she seeks to expand the ministry.

10 PAPUA Please pray for our new missionaries in language school, Ryan Kennedy, Jared and Becca Riepma, and Gordon and Deborah Savage. Pray for visas for Isaac and Kacie Mann so that they can begin language school in the next few months.

11 EAST ASIA Workers write, “Keep us in mind for team unity. Recently there have been some small misunderstandings, which always run the risk of getting blown out of proportion. It can be especially dangerous since we are often in a high-stress environment, with lots of uncertainty in daily life and the stresses that come with change and living cross-culturally. Not to mention the fact that we are all imperfect people. We need lots of grace!”

12 SPAIN Workers write, “Praise the Lord for the progress as of the beginning of May for our new little building. Pray that all will be in order and that God will grant the operating license for us to begin to use the new two-classroom building for summer activities. Pray for all the planning and teachers involved. Pray that God will give us students and families to participate. Pray for our ministry with college students who come for a Sevilla, Spanish experience. Pray for our many students, and neighbors who need to know the Lord.” 

13 SOUTH ASIA A worker writes, “An organization nearby that works to rescue girls trafficked locally has connected with one woman who says she wants out, but after one month. Pray that she would find courage to leave within that time and that she would be safely rescued.”

14 CZECH REPUBLIC Scott and Caitlin Andrews write, “We are starting to feel the impact of the spiritually depressive and psychologically negativistic aspects of living here (phenomena frequently reported and observed in ministry in the Czech Republic); please pray for supernatural joy, peace, and patience to be constantly manifested in our hearts, minds, words, and actions!”

15 SOUTHERN AFRICA Brian and Joyce Flickner write, “We cannot take our safety for granted so please remember to continue to pray for our protection from the evil one.”

16 FRANCE Jon and Agnes Hegner write, “Thanks for praying for the Bonneville church. God is packing people into our small hall like sardines. The mayor of our city was re-elected last month, so we will begin talking specifics about a piece of land that we can build on. Pray for open doors, open hearts, and open minds as we consider our options and take some difficult, big steps in faith.”

17 ITALY Please pray for wisdom in how to creatively reach unsaved university students in Trieste with the love of Christ.

18 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Pray for us as we reach out with the Good News to friends and patients – that we would share effectively, gently and boldly. Pray for the hospital staff as we head into hot summer temperatures – for gentleness and patience that will reflect God’s presence in our lives.”

19 PERU Craig and Sue Querfeld write, “In the next three months I (Craig) will be taking trips to: Honduras to encourage my coworkers in Central America; Colombia to meet with some denominational leaders who are starting churches all around the country and are asking for help; Chile to meet with some denominational leaders to ascertain whether we should send missionaries to help start churches in and around the city of Concepción. Please pray for these trips.”

20 PHILIPPINES Seth and Laura O’Day write, “Pray for those preparing to leave Faith Academy. Senior students, furloughing families, and departing teachers are all facing major transitions.”

21 EAST ASIA A worker writes, “In February, myself and a few others from my team here made a trip to visit some cities in the Bell region. We had another chance to gain insight from, and share fellowship with, some of the missionaries already at work in that area, as well as some Bell believers. We also were able to form some preliminary relationships with some people in the tourism industry in a growing city where we see opportunities for business and ministry. Please pray for guidance on issues of team, platform and timing as I look to transition toward ministry to the the Bell in coming years.”

22 AUSTRIA Rhonda Formanek writes, “Progress in making changes that encourage one-on-one discipleship and mentoring has been slower than we had hoped. Continue to pray that the Lord would affect change in understanding and attitudes as well as actual practices that would strengthen personal ministry within the church family.”

23 MIDDLE EAST A worker writes, “I recently had several different good conversations with N – our Arabic teacher. She asked about Easter, so I told her what we do, and why we celebrate it. Then another day, she asked about death – what we do when someone dies. I was able to share with her my assurance of going to heaven. She also asked about the special chapel we had for ‘The Stations of the Cross’ so I gave her the print out of the Scripture readings. Please continue to pray for her and for more opportunities to have these types of discussions with her.”

24 GUATEMALA Justin and Jenny Burkholder write, “Justin has begun meeting with three men from the community. Pray that God will continue to challenge them in their growth and progress in the faith and that they would gain a deeper understanding of the gospel.”

25 EAST ASIA Sam and Grace H. would appreciate prayer for a choir tour to Korea of the Heavenly Voices Choir, July 11-21. Grace has been leading this choir for five – six years. Pray also for Grace’s regular training of sacred music majors at a Bible school. 

26 AUSTRALIA Ray and Marti Williams write, “First semester at Adelaide College of Ministries ends on 27 June. Pray that the students finish well, that assignments are completed, tests are passed, and that, most of all, the students grow in their love for God and in their capacity to serve Him.”

27 GERMANY Jeff and Anne Ingram write, “Pray for the city of Pirna, which still has a significant number of people who are left-leaning (communist) or extreme right (neo-Nazis). Pray for the small EV Free Church (FeG) that already exists in the poorer section of town and has a significant outreach to immigrants and refugees.”

28 SOUTH ASIA Workers write, “Praise the Lord for providing more teachers for our kids’ school; one to start the school year, another to take over and a third to be part-time all year! Please pray that these three ladies would receive their visas and be able to arrive when needed. Pray also for our current teacher who is in the process of renewing her visa.”

29 TAIWAN Nancy Leet writes, “Please pray for the staff of Precept Ministries as we make plans and preparations for a leader training retreat and our summer courses.”

30 EAST ASIA Workers write, “1. We need to prepare for home assignment in the US beginning in July by packing up our home, renewing our work visas, finishing and closing off our work responsibilities and hopefully squeezing in a vacation in June.

2. In May, we had a board member visiting with her husband and kids. She has taught many family and marriage courses here with us and we’re looking forward to seeing her here again. She has had a number of battles with cancer and keeps on winning. Please pray for her.

3. In May, an Australian couple with us finished their two years of full time language school and will be starting regular work. Please pray for them as they need to find a balance to all the new work, three young boys at home and still keeping some part-time language study going.

4. Praise that our son and his wife got their visas renewed for another year in April via a new employer who our son is now teaching for. It seems like a good fit and their school is very close to where they work.”

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